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Hi Guys!  I am now finally free of all responsibilities - son all grown up and moved out!! I am now going traveling and want to 'cook/work' my way around the world.  First stop is going to be NY/NJ BUT the US authorities won't let me work (I have a UK passport)  - although I did explain to them that it was only to make enough money to travel OUT of the USA!!   Anyway my question is this.  Does anyone need help waiting tables or helping in the kitchen?  I am happy to work...
There is a very good product which is widely available throughout the world and I have seen it in the US - it is called Tamari and it is a wheat free soy sauce
I am personal chef to a lactose free, gluten free, vegan family!! - their favorite main course dish is: One butternut squash - halved and seeds removed, submerge both halves in orange juice and then bake off in the oven till soft but not squishy! Heat a tiny amount of olive oil in a pan and add mushrooms (a mix or just one kind - most common mushrooms work well with this recipe) and saute briefly, add a couple of cloves of crushed garlic and a tsp of paprika. Add one...
ok - I forgot to mention -sugary treats to be kept to a minimum. They want mostly savory and 'healthy' snacks to include fruit instead of cakes etc.
Hi everyone - I am catering a Halloween party for 40 people ranging from 5 to 50 years old. The Kids want the food to be 'gruesome' and creepy - any ideas?
In addition to Kuan's comment - we also use them in yoghurt dips and sauces - for instance in a raita - you heat a little oil ad mustard and fenugreek seeds and when they spatter, add a few curry leaves until they darken in coclur and then add all of this - oil an all to the yoghurt dip/sauce
Thanks everybody for your suggestions. Recipes would also be nice. Update: No it is not Sting and Trudi - there are in fact going to be Amercian Hollywood stars (BIG ones!) the party is about a month away. I have now been given carte blanche on the menu (apart from the host who wants something 'similar' looking to the rest - only vegan and gluten free). I also have a pretty hefty budget and everything HAS to be organic - so menu ideas would be nice. It also has to be...
no - I've developed a recipe usinf egg replacer and spring water and it works fine
Thanks for all the feedback. I will definitely be trying out some of cheflayne's ideas. The dinner is a good month away. Vegan is chic apparently! 'raw' cooking is also terribly fashionable in Hollywoodland - I have been informed by my employers. My plan so far is: Chilled pear soup with port Coffee and mint spiced 'Tempeh' served with mash and steamed seasonal vegetables Tomato sorbet Flourless chocolate sponge served in a cup and topped with vegan wipping cream...
The host is the gluten free vegan and I think they want the same for everyone
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