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Crushed ice does NOT work in a gin and tonic.   Ramen or pho?
I might cook hole chicken to 180. But I'd probably cook whole chicken to 155 - 160 or so.   mjb.
This place recently opened about a block from my house.     Their pastrami is REALLY good. When they have it. Small place, what's available changes from day to day.   mjb.
I've told these stories before here, but I won't let that stop me from repeating them in this discussion.   One of my earliest food memories involves mushrooms. My father was the city engineer for a small town in Michigan, Dowagiac. He supplemented his income with various weekend land surveying jobs with a fellow whose name I no longer remember.  One weekend rather than working Dad and this guy went out gathering wild mushrooms.  They gathered a lot.  So I'm like maybe 5...
I want one of K Girl's lemon bars.  Actually, I want a PLATE of them.   mjb.
 Not sure about this one. As I recall, couscous is a pasta, and a tagine is a cooking vessel: 
Surprised rump roast has not been mentioned in this thread.   mjb.
I cold smoked some habaneros from my garden, then fermented them for about 30 days. The end result was a REALLY good hot sauce.  Hope to do another batch this summer.   mjb.
Carbonara - refers top coal miners, right?   mjb.
Dark chocolate for me, when I do eat sweets. We've been together for 3 decades, and my wife still can't believe that if given a choice between a candy bar and a dill pickle, I'll take the pickle.   I don't do doughnuts, the best bagels in Utah are 500 feet from my front door.     Morimoto or Flay?   mjb.
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