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It was in Europe and right now I can't remember the name, it won't help anyway. It was a paste made with egg. Ce name was something like "coconut pearl"
It looks similar, I'm sure it was not red bean paste inside. I checked out your recipe and I guess mine is very close to yours. However, I'm sure it was yellow inside, a friend of mine thinks it was a egg based paste. Do you know what it could be? It was so good, I can't wait to have some more. :crazy:
Does anyone have a recipe? That'd be great
Yes that's it! The name is diffenrent but it's what I was looking for, Thanks :chef:
it looks similar, but it's not exactly the same dessert. Mine was with coconut outside (of thath I'm sure coconut is easy to recognize), inside it tasted more like eggs. I will take a look at the site you mentioned, thanks for your help. Soon I will have bbq pork bun (I call them like this, the name in your recipe in different but it's the same) and soon mystery coconut balls.
As I said I don't what is it called, hopefully my description will be enough :confused: It's a dessert I had in a Chinese restaurant when I was traveling in Europe. It looks like a ball covered with coconut powder, it's chewy and white (not sure but I would say it's a kind of rice paste) and inside it's yellow. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? the name was something like coconut pearl If you know it, do you have a recipe?
Does anyone know a good recipe for chinese bbq pork buns? I've been eating a lot of those recently and would love to know how to make those.
Coconut mango and curry ice cream, how was it? I'm curious I completely agree on the first 2 ingredients, but the curry part sounds bizarre to me. It reminds me this ice cream place I've been once, they have more than 200 different flavors, some of them are very unexpected !
This recipe looks awesome ! I would use "Maizena" which is a substitute to flour it will make your pancake fluffy. Another idea would be to use somethink like a kitchen aid for the white of your eggs (with a teaspoon of sugar). Mix the rest of your ingredients in one bowl, then slowly incorporate the white. If someone try before me, let me know
Thanks all for your advice. I have an additional question: can I froze my basil? I have 2 actually: where do you buy your basil when you don't have your own? the one at my local grocery store is already black in the store.
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