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I have that printed on a t-shirt
As an aside, those racks work great for dicing hard boiled eggs, especially handy when making potato salad for hundreds.
I make puff pastry lids for the crocks, with pastry leaves for aesthetic reasons. Pre-make the filling and refrigerate. Order comes in, heat the filling in a pan, pour into crock, top with lid and into the convection oven it goes, Usually finished in 8-10 minutes.
Head down, plating the next dupe, server starts asking about temps.Without looking up you say "Rare to the right."
Chef, answering the phone to speak with a frequent sick call in:   "You're sick? Well, why don't you die and prove it!" SLAM
Currently in my roll:   Wusthof Grand Prix offset serrated knife Wusthof Gourmet 10” super slicer Shun classic 4” paring knife, D handle Shun classic 8” Chef’s knife, D handle Fujiwara FKM 240mm gyuto, Yo handle Fujiwara FKM 145mm boning knife, Yo handle Hiro “SHIKI” Damascus Limited Edition SDM-1, 120mm petty knife, blue micarta Yo handle Moritaka Hamono 240mm Kiritsuke, Wa octagon handle Inazuma 240mm hammered Damascus gyuto, Wa octagon handle Yoshihiro 240mm...
Crocs makes a closed toe chef clog, non slip, comfortable. Only knock is the rubber nubs inside. I assume they're for massaging purposes, but they eat socks. Best to buy a set of insoles. So, a Croc with no holes, designed for the kitchen. Everybody wins.
Many forums have the two factions:   Man, why are you bringing up such an old thread?!                                       and You know, this has been covered before, look up past threads.   You can't win  :)
At my last job, first day, notice all knives going into a plastic cambro filled with sanitizer. Left all day, pulled out for use as needed. Explained that the 1 inch layer of food scraps floating on the surface wasn't really sanitizing anything, especially 7 hours into a shift. Not to mention that storing knives in their natural enemy is counterproductive. Put a stop to it. I'm sure they've gone back to their bad habit since my departure.
As part of a fish marinade
New Posts  All Forums: