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:roll:One of the hardest parts is they are so set on what they eat that trying to give them anything new is difficult. We had creole night and the foods had no heat at all. Gumbo, shrimp creole and blackened chicken all with no spice. It's taking some getting used to.
My new one is iced coffee. I love coffee but now I like Iced coffee. I don't buy the ones that cost like $4.00 each I love to make them. My all time favorite is M&Ms Any flavor any color.
We do a few adjustments. They love Shrimp Creole, I can not add any hot pepper to it. We have to cut back on fat so a lot of butter and cream are cut out. I found Grahm Kerr to be a great help. I used to watch his low fat cooking show and have learned alot from his books.
Hello. I applaud you for wanting to work in a kitchen befor you go to culinary school. So often students graduate from a good school and expect to just jump into a lead position. With no experience, degree or not you will not get the top spot. I would hire you in a minute. If I interviewed you. Willing to work weekends and nights, even part time is a great start. You would be suprised how many chefs are willing to train someone with little to noexperience compaired to...
I think this is a good topic. Alot of employees do not understand the kind of stress that the Chef is under. The other day at work, after having two days off, I return to work only to get my tail kicked by the boss because of something that happened while I was gone. As they say crap rolls down hill. I wouldn't say that I am abusive but if you mess up I will call you aout on it. Because so much rides on things being done properly there is no time for unprofesional...
:cool:Hello, My name Is Dave and I live in Floridas Panhandel. I am the Executive Chef for a large multi unit retierment resort. I have been cooking profesionally for almost 18 years now. I love waht I do. For me cooking is more then what I do for a paycheck. It's who I am. I enjoy the look on peoples faces the first bite into something new. Or the way their eyes sparkel when they smell fresh brownies baking. Sounds sappy I know but I love it. I look forward to...
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