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Is it possible to make a Duck Terrine the way head cheese is made?  I was thinking   1)  Roast the duck 2)  Remove meat 3)  Make stock 4)  Layer up the duck meat 5)  Press 6)  Fill with gelatinous stock   Slice and serve
I think now would be a good time to drop the issue.  I am having the last word here and the last word is stop.  Do not post anything else on this thread or you will get an infraction.
Deglaze the pan with wine.
Yeah, I know.  But this is a non starter.  No hood with a lot of smoke means no kitchen.  They just need to find another place.  It's catering so the location is not that important.
They can move to an unincorporated area.
What high horse?  The standard is immaculate whites if you are to be seen in public.  It has been for since the dawn of time.
Hi, Minnesota here :)
Do you guys use a uniform company?  If so let them deal with it.  Washing your own and keeping them white is a PITA.  Who has time for that?
I just came across this article:   http://munchies.vice.com/articles/getting-paid-fairly-as-a-chef-is-near-impossible?utm_source=munchiesfbus
You don't even have to schedule a day off.  Just do it in a big roaster and then spread it all out on sheets to cool.  Put it in gallon bags with sauce and freeze.  Reheat it in the same roaster when the day comes.
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