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  The traditional garnish for a Wisconsin beer cheese soup is popcorn. Here's a linkto one example: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/86274/wisconsin-natives-beer-cheese-soup/ But currently more interested in an African curry soup.  We'll see if I follow through before the end of the month. mjb.
Thanks for the kind words. I may try to get in one more. I've done France, China, Mexico and Viet Nam - maybe Italy, or closer to the home of my ancestors Germany, or some region of Africa, perhaps something from Wisconsin involving popcorn.   mjb.
Okay, here's another one from Mark's Little Kitchen. It won't be laid out quite like my other entries with the "3 P" formatting.   It is pho. And as everyone probably knows, that is a Vietnamese beef broth with stuff in it.  The primary focus is the broth. And to make beef broth, you need beef bones.     The ribs were cut apart and all was placed in a big cast iron skillet, stuck into a 425 F oven for about an hour. Then into the stock pot, well covered in cold...
Welcome to Cheftalk!  Good looking soup for a first try. Or a 100th try.   mjb.
Back in my early college days I was all about piling on the toppings.  Now it is crust, sauce cheeses and 2 - 3 things that play well together. There's a chain called Pizza Rev that I sometimes hit for lunch. My favorite that I build is white sauce, mozz, mushrooms, anchovies and garlic. Mushroom and black olives on classic red sauce is another favorite.   These folks are SERIOUS about pizza:   http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php       mjb.
Wow. Good lookin' eats!   mjb.
And yet another pot using that scrumtious chicken stock. I thought I made a BIG batch, why is there only about a cup of it left? And later tonight I'll be starting a beef based broth, so expect to see some sort of pho, hot pot, shabu shabu submission in the near future.   But for now a version of the chicken tomatillo soup found in Petersen's Splendid Soups.   The PLayers   Well, to make a chicken tomatillo soup you obviously need chicken and tomatillos.     And...
Some of you saw this on Facebook the other day:     It was a 2 pound, 3 inch thick new york strip steak. Or roast. Seared it, finished in oven, it was very good. Got two nice dinners and a lunch out of it. So tonight I decided I needed a de-beefing, so to speak:     Fried tofu with onion and jalapeno in a spicy bean paste sauce. Also very good like the beef.   I want a real wok.   mjb.
Unmolested, or "deep marinated" with a salt solution? Bacon, sauerkraut and onions. Boiled new potatoes with butter. Or mashed potatoes with a ginger snap gravy.
That is a nice looking cooktop.  I often do garlic twice. sort of. Crushed cloves in cold oil to start. On the heat. When the cloves are toasty brown remove, the oil is ready to cook. Sometimes I eat them, sometimes toss in the trash. Then have another batch of garlic in the form appropriate to the dish, minced, slivered or whatever. I really need to get a good, basic carbon stell wok like I had decades ago that probably disappeared in a move.   mjb.
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