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 You can only do what you can with what you have.  You can't work on 2056 today, or can you?  I mean, why didn't Henry Ford just go ahead and build a Tesla?
Expensive or not depends on where you earn your money.
 All of that really has nothing to do with the chef though.  I admit, the day I was given full charge of a menu I was straddling the space between old and new emerging and the way I cook nowadays is still old school. From my observations, the older masters were extremely adept at fabrication.  Breaking down a bird, chopping shallots, making vinaigrettes 1 cup at a time,   They were all extremely skilful with a paring knife.    A lot of old school sauciers were also given...
I never liked wrapping them.  I also don't think putting them in a bread warmer drawer with humidity is a good idea.  Your best bet is making sure you oil or butter the skins before you cook them and hold them in a dry oven.
 Maybe you can teach us some too right?
Nice, until I bite your head off!
I'll do it for half.  :)  
And why didn't you come to cheftalk?     http://kickended.com/projects/595284110/
Kickended.com is an archive of failed kickstarter projects.  Check this out:   http://kickended.com/projects/1518778421/
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