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A Chinese market that opened up recently in Slat Lake has live geoducks in a tank. I'm tempted.   mjb.
  Ha ha! That would be a good response in a thread we had a while back about what chefs eat when they get home after work. mjb.
From a previous harvest:     Top one is garlic black pepper, bottom is maple and brown sugar. Just out of the cure, rinsed and ready to be dried for a couple of days.   From the same belly I also have a pancetta that needs a bit longer in the bag.
Maybe I should have posted this in the Chef's Garden forum?  
Salads would be a good summertime challenge theme. I think some kind of mushroom would go well in Ordo's salad.   mjb.
Maybe someone looking for a bit of inspiration regarding a dish for this challenge might consider this:   http://www.womansday.com/recipefinder/spiced-beef-apricot-stew-recipe-wdy1213
 Dried peaches and apricots also play well with slow cooked beef stews. mjb.
I think the long cooking time extracted more flavor from the bones. Before this my beef stock went for 4 - 6 hours. They had a nice aroma. But what struck me with this batch was after two days just hoe "beefy" the aroma was, stronger than any of the short term stocks. And the taste of the broth was more flavorful with a great mouth feel.   mjb.
 I also concur. Back a few decades I loved soggy, overloaded pizzas with 435 or so different toppings. Now I favor thinner crusts with just a few toppings. But I do on occasion go for a more bread like crust, such as this pie I made a while back.  Canned tomato sauce with fresh garden herbs, cheese, mushrooms and browned sausage. mjb.
I had a bowl of beef noodle soup. Not being much of a baker it was served with peel and pop cardboard tube bread, Pillsbury's rustic french.     Need to work on my lighting setup. What I did work on though, noodles.  Another attempt at making basic egg noodles, and an excuse to work on my new toy acquired at Christmas.     It was fun. A little more practice and I'll be an expert.   And perhaps this post could be in the slow cooking challenge due to the broth....
New Posts  All Forums: