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Faves I've read/referenced this year... 1) The Making of a Chef - Michael Ruhlman 2) Kitchen Confidential - what was his name again? 3) Down and Out in Paris and London - George Orwell 4) Sauces - James Peterson 5) Professional Cooking - Wayne Gisslen
Ahhhh, thanks for reminding me. Gotta get my reply card in the mail before feb 1.
WOW!!!! Even $405 is a bit pricey. Come on HUGE tax return. Thanks for looking into that. Did you have to pay for the catalog? -logan
Any suggestions on what to do with these? Anyone ever made a persimmon vinagrette or a sauce from them? Thanks
Anyone seen these knives? They are in this months Saveur(sp?) magazine of their annual top 100 favorite things. The knives look beautiful. Wondering if anyone has ever used one and if anyone knows where to get them? Thanks
Thanks to Nicko and Cheftalk for the opportunity. Hope you find the journal helpful and entertaining. If anyone has any questions feel free to drop me an email at logan
Not sure if this qualifies as something to post under "equipment", but The Today show came out with their Top 10 list of toys this Holiday Season... Fisher-Price's "Talking Chef Magic Kitchen" placed 2nd. You can find a picture of it at Hmmmm, maybe I'll ask for one this Xmas. [This message has been edited by theloggg (edited 12-15-2000).]
Anyone been? What did you think? Went to Puck's Cafe in Denver and had the meatloaf. Thought it was tasteless. is an online restaurant reservation system with 1,200+ restaurants signed up in 22 markets. When I use Opentable (and I have often), I find that I choose a restaurant based on either 1)been there before and like it 2)recommendation 3)they have a website linked from Opentable and I can review the menu. Of the 15 or so places I have reserved through Opentable, only a few have been places I had been before or were recommended. If I can view a menu on a...
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