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You really have to use flour/eggwash/breading.  Then you have to press the breadcrumbs onto the meat.     Alternative is to just use wet meat and seasoned flour, then the flour will become like a batter.
 Consider yourself lucky.  Chopped up brocolli, cauliflower, carrots.  :)
There are a lot more than four.
 My job is done.  ;)
See the key in communication is not in the words.  People want to feel, get the overall picture, understand there is a difference, subtle, a lot, etc.  They don't need to know very specific stuff, just stuff that puts them at ease.  When you can do that the whole world opens up.
 Well, in a way yes, still.  You might consider writing your menu a little more clearly without being pretentious, or that the servers communicate clearly.  These are paying customers by Toutatis.  They came to the restaurant for a reason. I imagine the menu could read something like: 14oz Ribeye.  The star of the Texas steakhouse.  For those who prefer a meatier flavor and don't mind a little extra fat.  Not as tender as a filet mignon, but on the other hand, big eaters...
Breakfast is continental but like chef says it's not included so that helps.   Looks like they expect you to run lunch and dinner then do banquets off the line.
A walk in cooler that doesn't drip water on a humid day?  ;)
Old Joke:    The National Park Rangers are advising hikers in Glacier National Park and other Rocky Mountain parks to be alert for bears and take extra precautions to avoid an encounter.  They advise park visitors to wear little bells on their clothes so they make noise when hiking. The bell noise allows bears to hear them coming from a distance and not be startled by a hiker accidentally sneaking up on them. This might cause a bear to charge.   Visitors should also...
I was gonna say it's a very nice chaud-froid.  :)  You just have to dip the asparagus in gelatin a few times.
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