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@eastshores, Boy does that pic bring back memories. We had an eccentric old man in our family that everyone called papa and he had a wonderful spread on the beach in Martha's Vinyard. We road our bikes to the dock to buy lobster and he would have us dig clams for meals. As kids, this wasn't so great . BUT, when it rained he made this big deal about making chow mien sandwiches. The parents would go somewhere to eat and Papa would tell this story over and over how he...
@SpoiledBroth They have been saying the same thing about our social security system for 40 yrs. and it's still paying off.
Well it works both ways. I started checking my SS account about 10 yrs ago. When I first checked I noticed there were three years blank. At that time I was employed by a very upscale well known caterer in NYC. That company is gone as well as the three years SS that was deducted from my pay plus match. I had to make up those years.
@chefwriter, Hey chef, from what I know about genoise, it's sort of a blanket name for sponge that uses air to get the suspension. I have numerous formulations for traditional genoise. Of coarse the Italians take credit for it, from Genoa. Even the methods are different for bringing it up.  We still ribbon the eggs and sugar before folding for some and others not. The different procedures develop different crumbs. I guess what I'm saying is that you have to find one...
@helpwanted, @flipflopgirl, Isn't OCD a great thing! I was thinking about this yesterday. I'm in complete agreement with mimi in converting to oz or gms. I was also thinking that since most cake formulas are wet to dry, just maybe you could scale out the full  formula, then scale it down and possibly freeze the other portions for later use.
@Amani Right off I'm thinking 950-1000grm But please check the conversion Figure 18 oz chocolate             13-14 oz of milk
@Mike9, I don't eat lobster on a regular basis but I have had both growing up on the East coast and always thought the same as you. Then one day at the local monger they sous vided the two for a demo. There was an absolute difference.
@Merar, I feel your pain. LOL We did endless experiments in the bakery to find the right flavor and texture. Then a Sprinkles Bakery moved into the same center. So at that point we let our customers deci9de. After all the experimenting and tasting they picked the choco cupcake with a very run of the mill formula but with a good CCBerry cocoa. But that one we piped ganache into the middle and dipped surface in a ganache just to cover. No buttercream or anything. Go...
@helpwanted, I don't scale down that far in recipes. But I hear ya about the eggs. I don't know if this will work and I only know the product because I buy it for my 94 yr old dad. I'm thinking if you purchased some liquid eggs. I think I get great value or something in a small container at walmart. It seems to be a very homogenous mixture. It might be easier to measure without getting to much whites or yolks. Just a thought.
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