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As an aside, those racks work great for dicing hard boiled eggs, especially handy when making potato salad for hundreds.
I make puff pastry lids for the crocks, with pastry leaves for aesthetic reasons. Pre-make the filling and refrigerate. Order comes in, heat the filling in a pan, pour into crock, top with lid and into the convection oven it goes, Usually finished in 8-10 minutes.
Head down, plating the next dupe, server starts asking about temps.Without looking up you say "Rare to the right."
Chef, answering the phone to speak with a frequent sick call in:   "You're sick? Well, why don't you die and prove it!" SLAM
Currently in my roll:   Wusthof Grand Prix offset serrated knife Wusthof Gourmet 10” super slicer Shun classic 4” paring knife, D handle Shun classic 8” Chef’s knife, D handle Fujiwara FKM 240mm gyuto, Yo handle Fujiwara FKM 145mm boning knife, Yo handle Hiro “SHIKI” Damascus Limited Edition SDM-1, 120mm petty knife, blue micarta Yo handle Moritaka Hamono 240mm Kiritsuke, Wa octagon handle Inazuma 240mm hammered Damascus gyuto, Wa octagon handle Yoshihiro 240mm...
Crocs makes a closed toe chef clog, non slip, comfortable. Only knock is the rubber nubs inside. I assume they're for massaging purposes, but they eat socks. Best to buy a set of insoles. So, a Croc with no holes, designed for the kitchen. Everybody wins.
Many forums have the two factions:   Man, why are you bringing up such an old thread?!                                       and You know, this has been covered before, look up past threads.   You can't win  :)
At my last job, first day, notice all knives going into a plastic cambro filled with sanitizer. Left all day, pulled out for use as needed. Explained that the 1 inch layer of food scraps floating on the surface wasn't really sanitizing anything, especially 7 hours into a shift. Not to mention that storing knives in their natural enemy is counterproductive. Put a stop to it. I'm sure they've gone back to their bad habit since my departure.
As part of a fish marinade
I've used chef-tec at a couple of locations. You have to build a database to get full use out of it, but it is handy for recipe and menu costing, scaling, inventory. It is expensive, and support is limited unless you keep renewing the support, and upgrading the software (more expense). If a company is buying it, I could find use for it. I wouldn't spend my own money on it though. I can do what it does with excel, though it would require a little more set up work.
New Posts  All Forums: