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You're probably going to get better advice here than on that website.
It depends on the individual lobster.  I always ask what the lobster prefers.
Basmati can take a lot of water.  In fact, the more water it absorbs the better it absorbs the fragrance.  It is also the only rice I cook with a pinch of salt.   Soak the Basmati for a half hour or so, then use 1.75c water to 1c Basmati rice.
If you have worked as a commis and you know and you like it then I'd say go for it.  I'm not sure about the certification part but if it's what you love then do it.
 Just trying for a different presentation I guess.  Kinda thinking maybe shape the piece a bit.
 Duck confit!  Without bones maybe.
Is it possible to do the cooking step without bones?
I think it would be better if you first got a job in the industry.
Peel them, put them in water, in the fridge.
I don't agree with the Health Inspector that it would be fine if it's made from powdered base, but still, I would still keep the stock refrigerated.
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