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Quick, without running to the internet, what is the 5th taste sense? What is it's purpose. How is it sensed? What foods trigger it? How can you use it to enhance cooking and dining? ----------------- There, I needed a brief diversion from the abundance of shallow minded snobbery exhibited by the "senior" members posting in this thread. Good lord, ya'll have such little ego's that you mindless attack anyone who doesn't kiss up to you. I started this thread with a...
Ibid Post#14;
This is true for its intended purpose, which is openly stated by McDonalds, and proven by millions of people consuming billions of meals. "BEST", best, looking for "best" in a post by sawse; word count = 0. Edit: ATK uses "best" in its mission statement as follows: In this context, "best" is the best combination of variables for a given recipe. But they make no claim to be the best food in the world.
In a stream of conciousness, my comment/response in that thread was the precursor to this new thread that I created, which has some intrinsic value. You will have to dig deeper and be smarter than you have been so far in order to make a valid critique. I should ask if you found my post about the history of French cookbooks to be too shallow, or too deep for your tastes.
I tried being nice, and I knew your valued member had 2000+ posts, but he insisted on being a smart-twit even after I gently probed and prompted about his knowledge of America's Test Kitchen. He deserved the gentle ribbing that he got. Let's talk about your characterization of my alleged attack. I stated: I repeated his own tongue in cheek description of himself, and I accurately implied that his smarty answer held no content. Your characterization of that as an...
Just so you really know: List is Top 10 popular, trustworthy, tested, and optimized recipes for the American palate. Try this prize winner from a grandma in the kitchen (she was younger then): Peach Puzzle url: cookscountry dot com / recipe.asp?recipeids=4185&bdc=50220 Thank you for your question: phatch Culinary Experience: Can't boil water Your answer about ATK was so helpful.
Do you know what America's Test Kitchen does?
The Nepal Cookbook (Paperback) by The Association of Nepalis in the Americas Taste of Nepal 350 authentic recipes Cooking in Nepal: A Selection of International & Nepali Recipes
Back to Cooking For Kings, The Life of Antonin Careme, this book also provides a lot of insight into the history of food and its evolution, and some of the "dark" side of being a chef during the days of Careme. His health suffered mightily from the fumes from the poorly ventilated kitchens during the time, and the long hours that he worked pushed him into exhaustion, further compromising his health.
Sex will sell anything, even cookbooks. Lies and video tape help. Sometimes great food is more clinical, like recipes after 100 tests in America's Test Kitchen.
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