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i had a question for long can these mixes in the packet survive?
sorry did not read the directions properly...i saw the egg called for in the recipe later.... thanks again
Thank you Zukerig.............i appreciate the response..........will definately try it out. I also noticed that your cake does not have any egg in it........... i was reading that back of the cake mix box and saw that there is vegetable shortening in it..........i wonder where do you get powdered vegetable shortening...... :)
Hi everybody, the holiday season is coming and i wanted to make mix packets for hot chocolate and cakes to give to friends at work......i was wondering how to make a cake mix at home that just requires the the person to add water and bake . So i need all ingrds to be in powder form........can someone help me or point me in the right direction......... thanks :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: :look: :crazy:
Hi , I have just started baking cakes and selling them to my neighbors and friends. I have a two part question.....if anyone could help me it will be greatly appreciated..........thanks 1. Do i need any kind of disclamer form, which will prevent people from suing me...........i prepare birthday cakes and any occasion cakes (did a class from wilton) and do so in the most hygiene manner. I was only worried if i could be sued...........can anyone help me here...... 2....
Hi everyone? How is in virginia , we are all trying to dig ourselves out from the snow storm we had and hoping that we do not experience any flash floods !!!!! I had a question, the other day on Food Tv in Jacques Torres Show they showed Sylvia Weinstock and how her production team made those life like flowers........she has a book out too.....but i believe she has not given the recipe of the "how to make the flower paste"..............i was wondering...
Thanks a lot i will go thru all of this......thanks again
Hi , I am an avid baker and i wanted to sell cakes . But i have no experience in selling and pricing . Also i live in virginia and i wanted to know who should i contact to find out about the legal side of the business and also where should i go to determine the calorific value of my products? I am so at loss here, please somebody help me
Hi, you said you wanted to know about chana masala...........does that mean you want to know what brand of masala powder to use or how to make chana or popularly known as chole? Well i use the "Everest" brand it works well for me and i follow the instructions on the back. But during our training in the hotels i found the chef there made a killer Chole , so this is the recipe for it below: Along with it is the recipe of the puri that goes with it called "Bhatura". Hope...
wow, thanks soo much that was a lot of valuable information. I will let you know the results when i bake one soon! Thanks again
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