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I think Alton does a good job here: Shun_Knives.mp4
A great blog post here with credited information which dispells the myth of searing... Welcome to
Without question, a Viogner... Something such as the one from Maryhill Winery in WA: IZO WINE - Maryhill Viognier 2006
I stumbled upon this site the other day - they seem to keep things "real" and not snobby like so many other Wine blog sites I've seen:
Well, I ate it... never got sick... *yet*... Thanks for all the replies... I do believe, however, that the fact this turkey was butchered as well as it was, plus the brine helped preserve it... The Brine I use is as follows: 6 quarts hot water 1 pound kosher salt 1 pound dark brown sugar 5 pounds ice 1 (13 to 14-pound) turkey, with giblets removed So, yeah, I guess a pound of salt helped out.. hehe.. Cat Man is right, salt-cures and salt as a...
So... we bought a fresh turkey from our local butcher - fresh in that it had never been frozen or processed. During my brining process - much to my wife's dismay - we found that the turkey was at 68-degree's for about 6 hours before we put it back in the fridge to lower it below 40... I roasted it today and it turned out most excellent - very moist, crisp skin etc.. etc... We cooked it to a median temp of 165...
You all know that this show was looking for a Mario replacement, right? He's no longer on Food Network.... I don't find Besh to be cocky at all - I think most of his gestures were in made in fun..... and not at all that he's seriously cocky... The deal-breaker for me on Symon was on the airplane show - he kept yelling at the cameras to get out of his way... Uhh.. HELLO?!?! you're on a TV SHOW!! If you don't like cameras, then you're applying for the wrong job...
Did anyone else watch this show? Someone call 911 - Chef Besh got robbed.. :(
We get Avocado's for $.33 cents each at the local Winco store..
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