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Escoffier did this right?
This is one of the things where I just do it and it works and it's the old way and I have no idea why it works so I just keep doing it the old way.  :D :D      Just like a stubborn old guy.
I doubt it very much.  All you need is money, probably some kind of food safety training, and the ability to manage.  Good food is a plus.
Emulsion doesn't really explain it because there is water in butter, and if you whip butter it does not break.  It just become whipped butter.     Also, the butter stage is very quick.  You add all the butter in about 1 minute so it's not like a standard emulsion where you add it a little at a time.  The butter doesn't whip after you add it.
My standard buttercream is a boiled sugar buttercream.  Karo, sugar, and butter.  Basically you make a meringue and you add softened butter.  It works fantastic, makes the lightest buttercream, stable even in the hottest and most humid of midwest days.   But, I have no idea why it works or how it works.  When I add the butter it causes the whole mixture to break, then as I add more butter it pulls back together and becomes this great melt in your mouth stuff.  But why?...
Good job!  Now go be the boss you deserved to have!  :)
My wife and I are making a wedding cake for a friend.  No, we don't do this for money but I'm thinking maybe we should.  Here's a pic of some sugar flowers in progress.  
Pastry people are cleaner than line people.  That's my perception.
 Good for you.  Sometimes we forget the reason (part of) we are there.
A thin layer in a sheet pan, in the oven, baked until rubbery.  Cut, fold in three McDonald's style.
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