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Hi,@davhill, I've been following along for a while. Sounds like you're getting close. The one suggestion I have is to rid yourself of the wooden spoon and get a synthetic one to handle the heat. The wood is porous and can be holding all sorts of moisture and things.
I threw in One Nation under a groove. Small world, I like to cook to Bernie W
where are you. Clear creek is around at whole foods
@peisenberg, I installed a couple of kuisinarte wall ovens two years ago, I really like them with the enclosed elements. I put a small gas on the otherside. I have had no problem with recovery. I did install a Vent a hood brand which helps. made right here in Tx. for about a .25 of the price. Warming lights. I have to tell you my 6 burner Vulcan has given a lot of problems,
we just take the sheets out of the box and roll them into a 1/2 gal measure
can't tell you how important it is to get a DL on everything. Especially  checks. Run it over to the DA and it's taken care of
Don't get into gambling!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would cut almost frozen, put back together of use dental floss
@VegasCulinarian, Just let them know, with all your experience, your having trouble with sexy and unique.Since you don't seem to understand the concept completely, I would request they make a few reservations at some sexy and unique place so you can get an understanding of what they want. They must have gotten this idea from somewhere.
Pushing the raviolis down hard along the edges makes the water absorb into the dough and not get sticky. Remove air and cut with a fluted roller.
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