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Shucks. I used to know this off the top of my head, but canned "pumpkin" in the US of A can be up to X% butternut squash, according to the FDA.   mjb.
One of my typical stuffings is minced mushrooms, bell pepper, shallots and something like bacon bits or bratwurst crumbles.   And a favorite gravy is made from the pan drippings added to some roux, a bit of broth and a few crushed ginger snap cookies for flavor and thickening.   mjb.
  Wow. Yesterday's Thanksgiving special meal served 710 people! That's about twice the average. I did 10 pies, wonder if the 3 cans of whipped cream were sufficient?
Thanks for the tips. I think she'll agree with me that turning off the convection feature would result in a better bird.   mjb.
I use my trusty old ( 35 - 40 years? ) Chicago Cutlery boning knife:       And as Chefbuba said, I lay the roast on my board, fat cap down.  Cut down to about 1/4 inch, then work the knife 90 degrees and start slicing and rolling. There's probably a video somewhere showing how to do it. I thought I had saved some pictures of the last one, can't find them at the moment. Once you have both halves of the roast sliced, you may want to pound out some of the lumpy spots....
There is a place in Texas I heard about that started the chicken fried bacon idea. Not exactly a low fat plate - bacon that is battered and deep fried, topped with gravy. I'd like to try it at least once.   mjb.
Kind of surprised I am even asking this question. Karen's sister will be cooking the turkey, it is a 12 pound hen. She has a convection oven, something with which I am not familiar.  The bird will be loosley stuffed with lemon, orange, garlic, sage and rosemary, not packed with dressing. I have no idea what to tell her regarding cooking time. Any recommendations?   mjb.
Dice it up and make a cottage pie?   mjb.
Yes, tarragon is somewhat like cilantro, but not quite to the same extent. People like cilantro or they don't, but a bit of tarragon can be tolerated. I myself love both.   mjb.
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