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If someone isn't pointing out zombie threads, someone else is telling newbies to look for old threads for their answers. How about we just be helpful....or silent.
Slightly different note: Anytime I drop something I give it the finger for betraying me.
Profanity is a crutch for inarticulate M****r F*****s.
Could be a vision problem. I'm near sighted with astigmatism and wear corrective lenses for reading tickets, driving, etc.  I notice that when wearing glasses my vision is sharper, but can get slightly distorted near the edges or with quick movement of my head. I don't detect a similar issue with contacts, probably because they're not floating an inch in front of my eyes. The way light and shadow work off of the blade could be skewing his perception.
I used to cook breakfast at a place (my first line cooking gig) that did their eggs on the flat top, with rings to keep them circular. These rings would get slightly bent, allowing some of the white to leak out. We always kept the far right burner off, and would do the eggs near that end. Any egg white that seeped out was trimmed off with the spatula, flicking the offending white to the cool side of the grill. Many time upon flipping, the egg yolks would break,...
Yes, cooking the roasts separately in the two deck ovens will be faster, all things being equal.
Still remember old Saturday Night Live show where John Belushi would do his Joe Cocker impersonation, and one time Joe gets up on stage with him, Joe happily joining in on the joke. Classy guy, and so talented. He will be missed.
Had a dishwasher call in because he couldn't find his shoes. Told him the day shift disher would loan him his shoes, so come on in. He showed up, with orange Converse on. "I thought you couldn't find your shoes?" "Oh, these are different ones." I always pictured him sitting around with his friends before work, not wanting to come in, and his buddies saying "they can't make you work without shoes, tell them you have no shoes."   Same place, different guy, called in...
Wish I could relocate and try this.  I lived in Independence for almost a year in '76 and briefly dated Jenny of Jenny's cafe (of course she didn't have the cafe then, we were in high school). :)
New Posts  All Forums: