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Hi Nicko I'm all for the changes and I'm grateful that you started this site. Happy 10 yrs. Keep up with the good work.:chef:
Well this isn't a special event its just a monthly meeting and i know they do not want anything to heavy they are coming from work some and some have to go back to work they are doctors. I've been responsible for this event since I started this job. I'm trying to build up dessert menus for this company. My passion really is cake decorating. I just graduated from pastry school so the owner of this company relies a lot on me in this area of the business and coming up with...
thanks for the reply for the dessert suggestion. :chef:
thank you Harpua:smiles:
I work for a catering company and it's for these doctors and it's there monthly meeting. I like to keep there desserts light. Besides the entree being ham and turkey I didn't get to find out there side dishes. It is buffet style I also thought of some kind of cake.
thank you jessica i run that idea with the client.
I need some suggestion for a dessert for a buffet. The entree is ham and turkey.
yes I watch ace of cakes i love his style. I also watch all the challenges I've met the emcee that host the show while in school.
Thank you Mezzaluna for welcoming me in. This is new to me and trying to learn to use this format but I'm glad to have this support system and hope to be a help to others. Again thanks!
For a while about 3yrs seriously. I would come home from work and pratice. Yes it is hard work but I love it.
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