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I've never once oiled a cutting board.  I've been using wood cutting boards for 25 years.  Regular use will "oil" it so to speak.
BTW Community park, local government, community event, and you are a marketing company someone hired to do this?   Why wouldn't your client just hire a caterer?  One and done.   Here check this:  You hire the caterer thus collecting the commision from the caterer plus charging the client.  ;)   (no, don't.  Just tell your client to hire a caterer)
Along with my herbs I am growing micro greens for the winter.  :)  Arugala and Baby lettuce takes about two weeks from seed to harvest.  The left side is a mix of I don't know what, but it's not going quite as fast.        
Call a few dozen food trucks.
Some of the best work I've ever seen on cheftalk!
Whoever has a bit of extra time can step in and make the Hollandaise.  If you cannot make the Hollandaise you watch the line while the Hollandaise maker makes the Hollandaise.
 Now it is.
 Both.  Probably more  laziness than anything.  I couldn't bring myself to fry a bunch of wonton skins.
Salt and pepper your chicken inside and out.  That helps.  Also if you truss it, cut the strings at the end of the roasting process and baste the area between the thigh and the body.   Citrus doesn't really help with the moisture, good technique does.  :D
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