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@tweakz If you are being paid cash for hours worked, It's not only the employer that owes the taxes,  they only owe half plus penalties. it's you who owe the other half plus penalties and interest. Can't claim ignorance to the irs.. And trust me they will come after you after the employer.
Now that I'm older, my span of attention is shorter. I hate to get taken in to media hype so I just read ChefTalk.
This might be the last thing thrown out there in this thread. When you get to be my age you really start to look at things like social security benefits. You won't receive your max payout if you haven't given enough. That cash under the table is not going to help you with SS. I'd rather have it when I don't want to work then have it while I am. This is one business where you break down early, prepare for it. The most strenuous thing I want to do in my retirement is to...
If I'm making fresh stock I usually like to gently reduce it a bit to get a better water to chix percentage.
@chefbuba, I always chuckle at your avatar, but that stew is nothing to chuckle about. That's serious, I can almost taste it. Nice!
I have a small drawer next to the cooktop just for assorted microplanes. I always seem to use at least one whenever I prepare something.
@TxAshley, Stop by the bakery and mention ChefTalk to my wife Sophie and I'm sure there will be coffee and a sweet for you.
Howdy @TxAshley, I have used the magnetic signs and still do. I just didn't want to wrap our vans, that's pretty permanent. A blog, facebook and twitter are all good. One thing I wanted to throw out there, I'm sure your mom is set up in a commercial kitchen. If she might be working out of the home I wouldn't go out on facebook and such. There is a big push on right now in Texas to expose the home kitchen. Some home baking is ok but they are cracking down on home food...
@decrotie2004, No, back in those days the milk delivery truck always went back to the dairy empty. They would have different charities they dropped off itemsto at the end of every day. The chef was just a jerk. I'm way over it. It's just one of those things you learn never to do to someone else.
New Posts  All Forums: