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It's glorified by Ramsey because that's what the American TV audience craves, drama. The difference between the BBC and American versions of Kitchen Nightmares is eye opening.
Reminds me of a marine sniper motto: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Slower, precise movements are ultimately faster than rapid and out of control.
I have seen that too, from experienced chefs no less. Wearing one set of gloves for hours, across multiple tasks. I wear them when reaching in to liquids, like moving product in a brine, or when I am prepping chicken. I might go through 5 or more pair on a single task. Like any tool, they have their place, but can easily be abused. Used properly and in conjunction with hand washing and sanitizer buckets (which I've also seen abused by never being changed out), they are...
When doing a full rail of tickets, I'll drop baskets of fries. I'll sacrifice a few cents of product to ensure timely service. Mind you, I am speaking only of fries, and only during the extreme rush.
I use Aquaphor on new tattoos. Besides Aquaphor ( a medicated gel) Eucerin makes many great products. I use their moisturizing lotion when I don't have corn huskers lotion.
The cute little hostess who broke my heart.
I use Corn Huskers Lotion. Others swear by Bag Balm, but it's too greasy for me.
Tough situation since the client is family. Different (unrealistic) expectations of you because of this. Good luck.
Curious. When I took a line cooking job for a couple of years I changed my title here to Line Cook. I actually took some flack from a former member because, as a line cook, I obviously didn't know as much as he did. I continued to post in this section during that time. Should I have refrained?
Unfortunately, his mid 30's.
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