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1)  Work clean   2)  Handle everything with care   That's the vibe I get from Bachelor Farmer.
I would not slice the steak.  I would cut it into 1.5" cubes, 3-4cm.  
One thing I did was write the prep lists.  I wrote them and rewrote them and pinned them to each BEO and crossed off every item as it was done and checked them with the BEO a lot.     Every kitchen will have its own system but mine was every BEO on each speed rack, labeled, etc.   Keep a master list of events pinned up.   You can assign banquet cooks or you could use a prep cook system.
The Papillote is a bit out of place.  It is awkward to eat and you have the packet on the plate with the rest of the stuff.. just nope.  Don't do it.   I don't like the idea of taking a beautiful prawn and mincing it and hiding it in tortellini.   In general it feels a bit heavy, a bit old school, but that's alright.  A lot of cream, butter, and truffle.
I made a steak salad.  
These kinds of skills I'd rather hire out.  What does it cost to learn?
Can I come see your smoker next time I'm down there Mary?
I actually know what I need in a smoker now.  Seems like some kind of insulation is good and a nice good seal too.  Plus a good design so it heats evenly and very adjustable venting too.   I just have to figure out what I can sell to make this happen.  ;)
 My weakness.  I mean I am weak on salad.
Eh Mise, you might win if you put a few more pictures and descriptions of the steps and dressing involved.
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