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Economics is a pretty useless degree.  The only thing it is good for is for jobs that require a degree, any degree, like insurance sales.  However, should you decide later on in life that you'd like to go to graduate school, or law school, or get and MBA, perhaps nursing school, you will have a four year headstart on your new career.
It might take some sitting in on board meetings and going through the PnL.  I think you should be able to sit down, look at suggestions, then work toward a solution.   I say this because it will open their eyes to the various idiosyncrasies of running of running a private club as opposed to a moneymaking restaurant.     BTW the golf course doesn't run in the black either but nobody raises a fuss over that.
I carry a couple maxi pads in my kit actually.  It really helps control bleeding along with direct pressure.  I also have some of that quick clot stuff.
Consider this advice from a person who hires food scientists and engineers.   1)  Your FS degree should be a BS, not a BA.   2)  Get your FS degree from a school with known track record in FS.   3)  A BS in FS will limit your potential to smaller companies and technician work in large companies.   4)  A BS in FS plus an AA in culinary arts will get you into a scientist position but limit the career track in that you will not have technical skills to move forward in...
 Korma style potatoes.
I wouldn't mind if FF went again.  Any objections?
 Yeah give it at least a page of wrong guesses before we start googling.
 Yes there is a difference.  There are two ways to get a Certified Culinarian, or CC.  You can go to school that has an alliance with the ACF or you can do an apprenticeship and go to school at the same time.  Going to school basically bypasses the apprenticeship program.   But it's also an indicator that the school you attended had some kind of ACF approval.   I'm pretty sure some of your instructors are ACF certified.  Maybe ask them more specific questions?
Yes and no. At the lower level it doesn't matter too much.  It is however a recognition of achievement.  As you progress you can decide to do ACF or Prochef.  Prochef is newer but it is more rigorous and if I were in the industry nowadays I would do Prochef.    ACF, if you are a member, is a lot about the chapters and hanging out with other people like you.  The conventions are great.
Oh that is good!
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