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Fahrenheit is more finely defined. A degree centigrade covers a larger span of temperature than a degree fahrenheit.   mjb.
Nice pies!
I've been meaning to give this a go for some time now. Last couples of years I've pickled extra peppers in vinegar and salt or just frozen.   mjb.
Hash browns, onion, jalapeno, cheese:  
Maybe tomorrow I'll stop by a Burger King and get some onion rings. I pass by a LOT of fast food places during the course of the day. I'm a non-emergency medical transportation provider, a fancy way of say I take people to their doctor's appointments.   mjb.
I'm planning on hand whisking a batch of mayo for a salad challenge entry, probably Monday, not tonight.   Home made mayo is one of those things that is just like the store bought stuff but completely different.   mjb.
Looks like a winner!   mjb.
Having been involved with old British sports cars for several decades, I can attest that welding is a valuable skill.   mjb.
They are pretty bitter raw, they'd probably need some sort of blanching or such, might work in a warm potato salad.   mjb.
 Well, I did host the potato challenge. Lots of ideas there. And remember RPMurphy?
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