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C of Commerce lunch today. Guest speaker, president of pretty large bank. Talking with him later I found out he has interests in some restaurants. The good news-- failure rates of opening food service places is exaggerated some. he says it's in the 60's% Bad news. He does not know of a bank that will use any type of restaurant equipment and structure as collateral including existing businesses. Houses- NO collateral for rest. They are firesaling o hous es they already...
@hahsgyahba Hi. Lots of responses, most good and true. Are you planning to structure your tax status as a donation type of business? If you are going to finance anything, leasing equipment and thing are usually out. no collateral. Here in the US the way things are now, to get 500k you need to have 500k locked up with bank access. just sayin
@Nik Nazneen, Hi! hope your still around. Having mixed 10's of 1000's pounds of things over the years, I have always had it in the back of my head to create a home use horizontal mixer. They usually have an external motor so I thought the hopper could double as a lot of things. Sous vide, heating etc. I have very little time during these holidays to be on CT but would love to discuss it. The horizontal mixer, I feel is superior to all others.
Waldorf Chefs, do any of you know of Chef John Santi? maybe a little earlier 60's. My mentor on the savory side.
@eastshores That looks soo good! Can't wait for tomorrow
Ok, so that would be squash
I'm with ya! It should be baked, cooled, and portioned by the time I get there. Are you using pumpkin or squash?
Getting the Venison for the dressing done early this year. Thought maybe I would post our dressing. Traditional cornbread dressing 1" layer in baking dish. Layer of cooked Venison sausage layer of dressing layer of local quick sautéed oyster mushrooms dressing sausage mush dressing Kind of like a dressing lasagna oh yea diced granny smiths in the mi9repoix to offset the spiocy sausage 
Old school Chefs vs New school Chefs. I think the gray area here is school. Just eliminate it. Old Chefs VS New Chefs
@phatchMacDIn October, U.S. comparable sales decreased 1.0% amid strong competitive activity.  To restore business momentum, the U.S. is revamping its marketing approach, simplifying the menu and creating a new organizational structure.  These initiatives are designed to better address consumer preferences and the competitive dynamics of the local markets in which we compete by bringing decision making closer to our customers.  WOW! this is innovative, I can't believe...
New Posts  All Forums: