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 I think my three favorites so far are redchef's chicken stew, ordo's Shui Zhu Yu and those potatoes in chefbuba's stew.  But indeed, some excellent work so far. mjb.
A long time ago we lived in South Bend, Indiana. My father would make occasional business trips to Chicago, there on the shore of Lake Michigan. He would come home with a few pounds of smoked chub, I think it was, that had been caught in the lake, salted and cold smoked. It was SO good!  At least to me and my dad. I don't think anyone else in the family liked it.   mjb.
Ethiopian beg wot   The players:     A nice lamb stew. Main ingredients are lamb, of course, onion, garlic, tomatoes, ginger and berbere powder. And some salt, pepper, olive oil and such.   The procedure:   I pretty much followed this recipe I found online. This is new to me, so I wanted to do a baseline batch.   http://afracooking.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/ethiopian-lamb-stew-beg-wot/   It took some time to do the onions as the recipe is written. But it was...
Next pot of stock I make I am going to try adding chicken feet, should give off some nice gelatin.   I don't remember who, and I hope I don't embarrass anyone but I recall an inexperienced cook posted a question some time ago. They did their first batch of chicken stock. The next day discovered that the stock had set up like hard Jello, and they wondered if it was ruined, and what they did wrong.
With the other stuff I'd say 2 drums per person, maybe 3 if it in the budget. I'd bake the wings plain, and offer my three favorite types of sauce for them - bbq, hot wing sauce and something like teriyaki.   mjb.
    One of the best story songs ever recorded. Lengthy, 14 minutes, but I always enjoy hearing it. And with canning season here in the Northern parts, seems quite appropriate.   mjb.
With finger food I would suggest getting the smaller drumsticks. What other items will you have available at the buffet?   mjb.
Shucks. I was hoping to dig up a copy of a cartoon I saw many years ago. It show a very unhappy Col. Sanders getting dragged off by the police, and an employee saying "I guess they figured out what some of those secret herbs are." Might have been in a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers book.   mjb.
It will taste better if oil is used, but it isn't strictly necessary. And the chicken skin will be crisper.   mjb.
A mandolin is one of those items I would like to try out someday. But being currently unemployed, buying new toys is not a high priority. And I know I would be unhappy with a cheaply made one.
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