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I had a Jamaican Dip sandwich:     Marinated a hunk of goat leg in some of the jerk rub from the batch I made for the pepper challenge. Braised in a low and slow oven for a few hours. Topped with some of the red onion and red cabbage pickle, some black beans with corn on the side.   mjb.
I'm going to try something a little different this month. I've been kicking around this idea in the back of my head for a while, let's see what happens. The most difficult part may be coming up with an appropriate cover photo.   Basically you start with a wrapper. Like pie dough, pizza crust, a lettuce leaf, tortilla or crepe. Then you put a filling in it, like cheese or crab meat or fruit. Then add a sauce, either inside the wrapper or put on top. Or just on the side as...
Wow, thanks! I am honored to be selected as the host of the next challenge. I had been slacking off a bit, but really got into these last three.   Have many ideas for February. Got a nice copy of Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking for Christmas, I may go with a regional challenge. Or it is still winter here in Salt Lake, a technique based challenge like braising could work. Or as mentioned, an ingredient like the stinking rose and company. February would be a good month for...
This is what a section of a wall in our kitchen looked like since we moved in back in 1986.     While working on the jerked pork belly and chicken this weekend, I also worked on this:     So now the kitchen counter does not look so much like this anymore:  
One last blast. And it may be the most picture intensive one I've yet done.  Basically some jerked pork and chicken.   The Players     First off, the veggies involved:     At the top fresh parsley and cilantro. Green and yellow onions, garlic, ginger, lime juice and of course peppers. In this case I am using habaneros and some Thai chiles. And some spices and such:       Soy sauce, brown sugar, salt ( no I didn't dump all that in ) and whole cloves,...
I was somewhat surprised I could find that old one I had. Been a long time since I've used it. Have a nice combination 400/1000 grit water stone now that does the job, as well as my decades old Chicago Cutlery steel.   mjb.
Is this the item?  
Very nice! I've been meaning to make tasso RealSoonNow.   Some really good looking stuff this month, I've picked out a few favorites.  May try to sneak in one more dish, pork belly may be involved, no tasso or pickle meat.   mjb.
Very nice. I've only done a couple, always tasty.   mjb.
For the Brunch challenge I had planned on making a poke to go with the beef tartare on my surf and turf plate, raw and raw, but didn't happen, just did the shrimp. And my wife also would not touch it.   mjb.
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