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@Luc_H, My French is as rusty as your Italian. I did browse quite a few French sites referring to this. Thanks for you site. I'm going to enlist my darling wife to go over a few of these site with me. not to disagree with you but feel comfortable with my answer. I know it's a small point but my OCD always kicks in.
mjb,I did the same thing once at a family get together. I had all sorts of asparagus dishes and soups. It wasn't till a month later that we all laughed because 2 of the groupactually went to the clinic. We all experienced this.This is gross(smelly pee)
@ChrisBristol, Finding a formula that uses heavy cream sounds like something you would like.
@ChefEd, I'm just assuming that you have to have a quasi staff if the restaurant is open. Prep, inventory, etc. They do get some customers, that requires staff.
@Fablesable, well I have family in one country and gracious in laws in another. Might be a good excuse to go as soon as air fares come down. I know Petals will probably be in.   I'm trying to track down one of my mentors. He's running around France right now. He's probably 75 by now, but still active. He will be able to answer this question for sure. I don't usually throw around names, but you might have heard of him. Ives Thuries. Hope I have an answer soon.
Chef, I would on my own, separate out the restaurant from other sales. Figure the labor cost there and use it for ammunition in the future. just a thought. it seems like they are a numbers bunch
personal feedback from its customers. I can't recall seeing a chef out on the floor in years, even the mom and pop places.
@staceyg, I would like to take back my suggestion on the Changa. PLEASE do not shave, chop, boil, cook, or even taste this with out the identification of a competent professional .
@petalsandcoco, OK, Now I'm a little confused. I'm so interested in this. Now, I know what Genoa cake is, nothing like sponge. Now, I know Genoese sponge (use it for roulades and Bouche). I'm still not clear, it was invented by Italians, or French who gave credit to Genoa by calling it Genoise? I'm not so sure Genoese sponge is as old as Genoa cake and Genoise.
Well it could also be a chaga  depending where you are. You probably would not want to eat it though. Maybe a nice tea or broth. Did you pull it from a tree? Was there Birch around?
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