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I'm with you in this one...
Welcome!!... I'm going to LCB too and it can be a very full plate for you if you work and go to school at the same time so, organize yourself well and good luck!
I'm 34 and going back to school too...I'm nervous
I think they are all leaving....or at least they wish can leave the show...
Same here! actually, I do like it !
More than welcome mate! :talk:
It looks like a good guiness!!
Good to know...:roll:
I'm with you...more than 10 years cooking and still feel that I know nothing... ...went to culinary school years ago back in my country and, going again to LCB in Pasadena this year...still know that this won't make me a chef overnight! Is like a dude graduating from medicine school and feel like the next minute after, he is gonna be dr House!
Yes... thank you!
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