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Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it though? Or at least what is it? It is really puzzling.
Thanks guys :) Much appreciated.
Is it possible to use baking powder to substitute self-raising flour with normal flour instead? If so, how much would be needed? A rough ratio of? Thanks!
I've realised that after a few times of baking portugese egg tarts on my trays, they are starting to turn yellow, or greasy stuff starts to appear. It's really hard to clean it off, I tried scrubbing, washing with soap, submerging it in soapy water... it is quite stubborn. I have no idea what they are, they are just there after I take them out of the oven. I always clean my trays after I finish and the oven is clean. I do, however, butter my trays before putting the...
Haha, I'll have to beg to differ based on personal choice then, as yee mien done on it's own is really crispy and me and my friend love it. Yeah I know about the deep-fried vermicelli noodles, it's what they serve yam rings on! Not really my type though. It's down to personal taste I guess. ;) Not sure on the corn starch, just heard it from someone haha. You most probably are right.
Headless chicken, that's a very good way to put it haha. You can even add a little rice wine if you like, or soy sauce. Corn starch, I was told, was to soften the meat. Is there a special type of noodle that becomes crispy? As the noodles I get from the supermarket are the type that need to be boiled, not fried, and even if you tried frying them they never really become crispy. However, if a certain type of noodles (I believe they are called yee mien) are used, then...
Hey guys, I'm from Malaysia, and just started cooking about 2 years ago when I started studying in the UK haha. I mostly just open the fridge/freezer and cook whatever's there, but occasionally when I feel up to it I do look around for new recipes to try too! Actually I prefer baking, as my mum used to force me and my sisters to help out during occasions, for many years. Recently I've only baked chocolate cake, portugese egg tarts (using store bought pastry :P) and...
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