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I believe it depends on the manufacturer. I have a Circulon and there is no issue at level 1 (simmer).
Erupting a belly laugh, Chris. Yeah, it starts in my fingers and makes it way to the brain. I do love that knife but you already know that. Do you know of any other makers using gokinko?
I'd forgotten the thread. The "A" was mentioned earlier so I thought I'd toot my horn. LOL Buzz
Boy, is this thread old. I received a 240 "A" Gyuto about three months ago and gave it the KCMA method except on the lefty side. I have chopped like a madman and the edge refuses to quit. All I've given it is a few touch ups with a ceramic steel. Gokinko is positively amazing. You gotta have the right equipment to put a good edge on it however. It isn't easy.
All Shun knives are factory sharpened at 16 degrees per side and the electric sharpener bearing the Shun name matches. If you don't want to learn free hand or EP sharpening then the Shun electric is the way to go. Buzz
Pretty sure it's Sandvik 19C27. 13.5% chromium making it just barely stainless.
Kudos to Lee Valley customer service representative Marc Charbonneau for sending me the following information: Thank you for your patience in regards to your inquiry on the Peasant’s Chef knife (45K3646). After finally receiving an answer from our vendor, the knife is made from SK5 High Carbon Steel. We trust this answers your question and apologize for the delay. Buzz
That's quite a statement. More than one steel is "better" than VG-10, although none claim to be the equal of anything nor do any claim to be best. It's all about requirements. As much as I love Hitachi AS and Gokinko, I have come to prefer AEB-L/13C26 and other Swedish steels capable of extreme sharpness and varying toughness depending on heat treatment. Many Japanese manufacturers have started using these steels for the very same reason.
It's a variety of chrome moly stainless steel. It's almost sure to be a little on the soft side (like German knives) but should sharpen up just fine and give you no problems. Buzz
I agree with the previous two posts. They are a pain in the butt and offer zero flexibility. It's much better to put in a little time and learn how to free hand.
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