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A trivet of sorts.
I got a small slab of belly yesterday. Seasoned it with salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, etc. wrapped in foil and baked at 275 F for about 6 hours. Then chopped it up and added to a crockpot of blackeye peas. And while I usually do the pot for the homeless, this Sunday the pot is here at KRCL [ krcl.org ] feeding the staff and volunteers for the final few hours of Radiothon. They like it. As well as the small pot of fiyyel wat ( goat stew ) that I made.   mjb.
Welcome to Cheftalk. I hope you find it a useful, educational and entertaining experience over the years.   mjb.
 Indeed! But you roll out a crust, you put stuff on it and bake. Life can be so difficult at times. mjb.
So in this context is a pizza pie a "pie" ??   mjb.
  Here was my dinner last night, eggs benedict with the meat replaced by thick slices of fresh tomato.  Eggs Francis?   It was an effort at practicing poaching, and it pointed out how rusty I am on hollandaise. Not my best work.   mjb.
Winning this challenge should be easy, as as, uh, making a winning dish!     I did a really cheesy thing last month, I'll have to come up with something crusty this month.   mjb.
That cheesecake was among my top 3 picks. Well done!   mjb.
My acorn squash plant withered and died. I was so looking forward to dishes like this:     There's enough mozzarella and such melted onto those stuffed squash it could have been appropriate for the September challenge.   mjb.
Lookin' great! I'll be doing a hunk of garlic and probably a Szechwan inspired slab.   mjb.
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