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Siduri Thanks for talking about your Christmas feast. I remember reading about your last year's party and how wonderful it sounded. It almost reminds me of Babbette's Feast! Did you leave anything out of your list? How many people do you have? Stand up? sit down? what are you drinking? Do tell! H.
DeltaDoc That's exactly what I wanted to see (Roulade)! My wife is so excited about it she wants to do a "test run" on Sunday. On Thanksgiving we go to my family's house in another town. It's always good, although I'm not crazy about the fried turkeys. I usually smoke one. My family likes oyster dressing, my SIL likes cornbread, so we have both. This year I'm going to bring some gravy. The stuff they make there is very thin and full of giblets, and all...
At the B&B I would mix brown sugar and some flour, then dredge the bacon in that. Then baked till crisp. I may have turned it too, don't remember for sure. H.
Bughut Good for you and your determination to make this change! It will involve some pain but so worth it. Establish some short term goals to help you get through it. The 6 week time period is great. As for what to eat, I'm clueless, hopefully your gym instructor can give you some good advice. I like to start my breakfast with 2 softpoached eggs, but that's probably not the best thing. Do you watch "You Are what You Eat" You Are What You Eat - BBC...
Two movies come to mind immediately. The first is Babbette's Feast. Babettes gæstebud (1987) I think it was my first food movie I've seen, and I've seen it several times and will watch it again. The second movie, which I saw a few weeks ago, is not a very "pretty" movie, called Food, Inc. Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? I don't think I can look at piece of Smithfield ham again. The movie was a real eye opener to movie. ...
Wow! What awesome outdoor tools you have! Do you have custom covers for everything? Is the Weber Performer modified, it looks a little different. H.
Hi Pastrycake, The pie looked amazing and the two different crusts are so interesting. What does the paper bag do for it? I think he said it "steams" in the bag? Do you remember the variety of apples they used? Please let us know if you figure it all out. I was thinking about it during the day wishing I had some with a hot cup of coffee! Thanks H.
A can opener that stays sharp easy to use for "older" or arthritic people. H.
I might have asked the wrong question about tenderizing. I never knew I had tough chicken until the brining craze started, especially when I read BBQ boards who love chicken and turkey brining. I somehow feel I'm not doing a proper chicken if I don't treat it first. However, I loved reading all of your comments and all the interesting techniques you all mentioned. I will certainly experiment. I prefer boneless skinless thighs anyway, but the family always...
I get crazy thinking what's the best way to tenderize chicken: Do you brine? Marinate in buttermilk? Do nothing? Is one better than the other? thanks! h.
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