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Welcome to Cheftalk, a great resource.   I'd throw in all the beans, if it doesn't overload the pot. Generally I do bean free chili, but every now and again I do a batch of classic Cincinnati style with ground beef and beans.  And I make a spicy black bean and lamb version that is really good.   Good luck with dinner!   mjb.
I spent 20+ years making beer from extracts. Well, we did do a few all grain batches, it wasn't all extracts.  What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?   mjb.
I'll suggest something like potato fritters ala parmesan.   mjb.
Not many other than Cheftalk. I do check the pizza making forum from time to time, but with my wife's recent casting aside gluten, not many pizzas these days. There's a couple of bbq forums I check in on once in a while.   Some time ago I set up but never really put enough effort into it to make it worthwhile. Perhaps I should regroup and revamp the site.   mjb.
French press, 20 - 22 grams of beans, coarsely ground.   mjb.
 I have a pork stock going on the stove at the moment. Been making stock for years. Amused by the "bone broth" trend. mjb.
Shucks. If I had checked Cheftalk before dinner, I would have taken more pictures. I actually meant to do this dish for the squash challenge, didn't get to it. I made it tonight.        Took some leftover baked spaghetti squash shredded it, mixed with a beaten egg, some rice flour, a bit of grated parm, light seasoning. Fried up a couple of fritters. Plated them, topped with some burrata cheese. And over the cheese an Italian sausage patty. Smothered with some...
Every now and again I spend a couple of bucks on a tub of peeled garlic cloves from the Asian market down the street. It is convenient, but I think fresh peeled is better.   mjb.
There is one and only one true, authentic, American recipe for meatloaf that every home cook in America follows without deviation.   mjb.
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