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You need to manage the party so people will grill their own or you need to hand off the duties to someone else after a half hour or so.  Rotate grill duty between 3-4 people.
Matsutake mushrooms maybe?
Haters.  It is not where you work, it is how you do it.  Working at Applebee's and doing it well is just as difficult as working at Fat Duck.  It's just a different set of skills.  Your opinion matters less, and the more you start to lead the more it matters.
Somebody needs to come over and fire the veg.
Watching that video makes me think traditional European knife techniques are really crude.
Given that most of the world has no idea what you're talking about why don't you give us a recipe and see if we can modify it based on the characteristics you want.  If you describe the texture you want maybe we can help.
 This, this is who makes a $18/hr.
It's going to close in Sept. anyway and you gotta find something more permanent anyway.
Just apply for a sous position somewhere else after you've been there a year.  Why move unless there really is nothing there?
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