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Anyone have any experience with the CIA in Up-state New York. I used to live near there when I was younger and my family and I would head up for dinner once in a while to sample the students food. I always wanted to attend, but it's very expensive from what I've heard. Does anyone know anything about this place? Thanks!
Nice Link, gracias!
I like Bourdain, I watch his show all the time on the Travel Channel.
You can order wine, the problem is getting it to your door, at least in some states. I live in PA and I can't get anything delivered to my door unfortunately. State law...
Yellow Tail, either the Cabernet or Merlot, the Shiraz isn't bad either. I also enjoy Love My Goat by Bully Hill Vineyards, it's a table wine, but it is amazing.
You will know a dry wine when you taste it. It's the first descriptive word that comes to mind.
I found this, check it out: Pairing Beer With Food
My girlfriend always seems to butcher our stainless steel cook wear. I understand that cooking technique comes into play when using cook wear like this, but how hard should it be to maintain them. And, what is the best way to clean them? Thanks.
Yes, I agree with both of those techniques. That is how I do it myself.
Wow, I must say that those interpretations had me interested. I wasn't sure what I was reading, and still don't know if I can comprehend exactly what was going on, but I definitely found myself interested. Thanks for the excerpt.
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