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Carbonara - refers top coal miners, right?   mjb.
Dark chocolate for me, when I do eat sweets. We've been together for 3 decades, and my wife still can't believe that if given a choice between a candy bar and a dill pickle, I'll take the pickle.   I don't do doughnuts, the best bagels in Utah are 500 feet from my front door.     Morimoto or Flay?   mjb.
Isn't 'scampi' an Italian word for shrimp?   mjb.
With Karen avoiding gluten, we don't do pasta anymore. I miss it. Hank's crab pasta looks incredibly simple and incredibly delicious.   mjb.
I've related this story more than once here on Cheftalk. My wife was heading to one of her folk dance parties, and was planning on taking a pineapple to cut up and share. She was running a bit late, I asked her if she wanted to cut up the pineapple before leaving.  She said no, she'd do it there.  Later that evening after she got home and was unloading stuff she says to me "Thank you for keeping our knives sharp."  Breaking down that pineapple at the friend's house was an...
Been quite some time since I've done a basic lemon curd.  Citrus and poultry is a match made in heaven. Pineapple isn't really citrus. is it? I might have an idea or two, I need to get back into this game.   mjb.
Karen and I decided to go out for Valentine's dinner tonight, we'll be busy on the 14th.  Went to Kyoto, a Japanese place that has been around a LONG time.  She had the teriyaki salmon.       Me, I opted for some udon noodles with chicken, seafood, veggies and egg.     It was a huge bowl of stuff. The broth was delightful, the noodles were fat, soft and the perfect texture. The fake seafood did not impress me. The tempura shrimp on the top were real shrimp at...
I prefer to do my stocks at a steep, not a slow boil. And I may go a day or two or three depending on what's in the pot. Large beef bones at least two or three days, chicken parts maybe 12 - 24 hours.   mjb.
On a totally unrelated side note, Beltex Meats down the street from my house has a KILLER Spanish chorizo. Well, sometimes, when you walk in you never know what they will or will not have on hand, both in the fresh and the cured display cases. Great place.   mjb.
 That's what I do, pressure can it. And I am out of home made stock, which is a shame. I am sicker than a poisoned pup this weekend, and had to resort to drinking hot cups of store bought broth. It just isn't the same. mjb.
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