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I can't believe the prices. we start at 23.00 for a basic chicken plus tax and a 20% service charge. I'm glad it worked out for you though. P.S. nice website Shroomgirl!
Since we own a banquet facility, we work with coordinators all the time and I have never paid a percentage to any of them and if they asked I would cross them off the list of people able to work at our place. Way too unethical for me.
Very, Very well Said RSteve.
Depends is it in our facility or of premise? We run about 20% food cost on banquets because our labor is so much higher. What kind of staffing ? how hard is the job? Does the chef need to go or can a line cook handle it. I have alot more questions than answers w/ the limited info you left. sorry
You should change your contract. We require payment in full 10 days before a event and a CC for any last minute changes. Good luck
As with most things there are no hard and fast rules. What matters most is that you like it. With all do respect to Mr. Parker I love a Stags Leap Cab. w/ a good bittersweet chocolate. I also like Eagle Rare and Woodford Reseve Both really good Bourbons w/ bittersweet chocolate.
Tolosa "no oak" Chardonnay from the Edna Valley in CA. about $10 abottle. Nice fruit and doesn't get in the way of the food. Comes w/ a screw top also making opening a breeze:)
My other passion besides my wife and kids is my 1969 numbers matching Z-28 Camaro. 3 plus yrs into a frame off maybe I'll finally finish by Oct. We'll see:cool:
The coconut oil has a low melting point ie; the mouth. great mouth feel. We have a local tortilla chip maker that uses it. make their chips awesome.
All I can really add is workers comp. In CA. they are covered while traveling to an event if they stopped for even a spoon to carry w/ them. If they get in a car accident it's on your w/c. It could also fall under your liability insurance as it becomes a company vehicle. At least thats how it works in CA.
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