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The Otis Spunkmeyer ovens are supposed to do a pretty good job on small batches. Available on ebay craigs etc.  Be careful with conveyors.
Might be just as cheap to do them in a edible shell. Any form for will do, tart shell, muffin pan etc. Bling bake a very thin sugar dough or store bought puff. Just a thought.
I was given one of these this week. I just finished a potato,turnip, leek soup. This may be the best thing or the worst thing I may have used. Anyone else have any feedback? pan
Alisha, You're questions are all thought out and are spot on for the industry. I hope you get some intellagent and helpful answers. I will not throw up one  more brick or mortor to raise the wall between Pastry side and the Hot side. I can tell you I took a different approach to making the crew happy ahd compensated.  It takes some work on you're part. You have to play the numbers. I never accepted numbers handed down to me. You have to jump in and calculate...
AMK4,   Think the question one needs to ask before baking is, do I want the crust to be a part of overall taste or just a vessel to get it to the plate. I prefer to do a short blind bake very thin on the sides. I like the crust to be uniform and the same thickness on the sides as on the bottom. This way every bite is the same. I usually shy away from the quiche where one bite is all filling and the next is all crust. 1 other old poof tip, if you are using fresh...
Hey Chef, Most of these mixes are designed to perform like gun powder. Get a hold of the brands tech. They will usually guide you to addatives that work well with their mixes. It's also unbelievable that they will usually also carry/make  these products! If they had to add relaxers and conditioners it would not only be expensive but would turn off lots of customers. HTH Pan Do you have a h2o chiller tap? These bases usually require very cold water.
esquared,   I think I know what you're after. I also think the quiche you posted looks fantastic. Your formula is really rich. The fat is going to inhibit the push in the pour. I would try one, eliminating the cream and go with half and half. This should cut down on the cooking time. The foil idea is a good retardant for browning. I use foil with the center cut out like a big donut. Just some thoughts. As for oven temp, we also have to be aware of recovery time...
I was certainly not trying to be silly. The idea of pairing red wine with chocolate has been done for numerous years. There are hundreds of item along the line of your thinking. I think if you do a little more research this will turn   up as an old idea. I personally can't recall to many successes with anything involving flour. That being said, I have had the privilege to enjoy a red wine flourless torte with a goat cheese filling and draped in ganache. Sorry I...
Krispix, Not trying to be rude at all, but I would try sitting in another room. I have made champagne cup cakes. Might be a better marriage with chocolate. Pan
Hey Girl, I was so sad to hear about you're loss. You're family will be in my thoughts. I am happy for the Rangers and my gumba Napol. sorry this was supposed to be PM jeff
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