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I'm sure Monsanto, Cargill, etc. would love to cloak high fructose corn syrup under the simple label "sugar"
I am currently unemployed. I have all the time I need for prep work, slow cooking, marinating, perusing local markets, whatever. I don't do many "easy 30 minute meals"   If I were to get a job in the food industry, I bet dinners at home would take a drastic turn for the worse.   mjb.
I remember chowing down on LaChoy chow mein kits as a kid, as well as those Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza kits. I should try them now and see just what is was I was eating back then.   mjb.
Lately I've been making mine with just a biscuit dough top crust. And I make them in single serving size dishes:     I also use the same dishes for cottage pies.     My wife loves the pot pies the way I make them, but I do plan on making some with a full pastry crust this fall.   mjb.
Last week I made a batch of mini frittatas, of sorts.     The batch in front was chorizo browned with a bit of minced onion and serrano, the back batch was mushroom, shallot and mozzarella.   And last year I made a batch of shepard's pies. I used rounds of wheat bread for the crust. Baked them to get a bit of color then put in the minced lamb, topped with the mash and cheddar,   mjb.
Yep, the picture of that very delectable home made pancetta came from the Slat Cured Pig group on Facebook. I need to work on producing cured meat products of that quality.
Made some nice sauted chicken cutlets with a mushroom, shallot and lemon sauce. Ate maybe half of mine. I think I am getting sick. Not fun.   And though I didn't eat much of it, the sauce was good. Karen took her first bite and said "Wow - this is yummy!" I love when that happens.   mjb.
Benton's looks a lot more reasonable than these folks:   http://www.edwardsvaham.com/category/country-ham  
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