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You should be fine with the sesame oil mix. I get small bottles of Sun Luck, I think, which is all sesame oil. Blends are no doubt cheaper. A little sesame oil can go a long way.   Other prepared sauces you may want to include in the mix are hoisin and oyster. Pretty basic, should be readily available.   mjb.
  My kitchen is 12 feet by 9 feet. I've got this point covered. mjb.
Well played!   mjb.
Boy, K Girl's cabbage looks just right for a cold winter's evening, might have to make some myself soon.   I like spring rolls, I like burritos.   mjb.
 Sure, it counts as a sauce. And store bought would probably count against you. mjb.
I had a Jamaican Dip sandwich:     Marinated a hunk of goat leg in some of the jerk rub from the batch I made for the pepper challenge. Braised in a low and slow oven for a few hours. Topped with some of the red onion and red cabbage pickle, some black beans with corn on the side.   mjb.
I'm going to try something a little different this month. I've been kicking around this idea in the back of my head for a while, let's see what happens. The most difficult part may be coming up with an appropriate cover photo.   Basically you start with a wrapper. Like pie dough, pizza crust, a lettuce leaf, tortilla or crepe. Then you put a filling in it, like cheese or crab meat or fruit. Then add a sauce, either inside the wrapper or put on top. Or just on the side as...
Wow, thanks! I am honored to be selected as the host of the next challenge. I had been slacking off a bit, but really got into these last three.   Have many ideas for February. Got a nice copy of Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking for Christmas, I may go with a regional challenge. Or it is still winter here in Salt Lake, a technique based challenge like braising could work. Or as mentioned, an ingredient like the stinking rose and company. February would be a good month for...
This is what a section of a wall in our kitchen looked like since we moved in back in 1986.     While working on the jerked pork belly and chicken this weekend, I also worked on this:     So now the kitchen counter does not look so much like this anymore:  
One last blast. And it may be the most picture intensive one I've yet done.  Basically some jerked pork and chicken.   The Players     First off, the veggies involved:     At the top fresh parsley and cilantro. Green and yellow onions, garlic, ginger, lime juice and of course peppers. In this case I am using habaneros and some Thai chiles. And some spices and such:       Soy sauce, brown sugar, salt ( no I didn't dump all that in ) and whole cloves,...
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