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@Bob Hyneman I know what you mean about the classic duck breast approach. The other day I was stir frying something and wondered why you never see julienned duck breast in a quick stir fry, for example. Or maybe velvet first like chicken or pork. Something to experiment with somewhere down the line.   mjb.
This one is pretty simple.   The Players     A slab of salmon. 2 parts kosher salt, 1 part dark tea leaves, 2 parts sugar.  It was about 1.25 pounds of fish, 1/3 cup each sugar and salt, less than 1/4 cup tea. Maybe next batch I'll do actual weights, not volume.   The Procedure   Again, quite simple. I have a new toy, a Foodsaver vacuum sealer. I made a bag about an inch or two longer than the salmon. Put all the ingredients in it, massaged it around to get the...
Grass fed is NOT garbage.   mjb.
Yes, no fish and chips yet. Like there was no steak tartare in the mince challenge. But the egg challenge - how many fried eggs did we see?   I might post something here tomorrow, it is just about done.   mjb.
I love ribeyes. I also oil the meat, not the pan.   mjb.
Welcome to Chef Talk!   Being able to discern specific ingredients in various dishes is difficult. Look, taste, mouth feel all offer clues, but long experience and knowing ingredients helps.   Ever watch cooking competition shows, ones in which there are blindfolded taste tests, or a taste and make segment? Difficult to do correctly.   mjb.
Just saw some pork & lobster sausage in Facebook's Salt Cured Pig group. Hmm...   mjb.
@Koukouvagia bearnaise is a bit complicated to make, but not that bad. The critical issue is keeping the temp warm enough to melt the butter but cool enough to prevent the yolks from curdling. It is REALLY tasty.   And smelt - so easy. No need to gut and clean, just rinse them off, toss in seasoned flour and into the hot oil. Kind of like fish flavored french fries.   mjb.
I also picked up some shrimp, quick saute in olive oil, butter, garlic, fresh basil, then tossed on a salad.         Will get some more shrimp for a nice curry, find some decent salmon for my tea cured salmon and eventually make a seafood quiche. perhaps with some baby octopus. And perhaps throw in a batch of fried smelts just for grins.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: