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Well was it good eating?
Brule tomato tart, like onion tart, just with tomatoes.   Crust, tomato sauce made with milk and flour and crushed tomatoes, tomatoes on top, then cheese.
Actually don't, you should be fine.  That is a half strength brine.
Soak it in some cold water.  Dump the water, soak again.
Could you give us what kind of cheese?
 What?  I love chicken and langoustine in my gumbo. @Koukouvagia file to me tastes like tea. 
K-girl, eat with rice?  Of course eat with rice!  ;)   One day I was at a conference dinner and this chef from Hawaii had brought his students.  Food was served, one of the kids asked... "where's the rice?"    
It sounds like a quiche, what about butzy's?  The tomato product?   
No cheese.  Unless Lorraine can still be called Lorraine without cheese.
New Posts  All Forums: