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Have you tried your pommegranite sauce with lamb? It's a typical middle eastern combination.
Let's hope that the new chef won't be Jewish because I am bored of hearing about jewish conspiracies and neo-cons. LOL
Without tasting his cookies first I cannot tell if he is lying or not. Amira I never fully understood the definition _in practice_ of parve anyway but I wonder:if the filling is baked why the cookies should be kept in the refrigerator? Also, are we sure that the man isn't just a master in baking marengues and he achieves a crispy marengue which is soft in its core? Before replying yesterday I checked my grandma's recipe book who was a sefardic Jew that lived in...
You know, cape chef, you heretic cook you, I have made this once to introduce a lovely individual to the greek taste :p Too bad that back then I was young and innocent and therefore not cynical at all , otherwise I would have stirred in this fondue some pine as this guy had a total taste of greek spirit AND temper. :) I found this post while searching old threads about fondue because I am working on an article about it.
Amira the white cookies are nothing but meringues!!
Mais oui my dear! :) Bezedes are quite popular but it was considered a pastry for the rich because people back then didn't waste eggs just to use the meringue. There are two schools for bezedes. The one is baked maringues with chopped almonds or walnuts like the recipe Zukerig posted for you. The other school that personally I prefer is almost identical to the Little Clouds posted again by Zukerig. The bezedes that are made of two pieces of meringues glued...
Shalom Amira. I strongly doubt that the cookies you are having in mind are baked with the filling and they are kept in the freezer . Do you have the box? Are they called "bezedes" or " mpezedes"?
Am I right to detect an aggressive tone in your post? Not that it bothers me but I wonder why you took my comments that personally. What so ever. So far, I have experienced three cooking vacations. Two in Crete and one in Chalkidiki. The later was organized by an "international authority" in greek cooking. The one was worse than the other in terms of repertoire and execution. Learning how to cut a tomato in order to make a greek salad isn't so much a lesson about...
Since the day I joined this forum I remember chrose composing odes to the duck leg confit. :) Only one? Summer in Santorini, I swim in a remote beach , some fishermen are fixing their nets and I approach them for some chat. They cut an urchin, dip it in the sea to clean it from dirt and ask me to taste the eggs. What a shock! So far, this has been the most exquisite experience for my taste bulbs.
David, Pete made a very good point. I am familiat with this kind of vacation. They have started appearing in Greece too and frankly, they suck. They do not worth their money. I have seen many adds about cooking vacation in Tuscany, maybe you should do a bit of googling and see what's in the market.
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