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It depends on your salary.  In California it is $37,440.  If you make more than that you are probably SOL.
Is the food in Crete more like the food in Sicily?  As in totally not food found on the mainland?
Here is some good quenelling.   http://imgur.com/N57Cmfe
Dishwashers do not do "prep work on the side."  They are a pair of hands when the line gets slammed.  They also:   Peel onions   Crack a case of eggs   Peel potatoes and put them in water   Pick green beans   That is the kind of "prep" work they do.
I would go the oil route.  That way you have it as an ingredient.  Just put it all in a blender with oil and keep it in the fridge.
 LOL what about the aspic on the platter?  That was SooooOOooo cheesy!
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