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 Indeed.  I tend towards more acidic, vinegar type sauces. I do make a ketchup based sauce but it has a good sharp tang to it, not that sweet. Wickers, out of Tennessee, is that still around? mjb.
You could do a lobster and saffron risotto, and post it in this month's challenge.   mjb.
 Such a simple concept, but ... I'm surprised that China, as well as Spain, Africa, Eastern Europe, has not been the basis of a locale based challenge. mjb.
I'll vote for the biscuits. You can prep the dough days in advance, and homemade biscuits fresh out of the oven are heavenly.   mjb.
Had dinner at a fast food place tonight.  First time visiting a Pei Wei ( pee wee? ) chain location, was pleasantly surprised. They were hyping a new "Spicy Polynesian Poke Bowl" so I ordered one.  I liked it. I liked it a lot more than I though I would.  Meant to do a poke for the recent fish challenge, didn't work out, but I enjoyed eating what I had tonight.   mjb.
  Been a few years since I've done a brisket.  They are less forgiving than pork shoulder, but SO GOOD when done well. mjb.
Wonder how the end result would taste if you used 1.5 liters of hot chile sesame oil per yolk?  I occasionally add a few drops, that works well.   mjb.
Olive oil in hand whisked or blender mayo can definitely be too overpowering and bitter.  When I use it, I do about 85 - 90% more neutral tasting oil, as Pete said, adding just a tablespoon or two of the selected olive oil.  And sometimes almost all neutral oil ( rapeseed [canola], soy, safflower, grapeseed ) with some chile sesame oil drizzled in at the end.  Don't think I've ever made it using peanut oil.  And as chefwriter said, the acid component makes a big difference...
Yes, some good stuff presented. I had wanted to do this Finnish cream of salmon soup I've done before, forgot the name. Maybe I'll get to when the challenge is Dairy.   mjb.
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