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hello, congratulations on your first wedding cake, Lesson . take a deposit for the cake in advanced for holding the date. 2. get paid for the cake (balance) in full 10 days prior to the wedding. if after the 10 days cash only. 3. check the bakeries in your area to see how they price there cakes. some will price per slice, others will price per cake. But each is diffrent, but the going rate for a wedding cake will differ depending on what state and county you live...
This really doesn't have much to do with the original question. Let's hope the OP wasn't using any shortening in their chocolate chip cookies for one thing Sorry to disagree, but when I worked in a bakery we made our own cc cookies, and we used solid shortening, not butter. It was butter flavored shortening. and I can see you are not a cake decorator, when frosting melts right off your cake, you would understand, Yes I agree if going transfat is the way to go...
Hello, I supply a restraunt and caterier with cakes, and or mini pastries, for there special occasions, I give them a discount, so to speak and they have passed my name on to other clients, and customers who asks where did you get thoes pastries, it has brought me more business than if I tried to restrick the restraunt or try and have a contract with them. If one of there customers ask where the got them, they just give them my card. In turn if someone is looking for a...
Hello are you using the new 0 Transfat crisco, it does not work like I use to. horrible for frosting now. won't stick to cakes, melts right off. I switched to sweetex or you can go to some other high ratio shortening.. Alpine, Quick Blend. etc. ask your supplyer. Jane s cakesbysk@aol.com
Hi Chef and all bakers, This is not a reply but a question, could not find the question button.lolol so here goes. I just purchased my first block of Sweetex can I use it in baking, like cookis, pastries, pie crusts. actually in anything I use to use crisco in. Thank you all and have a happy Thanksgiving. Jane Cakesbysk@aol.com oh ya what areTrackback :suprise::suprise:
cakesbysk would love to know what Peek a boo eggs are a how do you make them Thank you
Hi Emily, how long have you been making wedding cakes, and what do yu mean by falling, are you putting supports between your layers of cake, Please e mail me at cakesbysk@aol.com and I will try and help you with this problem, If you never have had a course in wedding cakes, I suggest you either get a wilton couse book, I teach cake decorating and I teach you how to stak one.
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