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If it can be saved I would put the effort in, especially since the user caused the damage. But it's easier to point blame elsewhere and give up than take responsibility for ones own actions.
You can't treat knives like that and expect no problems.Gave a Shun paring knife to the pantry cook. Checked it out after a week and it had small rust spots.He wasn't making sure it was dry before putting it in the edge guard.Fortunately we cleaned it up, no problems since.He learned a lesson.If I treated a knife as you do, I wouldn't expect reimbursement.
I see a lot of pre-fab in your appetizers that don't mesh with the rest of the menu.Lot going on there.Also, I personally wouldn't use or list Cheez Whiz on a menu.
Great advice from Vic. I would add that it's important to excel at what you're currently asked to do, master it. Why leave a place that still affords you a learning opportunity if you're otherwise happy? That, and it's more important to chase knowledge rather than the money. Don't be too concerned with taking a lower position elsewhere if you feel you'll be able to learn more. If you back up your decision, it would be a rare employer that wouldn't respect...
I do the same at every new job. Jot down an ingredient list, order of preparation, opening checklist, etc. Even diagram the cold table. I'll add in old recipes that I think would work at the new joint. I keep all my old books, they come in handy at other places down the road when I try to remember certain dishes, etc.
If you've been cooking for 6 years, you should be able to look at the menu and determine what tools you need for this particular restaurant. What tools do the other cooks have?
Same with California, though it's called At Will Employment
If brought up again I would just laugh and say nothing. If it ever does proceed to court, just be honest: you left and someone you worked with applied at your new place, and you hired them (assuming it ends up that way). Then laugh a little more when it's all said and done. Make sure you don't get drawn into this immature persons drama, and don't do anything that will bite you later (i.e. no threats, etc.).
I know this is posted somewhere on here. My first tattoo. Trying to decide what to put on my inner bicep so I can then complete the sleeve, not sure if it will be food themed or not. Toying with the idea of a bone in ham tattoo on my calf. If you could see my calf you would automatically think ÿep, a bone in ham would look perfect there.  
chef for fun? you mean "cook".
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