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Had a dishwasher call in because he couldn't find his shoes. Told him the day shift disher would loan him his shoes, so come on in. He showed up, with orange Converse on. "I thought you couldn't find your shoes?" "Oh, these are different ones." I always pictured him sitting around with his friends before work, not wanting to come in, and his buddies saying "they can't make you work without shoes, tell them you have no shoes."   Same place, different guy, called in...
Wish I could relocate and try this.  I lived in Independence for almost a year in '76 and briefly dated Jenny of Jenny's cafe (of course she didn't have the cafe then, we were in high school). :)
I agree, a grill is as you noted in your first bullet point. However, when someone asked for their sandwich grilled, it is never on that piece of equipment.
'06 Mustang GT. Put 138k miles on so far, taken a few trips up to Seattle and down to Frisco.
Most shelving units ship with 4 shelves. These units are usually built identical to each other, each shelf being at the the same level as shelves on other units. Reorganizing items by height (gallon mustard, relish, olives, etc. all on one shelf) can usually reduce dead space (space above items and below upper shelf), and allow you to add more shelving.
Par-cooking and then portioning allows you to cut the chicken with a dull house knife.
Because you can control heat and humidity through multiple cooking/reheating phases they can produce good food. The only one I've worked with was in a brand new hotel kitchen. They had ramps to their walk-ins making moving plated carts inside impossible, and had water so hard that deliming twice a day wasn't often enough, and it kept breaking down, so I mainly used it for cooking and reheating large batches. The alto shaam website has some great...
If it's not against regulations, buy and wear what you want. If you're comfortable and happy, only a jerk would give you grief. While I've gone back to basic black, I still have many pairs of exotic patterned pants. Saying someone who wears colorful patterns isn't that good of a cook is similar to stating that you can only prep well with a black handled knife.
The inspectors looked for temps and obvious storage violations (raw chicken above cooked foods, etc.). There's a good ol' boy mentality for many old restaurants in this area. I worked in a kitchen with a hood fan that  covered the back burners of a 6 top grill, but not the front, and was only as high as my chest. It didn't suck (pun intended), and would never fly in any other restaurant. Owner never had to update it to specs.
New Posts  All Forums: