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Maybe rice starch?
Why did you use olive oil?     I have no idea how to do it but you might try using just water and make sure your break the starch granules so they stick together when they dry.
You have to buy the crimping and embossing tools for fondant.  You can do a youtube search for crimping and embossing fondant.
If you truss the chicken too well the breast will become a bit dry.  Here's the way I like to do it   1)  Start breast side down and flip it breast side up to finish cooking   2)  When the breast is done remove the string and slice through the thigh skin so the leg is hanging   3)  Baste and finish cooking.
So I wonder, how do they keep it fresh down south?  Here most places just brew gallons at a time and let it sit all day.
Nice!  :)  Don't forget us now please! 
Nancy, my advice to you would be to just start the bakery.  A hot line built from scratch, especially one using gas, will put you back close to $50k.  You can have a simple bakery using an electric oven, a triple sink, a refrigerator, stainless counter, for far less.  Oh, and one induction burner. :)  (Edit:  also 2  stand mixers and a floor mixer)   During my junior years I did work in a tiny bakery like I just described.  We did baguettes twice a day and there were...
 Ooh ooh!  Can I have chef d'internet?  ;)
 That's not a good sign.  You should try and contact them.  It might be one of those "you are such a good cook you should open a restaurant" kinda things.
So I have this big new freezer now.  Is there a reason for me to can tomatoes anymore?  Why can't I just freeze it, either blanch and freeze or puree and freeze?  
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