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Excellent!  Any day now I'm going to get the pasta roller for my Kitchenaid. Last hand rolled batch was not very impressive.   mjb.
The Kitchen Aid grinder is a bit wimpy, good for occasional use. It is, however, much easier to use than my old Alfa hand powered meat grinder. But the Alfa uses standard #5 grinding plates and knives, which are easy to find. I have about half a dozen different plates for it, am stuck with only 2 for the KA.   The ones you mentioned look like they use a standard size plate as well, which is a benefit.  And various sausage stuffing tubes are likely available. Here's a...
Koftah, keftah, koofteh, kefta, kofte - various names for the same thing, based on the Persian word kuftan, which means 'to grind'   I made meatballs. First off, the meat:     Beef chuck in the foreground, lamb shoulder to the rear. Next, the adjuncts:     Most recipes for these meatballs call for rice, lentils or chickpeas as a filler. I found one that used bulgur wheat, decided to give that a try.  Of course, in whatever region these are made, they tend to be...
Shucks. Hot and dry for days and days and days. I was planning to do most of the cooking outside in my big charcoal cooker.  Currently moderate rain and wind gusts.  Oh well.   mjb.
I'm planning on one more dish, may get it done and posted tonight.
I left the professional kitchen back in 1975 or so. I wonder what it would be like for me to get back at it?   mjb.
A chicken thigh, plainly seasoned with garlic salt and pepper, done just right over charcoal with a crispy skin and tender, juicy interior is a delectable delight.   mjb.
 Gee, I just saw a chef do this on a cooking show I watched Friday evening, I think it was Top Chef from a few years back. I can't remember exactly but I think he blanhced the skin then deep fried. mjb.
Nice. It has been a less than stellar year for me so far. Had two tomato plants die, a green zebra and a black krim. Have yet to see any fruit on my white giant. And it looks like my second rosemary plant of the year is not long for this world. rosemary is pretty hardy, wonder why both plants died? Did pick my first jalapeno for last night's enchiladas.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: