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Trays vary in size. Unless you've already determined that a tray feeds a dozen, 2 dozen, etc., there is no way for anyone else to tell you how much a half tray feeds.
Not arguing, just disagreeing. As you said, you were stating an opinion. Which means you are not necessarily right. Also, not all establishments are 4 star, nor should they be. That doesn't mean that they aren't staffed with professionals. I do this for a living, and carry myself appropriately, therefore I am a professional. I also treat others with respect, and don't ask them if they are ignorant just because their opinion differs from mine.
Comparing the dress standard of a CEO with a cook is ludicrous.
Gotcha! Just playing my friend, but you left yourself open for some playful ribbing.
That isn't professionalism. That's dressing according to the accepted standard of the venue. If the standard is black pants then yes, you're correct. If the standard is "wear what's comfortable, no one can see you", then that too is professional. A blanket statement doesn't work in this area I'm afraid.
I guess we differ there. I only wear black pants now, baggies, cargo, etc. But I have no problem with someone wearing colorful pants. If it makes them happy, more power to them. I don't see where it impacts professionalism. Professionalism is a mindset, not a fashion statement.
I wear a black chef coat on occasion. I have also worn mushroom or otherwise printed baggies. I can walk the walk, and have proven to have above average intelligence. Now I see that I have been mistaken. Thanks for the insight.
I've grabbed a pan that was finished in the oven, then set on the range. I quickly learned to place those pans on the range backwards, so that the handle wasn't pointing towards me. This way even if my muscle memory kicked in, the lack of grabbable handle would prevent me from making this mistake....again.
Depending on the environment, any derogetory term can be a term of affection. I wouldn't walk up to a stranger and say that, but would have no porblem with a close coworker. Similar to how my friends and I greet eat other with the bird, call each other foul names, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: