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My favorite side with salmon is steamed asparagus with a butter based sauce.   mjb.
These should light a fire in someone with a sweet tooth!     I certainly don't have the talent for this, saw it on Facebook.   mjb.
My guess would be that it refers to soybean curd, AKA tofu.   mjb.
Nice. For my dad, who passed in 2007, it is gin & tonics served with pickled herring and green onions. Certainly not a dinner, but what I do when remembering.   mjb.
Indeed! Might make one myself this weekend. My wife loves my chicken parm, the meatloaf should have similar flavor.   mjb.
I doubt I'd eat many.  But I rarely eat any cookies at all. Now my wife, on the other hand  ...   mjb.
No, it is Calvary Baptist, not an LDS church.   mjb.
I agree with Mike9 on grinding together the meat and the fat when raw. That's my usual approach. And yes, I sometimes use the food processor instead of the grinder.   And while I normally very lightly season the patties and use the toppings and sauces to get the desired flavor, I have certainly ground in onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, herbs and such right in with the meat.   It's a burger - the main rule is to make something you like.   mjb.
One thing that made me smile was the comment about cooking at 130 degrees for 3 days so the beef would be rare.  It just seems odd to have rare beef after that long.   Not sure if I'm going to jump on the sous vide wagon in the future, but it might happen.   mjb.
You mean like keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold? mjb.
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