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It is a key ingredient in making good Utah french fry sauce.   Just think of it as a flavored vinegar.   mjb.
 http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php You might get an idea or two from that site. mjb.
Interesting. In my eggplant dish, in the part about making the cheese bowls, I almost mentioned how cheese would be a great challenge theme.   Should be a good one. And I still have a couple cups of that home made ricotta ...     mjb.
No surprise that was a winning dish, I picked it as my favorite.  Good job!   mjb.
Finally got around to doing something for the challenge.   The Players   For an eggplant challenge, one needs eggplant. Let me check the garden...     This looks promising. Eggplant ravioli with ricotta sounds good. We need to make the cheese.     I really didn't need to make this much.  And Karen seems to think she now has issues with gluten, so no pasta. Perhaps a cheese basket?       And some sort of sauce, let's go with a basic...
What sort of cheese?   mjb.
Very nice. Did fish also, a basic hunk of cod from the market, done with butter, olive oil, vermouth and lemon juice, fresh dill and thyme from the garden. Decent, but I bet yoyr striper was better.   mjb.
Blackforest cake always brings this to mind.  
 There are three types of people in this world. Those who can count, and those who can't. mjb.
Buy some veggie stock. Or make it yourself. Whichever warm it up, throw in some slivers of fresh ginger and garlic. Some chunks of lemongrass if you have it, dried red chilies if desired. After simmering for 10 minutes or so, fish out those bits. Throw in some sliced mushrooms and a healthy dose of soy sauce. Pour into a bowl and garnish with chopped scallions.   mjb.
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