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Yeah but you have help.  
Make the duck into a gallantine.  Heck make anything into a gallantine.  :)
 Haha yes.  :)
Anyway, no advice on the other part, but I love kugel.
Stock is like kitchen magic.  It smells great, tastes a bit sweet, then you add a pinch of salt and it blows your mind.  Every time!
No no noooo...
You need a wok with a handle like the guy in the video.  Then I would think a bit higher than shown in the video.   Remember bring the work to you.
Try posting http://www.cheftalk.com/f/20725/trading-forum
 I don't blame them.  I still think you're a bit nuts but since it's 20 not 220 it's just 200 fewer nuts.  :D :D 
I think you can if that's all it is.   Maybe you can get someone to deal with all the other logistics?  That would free you up to do the dinner.
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