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http://www.justonecookbook.com/how-to/how-to-make-dashi-jiru/ The above site uses dried anchovies in one variation, that's where I got the idea of using the dried shrimp I have on hand. mjb.
What a coincidence! I'm planning on making a shitake and dried shrimp dashi this weekend as well! I may stroll down to Southeast Market and get some kombu, haven't decided yet. mjb.
My wife just walked into my office, looked at the computer and asked what I was doing. I was scrolling through the collection of pictures from this challenge, working on selecting the next host. I showed her some of the top contenders, some things she might like. And she says "You have to pick one of those as the best?  That could be difficult."   Yep, great work so far everybody.   mjb.
I don't truss or remove the wishbone, but Keller's method is pretty close to mine. If I have oranges or lemons on hand a wedge or two, as well as garlic cloves, goes in the cavity.  Poultry and citrus play well together.   And yes, if there is still ice on some parts of the bird when it goes in the oven you will have a difficult time getting even roasting.
All these years I have been cooking I don't have even one cleaver. let alone two. Could be fun, though.   mjb.
Going to an afternoon garden party sunday, thinking I might do grilled jerked zucchini. Might need to do a test batch saturday to see if it is feasible.   mjb.
 Gee, maybe I should "accidently" post my Paypal donation details here.  For about a quarter of a century I've been running some automotive related mailing lists and web pages. It is all free, but I do ask for contributions from the subscribers to help cover network and equipment costs. The money coming in doesn't even come close to covering the labor costs, but it helps. If I did get any bri donations here the funds would go towards getting a commercial grade food...
A fellow I know and his wife recently went to North Carolina to visit her mother and sister.  They were seated at a restaurant, the waitress came over and asked about drinks. They all said iced tea.  The waitress asked Scott, and only Scott, if he wanted sweet tea or regular. How did she know he was the only non-native?   mjb.
Really! Going into the final weekend, and I have to somehow choose the next host from a slew of top contenders. It won't be easy.   mjb.
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