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Roux.  You can use it for roux.
I still think the closest we have is the ACF process.  A series of practical and written exams, with required ongoing education, and years of experience with number of employees supervised.
When your peers call you chef.    
So far we are doing Turkey Biryani, Kheer with Cranberries.  Chapati.  Few other things TBD.
You also do this with slightly less than fresh mushrooms.
So, I guess this isn't really about food, but I seem to get different results every time I brew using a Chemex.  I find it gets worse the more coffee I try to brew at once.  What's your coffee method?  
 Hardly.  I think people should be accommodated fully at restaurants.  Most requests are not unreasonable.  It does not take much for a pro to accommodate a special request.
Heeey shroomgirl!  :D :D Missed you around these parts!
 I'm all over it!  LOL!  
Over a hundred bucks a pound.  I'd have to round up a few people.  Quite a few.  
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