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I like to make a salmon mousse and form them into sausages,poach them, and then sear them to order with a number of combinations...
well u want to use them as soon as possible for ultimate freshness, but u can wrap as i mentioned and keep them in a plastic container also, they should last for 4-5 days and it actually depends on how fresh they were when u got them..are they local or shipped in?....u might want to consider growing your own,the process is very easy to do...or u could try and chopping them up and storing them in oil in the fridge...
Hiya,i have kept my garlic cloves in veg. oil in the fridge for quite a while now and have never had any problems...in regards to keeping your herbs fresh, i always wrap them in a wet paper towel and then saran them...seems to work well..
Marbling looks good.good fat content,thickness looks about right..u might want to age a wee bit longer in your fridge,the longer the better...
Hello all, i thought grape seed oil had one of the highest smoke points....
I would personally add a little white wine and pernod to my chowder(reduced of course) and maybe garnish it with a little salad of flaked lobster,celery heart leaves and red pepper curls.
The dinner plate has to go, the food should be in a bowl,its too saucy and there needs to be more contrast with the food its all the same colour.
Forked avacado, pickled papaya, carmalised onions, cilantro pesto and some sunflower sprouts
Honey roasted butternut squash,carmalized onions,roasted garlic,chestnuts and fresh herbs...use it as a stuffing or an side for braised meats
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