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 I disagree on the soup.  You need to treat soup like every other item on the menu.  Give it at least part of a d**n man.  Now if I had misunderstood you I apologize but please don't wait until stuff is starting to stink before you make something out of it.
 If you use some premade mixes those things contain some weird starches that harden into cement at a certain temp.  Pudding mixes particularly.
 That's what you have to figure out.  It's also about consistency and value.  Your fries, you cut your own?  They better be the same all the time, and you better make sure they're not soggy when the sh!t hits the fan, and  they better not be $4 for a small handful either.
That's the average for all places, all sizes.  I don't know if you've traveled middle America but there are a lot of shacks with a table, two chairs, and a crock pot calling themselves restaurants.  I kid you not, I walked into one of these places when I visited Hannibal MO.
Did the survey mention anything about number of seats there chef?
When you are serving it you kinda mix it with your spoon.  Also the butter solids might be causing some of the foaming and bubbles.   I don't know, it's just the way it is.  Either that or someone is pregnant, because that's what a broken hollandaise means.
It's simple but it takes work.  Take a long hard look at the difference between premade and scratch+labor.   Be honest, really honest, throw in all the wrenches you can throw in the and brainstorm as many whatifs as you can imagine.  Then look again.
80 seats is one of those numbers where there are days you will get 20 covers.  Are you willing to be the chef/prep/dishwasher on those days?  If so, yes, you can turn a profit.
You are just a perfectionist my friend.  But yes, because you can't really do it without a whisk.
Joe's an old school Italian guy living in the right place at the right time.  I wouldn't doubt it.  :) 
New Posts  All Forums: