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@Xaviar, I started this thread 11 yrs. ago just for some advice on a situation not a formula or recipe. I take offense to the uneducated cook comment. Most of the posters on this thread have decades of experience and education. I took Food Science in culinary school probably before you were born. Sorry if I'm coming of negative, I may have read the post wrong.
Well there is always stewed fruits, but not for me. I would rather throw fresh fruit against the wall and let the birds at it before eating it stewed.Except for stewed prunes! medicinal
I'm sure I'll come up with something maybe popcorn and melon soup
Oh well, maybe next month for the sweet side people
@abaff410, The Garg may be time consuming but a good gravy catcher, farfalle is also easy, or even a quasi gemelli.
Exactly, and that's why we're one of the few countries who refrigerate eggs.
@Earl33, not so sure about that word although probably right and proper. I can remember the old man sending back his pasta telling the waiter it was musciad. He did this with vegetables and mushrooms and pizza. Probably slang.
@chefbuba, LMAO I've actually seen that in the hardware store, so we must not be the only profession this happens. I'm assuming we call it Monkey Butt here in the US. Haven't been blessed yet but at least I know there is a remedy. I will pick some up for the bakers 
Parents night out was the best!!!! My favorite babysitter would bring the jiffy pop and purple passion soda in her bag. That silly foil mushroom on the stove, waiting for it to explode. LOL It was the only time my parents would let me have a swansons frozen TV dinner. Oh my! folding back the foil on the dessert part like it was something magical. TV trays  Oh yea, that color plastic shield over the black and white TV to make it color.LOL
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