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Many years ago when I was working at the U of Utah there was some reason to send me to some research lab in the Los Angeles area. My younger sister was living in Pasadena at the time. I took her and her kids, who were maybe around 10 - 12 years old at the time out to dinner. She suggested this sushi place. As we pulled up I had my doubts. It was a small place in a strip mall with a beauty salon, a bail bonds place and other such enterprises one would not think conducive to...
Maybe start with an arepas recipe?   mjb.
I've been known to put little smokies into boxed mac and cheese.  Putting hot dogs into quinoa doesn't sound much different.   mjb.
Tofu can be good. There is this Chinese restaurant down in Midvale ( a little ways south of Salt Lake City ) that I try to get to when I can for lunch. They have a deep fried tofu in spicy black bean and garlic sauce this I REALLY like.   mjb.
Bruce Aidells?   mjb.
I see certain Muppets clips coming into play here.   mjb.
So a few days ago I post this on Facebook:   "Ouch. I may have overdone yesterday's walk, taking a bit too brisk of a pace. I need to ease my flabby old ass into exercise. My last couple of wheel chair trips this evening brought to light some pain in my shins and ankles. Drat. But I shall carry on with wanting to get more exercise and lose some weight. After the walk yesterday I stopped by a local Target store and spent twenty some dollars on a new fancy shmancy...
This thread is now just over 5 years old. And still going on.   mjb.
  Another tale I am sure I've told before. Currently I do non-emergency medical transportation, which means driving people to and from doctor's appointments and such. Last year there was this fellow I often picked up at the U of U hospital and drove him up to his apartment in Bountiful.  Maybe a 25 - 30 minute drive depending on traffic.  We talked a lot. He was a very interesting fellow. He was a foodie, we often discussed cooking, recipes, etc. One day on the trip we got...
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