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Steelers are on, I need an Imp and Iron.   mjb.
Very nice. Once I put a LOT of asparagus in a veggie stock. That was all you could taste, and it wasn't that good.   mjb.
Did a tomato squash soup, using a smoked tomato. Turned out nicely, Karen loved it but I wanted another smoked tomato in it, had a bare hint of smokiness to it. And Italian beef sandwiches, a pleasant dinner.     And here it is nearing the end of October and I am still going out to the garden for fresh herbs and tomatoes. Sweet.   mjb.
Is there by any chance an Asian style market in your area? There are all sorts of somewhat familiar but not quite veggies there, plenty of opportunities for exploration.   mjb.
  Sichuan style bacon, and some maters from the garden. They are destined for tonight's tomato basil squash soup.
Every question you might have about anything to do with pizza is probably answered somewhere on this site:       http://www.pizzamaking.com/     I only go there to look at the pictures :-)
Yes, Grafenwöhr.  I just posted a story about his experience there in the Late Night Cafe, X Ray glasses.   mjb.
Rather than hijack the chow mein thread, I'll post this story here.  As I mentioned, I had a friend working as a teacher at an American army base in Grafenwöhr, Germany. He was one of my climbing and skiing buddies here in Salt Lake. As such, he had a pair of what we called "glacier goggles" which were severe duty sunglasses. Very dark lenses, leather bits to seal the gap between the glasses and the face, and a string around the neck.   One sunny afternoon he was out...
A friend of mine was a teacher at an American army base in Southern Germany back around 1990. A "Mexican" restaurant opened up in the town, so of course her had to try it. Nothing at all like what we have here in the US, he said it was horrid.  He did take us to a Balkan style place, though, that was very good. The meat was well flavored and only a little overdone.   mjb.
I'm sure Monsanto, Cargill, etc. would love to cloak high fructose corn syrup under the simple label "sugar"
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