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Um, just curious, How is your cutting board different then the hundreds already out there in the market? I had one yrs. ago and found that all the cutting (which dulled my knives) the granite became porous quickly and had to be resealed.
@Cerise  As kids we grew up with one of these doors. When we came home late and the basement door was latched and we  needed to retrieve veggies from the basement for Nona, we would use the coal door. After that we were sent to the well pump to clean off before we could enter the house. We would have to sprint to the house in our skivvies and throw our clothes at the back door. Times have changed  
We've always had one side crisper for gas and the other for none gas
@coderzm  Japanese people make and like western style desserts. Like @Chefross says, the sponge most often used for these type of desserts is usually along the lines of a genoise or victoria sponge. Any of these sponges will work for the dessert. If you ribbon the eggs and sugar I would do it over a double boiler. Basically your goal is to whip volume into the eggs and sugar until they turn pale and almost triple in size.Then it's just a matter of folding in the flour,...
I like to err on the safe side and refrigerate.  When I'm asked this question I usually go with refrigerate to lessen the chance of attracting bacteria. Some people don't even know when they have had a bout with food poisoning. They chalk up the symptoms like nausea, fever, chills,cramps, vomiting and diarrhea, etc. as some type of bug they caught. Most of my family has a weakened immune system so we like to reduce the chance of food poisoning. It can come on in 30...
I'd like to say "That's How I Roll"
@coderzm Hi and welcome to ChefTalk. Your question is very broad and there can be quite a few reasons sinking happens. I'll try to list descending from the most common down. Oven temperature is important. Calibrate your oven using an oven thermometer inside, instead of the oven dial. Under baking sponge is common. Don't over beat air into mixture. If using a leavener, make sure it's fresh. Sift your flour. Try to use a cake flour which is lighter then APF. All ingredients...
In my neck of the woods, Salsa and Pico de Gallo are two different things. Salsa is prepared sometimes cooked or roasted. It's more of a liquid base of Pico ingredients with garlic and so on. Mine is actually strained with no chunks. I like to roast Hatch when in season and make salsa. I prefer green salsa when making it super hot.. It's common here to keep bottled salsa around. I like Arriba. Pico is usually just Fresh chopped tom,onions,jalapenos,cilantro. It's usually...
Yea, just figured we were in a forum where all would know about food Safety, but I guess we should clarify for those who don't that may be reading. Anyone who classifies themselves as a professional should understands the importance of Food Safety.
@IceMan , Good thing we didn't mention Dick Kuklinski. We might of had  the Feds knocking at our doors. We better stop. Burrrrrr! I'm freezing.
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