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Now, don't read things into a post. When you posted your biscuits and bread turn out hard. Well someone with a lot of experience and knowledge goes right into troubleshooting mode. It is a fact that when one labels a finished product, brownie, cookie, etc. To achieve a desirable product it needs scientifically and chemically core ingredients. I think that Fablesable was hitting a wall when she suggested something. The simple fact is that you will probably not reach a...
No!  Not Corsicana!!!  The place is crawling with ICE. They're raiding everything.  They are supposedly there to pick up migrants with a felony or greater criminal backgrounds. NOT!! They are scooping up everyone, criminal record or not. Leaving young kids to head up and support whole families. Who's gonna bake the fruitcakes or dip the chocolates? Gotta love Government!  All this while they are inditing our attorney general on felony charges.
@sidediva ,  Freeze before or freeze after. It's your choice. If you're helping out someone so they don't have to cook I would bake before. The important thing there is to cool down the casserole quickly and completely wrap and freeze. Put directions so that your friend takes the casserole out of the freezer and thaws it in the icebox. Then it's basically reheat, pretty easy.    If you freeze uncooked  I personally think It's a little more work for the friend. Usually...
@mejonbigtree , I hope Luc_H comes on to scientifically explain. Cooking protein to certain temperatures will kill any bacteria in your food. The bacteria, once it's established, which is sometimes really quickly, produces toxins. The toxins are the bad stuff that make you really sick. They are not destroyed by heat or cold. Some good info...
@Luc_H  You know you're so right. I am "The Tableside Critic". I sometimes have to try new places alone. Most of my friends hate going out with me, I'm critical of most everything. My wife bailed on going out to eat with me almost 20 yrs. ago. Check it out http://www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/food-snobs-different-types-of-food-enthusiasts
'Oleogustus' Is The Newly Discovered Taste, And Boy, Is It Bad AUGUST 02, 2015 7:24 AM ET   Audio for this story from Weekend Edition Sunday will be available at approximately 12:00 p.m. ET. There's a new, sixth taste for humans: the taste for fat. But Rick Mattes of Purdue University tells NPR's Rachel Martin to think less yummy ice cream, more rancid food.
@sautejen ,     For me personally, I would not establish a firm timeline. I would research all I could before employment. I would create a fairly attainable list of goals. Review it with the Chef, or not. I then create a mental list of items that I addressed or accomplished that day or week and make a journal entry.. When you are satisfied with achieving your list, I would then sit with the Chef, review your journal, address your accomplishments and explain the reason...
Hey Beverley, Did you happen to check out jobs on 'indeed'.com. The Circle X Ranch is looking for a private Chef to cook for 12 people and process fresh produce, 5  days a week. I'd check it out. The Circle X Ranch is BR&E That's a well known research Co. in the energy field
I would be most concerned with how long it was out before mixing. Any length of time and I would hesitate to store it. The bacteria isn't scary, you can get rid of that with reboiling. It the toxins or spores that get you. You can't get rid of those. Well, your body will try to get rid of them
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