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Thank you! I just decided I was tired of my old career (marketing), and I have always enjoyed cooking and find its one of the few things I can actually stay focused on learning lol. I have very little commercial kitchen experience, but enjoyed the little time I have spent. I hope to take this career as far as I can go with it, and enjoy myself on the way. Only down fall is the pay cut from the marketing field, but I know i'll be much happier making a little less and...
I attend LCB Pittsburgh and we have small class sizes, and the program seems great. Our school has a lot of well known chefs and faculty members. I'm satisfied so far. Also a good friend of mine attended this same school 5 years ago and has been doing great, and recomends the school to people all the time.
Im new to the forums so hello! I just started attending LeCordon Bleu in Pittsburgh last week. I'll have a 4 month externship in a year. It's a lot to think about. I really like this area and was thinking I may look into some of the really nice resorts they have outside of downtown. Then again I was told Disney was great, considering they pay for you to live there while you work. Can't really beat that. On the other hand I was thinking of looking into places with well...
Hiya everybody. Just joined the forums. I figure the more information I can get the better. I just moved from Trenton, NJ to Pittsburgh, PA to attend Pennsylvania Culinary Institute (LeCordon Bleu). I'm sure i'll have plenty of questions along the way, and maybe i'll even be able to help and answer some questions at some point. Rick
New Posts  All Forums: