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Dough Sheeter? Wow I'm an old Rondo guy. But it's a $$$$ investment. I personally would work my way "hand rolling" into a sheeter need. This gives your employees and yourself the respect you need for doughs. JMHO
Lisa, If you are planning on doing yeast dough's then you need a workhorse. The 20qt will probably be your smallest. The smaller 6qt mixers will just be disposables.  The larger mixers 60 have a collar on them to use smaller bowls. You might find it better to do larger batches of dough and retard some for  future use. On things like sticky buns(yeast)... "the dough needs to keep up to you". If you're trying to "keep up to the dough", something need correction. best of...
Lagom has a very good idea. Also if you are going to run batters, 3 phase tend to be less expensive. They can be run off a converter box. The boxes are relatively cheap 100-150 bucks. I run a small 60 off one with no problems.
what products are you wanting to make?
No, use the purveyor you're comfortable with. I haven't had a bad batch of sheets in 40 yrs.
SylviaM, I did not know your quantity output. If your going to use a lot then we use chef rubber. the gold runs around $96. for 500 sheets 220. That should be under .20 each.
SylviaM, Try this http://www.modernistpantry.com/gelatin-sheets-gold.html The 40 sheet is  about .36
SylviaM, In the pastry world it is very common to use sheet instead of powder. I has a better shelf life and seems more consistent. The pakg are usually a higher bloom then the sheet. I would definitely try small batch to achieve a correct bloom before finalizing a formula. I think the pkg are maybe 2 1/2 tsp. We usually convert this to 3-4 sheets 200. HTH's
The Otis Spunkmeyer ovens are supposed to do a pretty good job on small batches. Available on ebay craigs etc.  Be careful with conveyors.
Might be just as cheap to do them in a edible shell. Any form for will do, tart shell, muffin pan etc. Bling bake a very thin sugar dough or store bought puff. Just a thought.
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