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Shucks. May not get one last submission entered. But I have picked my favorite, we'll see what the final result may be. I've enjoyed this one.   mjb.
Meat loaf wellington! How cool!   mjb.
Yes, some very nice work has been presented in the dinner thread as well as the many challenges. My plating pictures are usually marginal at best.  For some reason I really like this one of red cooked pork belly from the pork challenge.  
As I've mentioned times before, my wife says she despises anchovies. I wonder how many she has actually eaten since she started eating my cooking? Of course they have all been dissolved, so to speak, in sauces and soups and such.   mjb.
Very nice. I may get in one batch of fresh sausage before we run out of month.   mjb.
I may have posted this picture of some salt pork I was rendering one afternoon.  
Not burnt, but over carmelized.
Here in Utah the cooking "wine" at the markets is kept behind the counter. You need to request it. Sad to say I have used it more than I care to admit, since Utah is not a civilized society and you can't go to the meat department to get something for dinner, than go to the wine aisle to pick an appropriate bottle. Since real wine is only available at limited locations for limited hours, sometimes one resorts to wine flavored salt water and hopes for the best.   mjb.
Poached meatballs. Maybe I should revisit the Persian meatballs and pitas I did for the Middle East challenge....   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: