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Hi! I'm a huge fan of All-Clad and I just don't think you can go wrong with it. I've used other stuff before, but now almost all of my cookware is A-C. I use mine constantly and they're all still like new. They're indestructible and definitely worth the price. There's just not enough good I can say about the stuff. As far as the company standing behind their product, my MIL called the company because she said the her food sticks to the A-C saute pan I gave her. The...
I'm completely obsessed with making food from scratch and it sounds like I'm in like company! Cool! I even make my dogs' food from scratch and I think they're much healthier as a result! I like to occasionally write Foodnetwork and suggest that all the paula deen recipes that use cake mix really don't count... But, that's only when I'm in a cranky mood!
A new mixer - so much fun! I have both a KA Artisan and a Pro 600. Actually, I use the Artisan far more than the Pro 600 because I find the tilt-back head so much easier to work with than the crank on the Pro 600. I find it much easier to add ingredient and to scrape down the bowl with the tilt head. And, I frequently knead dough with the Artisan and don't really have a problem there. Also, before I knead dough, I wipe the dough hook with a paper towel with a very...
I'm with Phatch - I like plastic cutting boards so that I can run them through the dishwasher or even bleach them when they get stained. And, I don't worry about rubber feet - in fact I don't really like them because they tend to come off and then my cutting surface is lopsided. Instead, I always lay a silicone baking mat (like a silpat) under my board to stop it from moving. Good luck and have fun! :blush:
Hi, I have a couple of Kitchenaid Stand Mixers and I like them both. One is a Pro Series 6-quart and one is an Artisan Series 5-Quart. White I like both of these mixers, I tend to prefer the Artisan because I find the bowl easier to scrape down given the tilt-back head on the Artisan. I also have a Viking 7 Quart mixer. I thought I would love it since it has a larger bowl plus the tilt back head. But, I'm sorry to say that I've been sorely dissapointed with it. Maybe...
Hi there, Personally, I don't like using royal icing because it just doesn't taste very good. Instead, I dip my cookies in a fondant icing like the one at this link (Quick Pour Fondant Icing - Allrecipes ). But, I usually use milk instead of water and leave out the almond extract. Add coloring if you want. Just dip the top of your cookies in it and they will have a nice glossy coating. Don't stir too much or you'll get bubbles in your icing. Good luck!
Everything in my kitchen is Wolf/Subzero and I love them! Good luck!
Hi Everyone, Lately, I've been trying to perfect my mom's meatloaf recipe. I'm trying to replicate a dish my Mom used to make for me - a wonderful meatloaf, 100% beef with a tasty brown gravy. Of course, she served it over mashed potatoes. I'm definitely getting there on the meatloaf, but the gravy is still stumping me. I'll continue to try...!
Bouland, I enjoyed your knife article.
Hi There, I have two ways that I make oatmeal in the mornings. First, I make OF oats in a crockpot overnight. Combine in a small (1.5 quart) crockpot (for 2 servings):½ tablespoon butter80 grams Old Fashioned oats622 grams (by weight) of water (approx 21.75 oz.)½ tsp saltPut on ‘warm’ setting and leave for for 8-9 hours. In the morning, add brown sugar, a little cream if you want, some chopped apples or maybe raisins, whatever. Very tasty and the texture is...
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