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@Sherman452, We make our own chicken but like you my cooking space is tiny. For other bases I go to Minors because it's available to me locally
@ordo the ones we have on the boat are battery driven. Yes, the handle is somewhat bulky but after a few it becomes easy, and it reduces the slimy handles on a regular fish knife.
@AlexB This is something I posted the  Chefs Rides thread. Lagom. The little red car is a Jensen Healey. English, hand tooled, 903 aluminum Lotus engine. Blast to drive but Lucas electrical. You could be doing 90, hit the blinker and the horn may go off and the lights flash.LOL   Temperamental is an understatement LOL I've had a couple over the years an ended up creating my own harnesses.
@PeterMichaels, @foodpump knows chocolate inside out.
@Nicko Hey Nicko, I resemble that last comment LOL
@hannahbee, Please don't overlook the sportsman market. The electric knife seems to glide along the bones and not cut through them for fish. I don't know of anyone down here in Tx who doesn't have them in their cleaning station.
@MillionsKnives,I must agree on smoked meats. When I do butts I sometime want to serve chunks instead of pulling. I break large pieces off the bone and slice pieces. Works better then my slicing knives. I also have two battery knives on the boat for filleting fish, The Best!!!
@AlexB, You can certainly freeze your stew. Thaw it in the fridge and make sure you bring it up to temperature (simmer) at least when reheating to eliminate any bacteria. Don't leave cooked beans out. Keep them cold. 59 rambler @phatch, I understand your feelings about epazote but I must disagree. Maybe you haven't used fresh enough. The plant has to be at least 2 ft tall and has not gone to seed. The larger leaves have a citrusy smell and flavor. It's a staple down...
Of course!!! My grandma always had those little bowls in the middle of the table at coffee time. One with the Brioschi and one with the saccharin. We would sneak in and steal both, let it bubble and chase it with Freska. LMAO
My uncle Serafino was always in charge of Easter dinner. He was not the best cook in the family. The big joke was my uncle Tubba would always wrap that dark blue bottle of Brioschi as a gift.
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