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Agar agar for thickener!  Wow who would have thought!
Labor at 20% would be on site.  This is off site right?  Make that 30%.  Also on call labor is expensive if you don't have your own staff.  
The turnover rate is stupid at this place where you work.
On the bright side you don't have $60k in student loan debt.   Cheer up a bit, your salary will increase.  If the restaurant does well, if you find efficient ways to do things, if you schedule better, you might even get to sleep in, get 3 days off every two weeks.   Of course not all of them will happen all at once.
I'm such a friggin' line cook.  I didn't read the recipe.
I works very well as a thickener for gravy.  This is what I do when I make a pot roast.  Use an immersion blender and buzz it up with some of the stock.  Season with salt and pepper.
Well, it's not just grinding against the side. You actually need to pound it more than grind it.   I only use nuts, garlic, basil, a bit of salt, and oil for my pesto.  I add the parmesan later.   Use the best ingredients, freshest basil, fresh grated parmesan.  Modify the proportions to your liking.  The result is unbelievable.
You can also get a 2" full size hotel pan.  Just dump your liquids in there for quick cooling.
What @MillionsKnives said.  :)   There is no one way.     But there is no no better way to make Pesto than with mortar and pestle.  
I don't see 30% off. :(
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