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I'm with ya! It should be baked, cooled, and portioned by the time I get there. Are you using pumpkin or squash?
Getting the Venison for the dressing done early this year. Thought maybe I would post our dressing. Traditional cornbread dressing 1" layer in baking dish. Layer of cooked Venison sausage layer of dressing layer of local quick sautéed oyster mushrooms dressing sausage mush dressing Kind of like a dressing lasagna oh yea diced granny smiths in the mi9repoix to offset the spiocy sausage 
Old school Chefs vs New school Chefs. I think the gray area here is school. Just eliminate it. Old Chefs VS New Chefs
@phatchMacDIn October, U.S. comparable sales decreased 1.0% amid strong competitive activity.  To restore business momentum, the U.S. is revamping its marketing approach, simplifying the menu and creating a new organizational structure.  These initiatives are designed to better address consumer preferences and the competitive dynamics of the local markets in which we compete by bringing decision making closer to our customers.  WOW! this is innovative, I can't believe...
Well melting is really not a problem, it's just what they do. Can you not find a substitute garnish? Choco? I mean we can get into the who chemical process of cooking the sugar and temps, but when it's all said and done they will melt. Sorry. It's really the humidity you are fighting.
Olga, Not sure what to tell you here. The sugar in the caramel will melt in the fridge. Can you not keep them un refrigerated in an air tight container until use?
@chefedb We must be around the same age. Chef Amendola, and Socrares Inonog were my favorite US mentors. They would never tell you they paid their dues, you just knew it. Thanks for the memories. Oh @IceMan, Pot de Creme Poached Pears Frangiapan Torte Some type of Crème Brulee Ice cream or sorbet Molten cake
@IceMan, and I will bet you 10.00 I can name 4 out of the 5 desserts on the menu. 
I feel the "new school" is a direct result of technology and media. One can gather just about any type of information or reference at their fingertips. We did not have this in the "old school". While learning in Europe 40+ years ago it was so much different. If I knew  I was going to see a choux paste or poached eggs the next day I had to make certain I saw it or it would be a while before I might see it again. Yes, I walked to the bookstore and looked through cookbooks...
@French Fries Yes, have used both over the years. When I refer to a soft flour, I'm referring to the amount of protein's in the flour. Cake usually runs 8-9% protein/gluten. Bread runs 12-14% protein/gluten. When I need a pastry flour I usually mix/sift bread and cake. Does this make any sense? Sorry, having a long day.
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