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Dental floss for slicing chevre logs.
How Waffle
Agree with everyone here but want to mention that a company out of Chico, Ca. has layflat in 30# cases, so I'm sure a few others do as well. But I've only seen it in the last year or so.
I like Sweetly Yours.
One mention of Culinary Artistry, one of The Flavor Bible. Just my opinion, but if you have one you don't need the other. Personally I like C.A. T.F.B. is more shiny and pretty, more appealing to the masses.   Food for 50 is a good book for a jumping off point for large batch cookery if you find yourself in a banquet of buffet setting. I have a similar book, Large quantity Recipes. Love it.   Eat Me by Ken Shopsin. (follow this up with the documentary I Like...
Unless you're talking something like IQF, corn dog batter is typically wet.Even IQF it was wet before it froze.
Typical wasabi available in the U.S. is green dyed horseradish. I would use regular horseradish for flavor, and if you want green dye, well, you can purchase that separately.
Reminds me of a story my friend told me. In culinary school one of his instructors was discussing Anise. He said "you can pronounce it Ah-niece, or An-isss, but never the 3rd pronunciation".
You could bake shallow cheesecake with no crust. Once set and refrigerated it should be able to be the middle layer in an Angel food layer cake. Or vice versa, cheesecake discs with an Angel food center. 
I believe this is now all being handled by a higher pay grade than myself. The last word from Alto-Shaam was "it must be atmospherical", because it worked for 2 years. The only problem with that bogus diagnosis is that the unit hasn't been moved, the room it's in has been consistent. The only thing that's changed is the machine no workie.   It may just be a lemon, and not an indictment of the brand in general.
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