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Indeed :) I've not had much problem cutting "shapes" from baked cheesecake, as long as it's relatively shallow cake (sheetpan, as opposed to cake pan depth) and thoroughly refridgerated.....dip the cutter in hot H2O, cut, and remove scraps from around the outside of cutter before trying to move it. Granted, there's waste involved, but ..... depends on how much one wants to sacrifice to achieve desired results. I have no experience with "no bake" cheesecake,...
Hmmmm, don't feel "guilty" so much, as it's relatively healthy, but ... I like to indulge myself with tuna (water pack pouch) mixed with cottage cheese, mustard, salsa, assorted seasonings that sound good at the moment, with "no surface salt" pretzels crumbled atop the whole mess. MMM Mmm GOOD !!! :cool:
LOL ... my kids love blanketed pigs :) As for plain dogs, I prefer to grill, with broiling being my second choice (I absolutely can't stand boiled hot dogs - heck, I'll use the microwave before I'd boil 'em ;)
I used to fish a lot up in MI, and apparently a lot of folks still ate carp up there - if I caught one, people would run over and beg me for it (I was typically catching and releasing them, unless I caught something I wanted to eat....i.e., non-bottom-feeding fish). Have had burgers made from buffalo, pretty good stuff (although I'm sure it was farm raised). We recently attended a bear roast down here in TN (apparently the bear was shot during hunting season in Canada...
I add a scoop or 2 of chocolate whey powder, and agree with using whole milk over 2% ... health food it ain't :) You want "mouth feel"....
Hey Mezzaluna ......I remember back from my MI days that "downriver" (suburbs)from Detroit, muskrat was a specialty of sorts (no, am not making this up ;) ) Was never brave enough to try it, though...LOL
Greetings.welcome, etc. :) New here, as well... Hey, I lived just outside of Detroit (literally...like 1/2 block south of Warren Ave in Dearborn Hts) for about 11 years before heading south here to TN. Spent those years as a baker/leader at Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village in Dearborn. How's the Motor City these days ?
Wow, that stinks .... I've had incredible good luck with ours - we got it as a wedding present to ourselves some 16 years ago and it still goes strong with regular use/abuse. It's the 5 quart "professional" , which seems truely tiny compared to the Hobarts I use/have used at work over the decades ;)
Thanks, Mezzaluna ... I'll be hanging around, for sure :cool:
I used to have a computer program that would do the conversions of scaling up/down recipes as needed (but it's lost on a dead harddrive). I do all my calculations manually, now, but it's really no problem if you know your equivelents i.e., x tsp = x Tb = x cups, etc, etc. Once I get to any decent sized batch of anything, I'll measure by volume and then weigh it, noting and going by weight in the future, as it's much much easier/faster when dealing with quantity. Baking...
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