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Having a CRS moment here - avocados are one of the few natural sources of XXXX which humans need for proper health.
The term "centigrade" comes from centum, Latin for 100.  There are 100 degrees between the freezing point of water, 0 degrees C, and the boiling point, 100 degrees C. Actually the freezing point is pretty much stable, the boiling point of water depends on atmospheric pressure. Water boils at a lower temp here in Salt Lake at over 4,000 feet above sea level than it does in Boston or Burbank. For some reason that scale is now named Celsius after a Swedish astronomer,...
Smelts just dusted in seasoned flour and deep fried - fish flavored french fries. Sauce as you desire.   mjb.
Hmmm...  oil, water, egg yolk, vinegar and lemon juice. What can be made with those ingredients?   mjb.
A place in town used to make a KILLER puttanesca. The couple that opened it sold out. Now they don't even have actual anchovies in the kitchen. We don't eat there much anymore.   mjb.
No pictures, but a local market stocked up on prime grade strip and ribeye, anticipating good sales for July 4th cookouts. And as I anticipated, after the weekend a number of steaks found their way in the "used" meat bin. Last night I ate a prime ribeye, just under a pound, for about the price of choice sirloin.   It was good. And I'm out of horseradish.   mjb.
 You guys never let me have any fun! mjb.
Fahrenheit is more finely defined. A degree centigrade covers a larger span of temperature than a degree fahrenheit.   mjb.
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