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I had plans to get something done for this challenge, but nothing happened so far. I may be cooking some fish Wednesday night while on a short vacation in the San Diego area with Karen's family.  We shall see.  At the very list I planned on a quick tuna and octopus poke salad.  Oh well.   mjb.
I'm not surprised the sauce carmalizes well, there is a LOT of sugar in it.  Three of the first four ingredients are sugars, and there are 4 more additions of sweeteners listed later on.  Wow.   mjb.
I agree with the no boil method. I steep my stocks at about 185- 190 F for hours, perhaps days depending on what I am making.   mjb.
This thread is a bit old, hopefully not too stale. I only do croutons at home now, no longer in the business. I like to tear the bread by hand and get different sized and shaped chunks.  Saute in butter with herbs and garlic. I aim to get a variety of textures, from browned and crispy to soft and just lightly toasted.   mjb.
Never done a whole, salt baked fish. Might be time to give it a try.   mjb.
There is a really common ingredient that has not yet been featured yet. Maybe I should pass on the hint to the person who needs to know.   mjb.
I want to see some of @butzy bread topped with some slices of @Koukouvagia salmon. With some ice cold aquavit close to hand.   mjb.
Many years ago when I was working at the U of Utah there was some reason to send me to some research lab in the Los Angeles area. My younger sister was living in Pasadena at the time. I took her and her kids, who were maybe around 10 - 12 years old at the time out to dinner. She suggested this sushi place. As we pulled up I had my doubts. It was a small place in a strip mall with a beauty salon, a bail bonds place and other such enterprises one would not think conducive to...
Maybe start with an arepas recipe?   mjb.
I've been known to put little smokies into boxed mac and cheese.  Putting hot dogs into quinoa doesn't sound much different.   mjb.
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