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The bagels you could do the boiling phase a little in advance, then do the baking closer to the time of your event or at the event just before serving. I will confess up front that I am an anti-parbaking snob. Personally I taste the difference in the off taste you get in the yeast, but then again, I'd probably be the only one in that room that would notice that (I'm finding more supermarket bakeries are even doing the frozen parbaked bread as "artisan bread" which taste...
a nice little one I like, in addition to all the textbook types that I'm sure will be recommended is a little gem from the restaurant Le Gavroche. Le Gavroche Cookbook, by Michel Roux Jr. It's one of those books with no "filler," every recipe is a good one. It's organized seasonally into four sections based on ingredients of each season. There are full page color photos of most recipes, with the recipe opposite. The food is beautiful.
14. Propylene Glycol is ANTIFREEZE and its proper use is in your car's radiator to keep your coolant from freezing in winter. I personally avoid foods that contain it, and would NEVER deliberately add it to food. You may truly be "Heavy Metal" Chef if you use it. I would throw it out, although in my area to throw it out, you have to go to the toxic waste collection depot to throw out antifreeze, seriously. Although it is officially safe in foods in small quantities......
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