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CookinGood4U, If its a professional kitchen there should be some 200 pans 2" or 400 pans 4". for lasagna. If you paint the cannoli shells inside with chocolate they should hold up. just quick thoughts
Lagom,,   Those are really nice. Confey and also quite roomy. You can use it for catering. NOT!   cheflayne,   Very nice, you must just cruise along
Thought it would be fun to see what other people in the industry are driving daily or put up for cruising. These are my daily's out of storage
ChefCatRichey, Hey Chef, I think you will find this a welcoming and informational place, I'm in Big D, always a cup of coffee and a sweet for other ChefTalk members. Welcome Panini
I would throw all the dry together, add liquid and soak. Adding white raisins and some nice sweet flavor to enhance the spice.
Mangofreak, this is the one I received as a gift and I really like it. You can buy your own French knife.
sharkwindow,  A lot of contracts in small business are usually constructed like a quasi partnership (relationship). Over the years I've learned the most important content of a partnership is how to dissolve it amicably. Good luck in your new venture.
Mangofreak,   Reading your comment on having a good French knife made me think of my small Boos cutting with a built in knife holder or two. It's just a top load on the side of the board.
sheriwilmot                          1.  Own a Bakery                        2.  Yes absolutely! Ours is customer driven by feedback. No advertising at all.                        3.  No just website                        4.  "customers" are encouraged to take pictures of the product they purchase. No.
tiemu, We are not a big fan of adding H2O to a cooked caramel. It's very dangerous. Should wear long sleeves, glasses, etc. We bring up our caramels and just give the pan a quick plunge into cool water . This shouldn't cool the caramel but slow the cooking process. If you pull it a shade or two from done it will continue to cook to desired color. We then pour directly into ramekins usually with a sauce pan. I wouldn't be too concerned with drips, they can be cleaned...
New Posts  All Forums: