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oops - just noticed the date - sorry I wasn't on over the weekend!
Hope this is in time for you - My 1st food service job (33 yrs ago) was in a chocolate making/store - we did these all the time Ihey were unheard of at the time... inside will be fine - they are delicious - put on stick/skewer dip freeze - no problem!
Lentil, If you end up with her gone and need any help with events, give me a call - I am only an hour away - and I will work your event YOUR way :) pgr
Example of what shroom just mentioned - Woman told me she had budget of $1000 for 75 people, and then gave me the menu she had in mind. I told her I could not do that menu for that price, but would give her a price on the menu she wanted (it came out to about $1600) and a menu for $1000. This did NOT include plates, flatware, serving staff etc. I also gave her 2 other ideas of menus I thought she would like in a range of prices. We ended up with her picking items from the...
Lentil - I really understand! As you know I am very small as well. I am also a verbal processor and often talk things out as I make decisions. I found that staff were questioning how I wanted things done A LOT! My husband often works with me. He eventually said to me, "you are the boss and the one in charge! You need to sound like you are in charge." The funny thing is that after that I had to talk to my husband because I felt like he was questioning me in front of...
:talk: Yeah it shocks my family when it happens too! Usually when I am practicing for something I haven't done before - like this week.
Shroom, I cut the 6 by doing finger shape
Gallit, I actually DO practice at home A LOT! For example, today I cooked a meal I will be making and freezing next week so I can figure out all of my reheat information for the people who will be reheating. It is also helping my pricing because I am sure of how much of each thing I need and what containers will work best freezer to microwave. It is a meat meal and I also wanted feedback from my carnivorous husband since I don't eat meat. Hope all went well pgr555
As always, I love your ideas shroom. I have done the finger sandwiches for ladies luncheon - make 50 sandwiches, cut off crusts and cut sandwich into 4 or even 6 - with the soup and salad, it is plenty.
I charge the same for kids as adults unless they are under 3 or I have a specific separate menu for them. As Shroom said - they use all the utensils and often take more food than adults, but don't eat it. pgr555
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