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I was on that diet YEARS ago (fortunately, no longer and I weigh the same!) and essentially would "dry saute" on a non-stick pan, which was closer to searing, but worked well enough. You could also try using reductions of stock, wine, or juices flavoured with herbs to "saute" meats and vegetables also. Quickbreads/muffins were far easier, as whole grains with dried fruits and non-fat yogurt, mashed bananas, or applesauce work well as butter substitutes, and are...
This reminds me of the EU banana issue (regarding banning bananas based on their length and curvature? rather Freudian...) and the city of Gorgonzola suing the German manufacturer of Cambozola for fear that someone might confuse a crumbly blue with the triple creme soft cheese.
Considering the recent trends of fusion, comfort food, decadent food, and steak & cigar restaurants, it appears that the strangest trend that could appear would be along the lines of fructarian and vegan, or at least simpler dishes. Personally, I have liked experimenting with a lot that has come out recently, but some back-to-basics cooking would be refreshing.
Is there a tactful way to mention to a chef that a dish (or dishes) is perfectly cooked and presented, but completely flavourless and lacking even basics such as salt and pepper (which are rarely on tables with cloths)?
I know that Watusi (Chicago) serves it, and generally they're out of it fairly early in the evening.
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