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Winning this challenge should be easy, as as, uh, making a winning dish!     I did a really cheesy thing last month, I'll have to come up with something crusty this month.   mjb.
That cheesecake was among my top 3 picks. Well done!   mjb.
My acorn squash plant withered and died. I was so looking forward to dishes like this:     There's enough mozzarella and such melted onto those stuffed squash it could have been appropriate for the September challenge.   mjb.
Lookin' great! I'll be doing a hunk of garlic and probably a Szechwan inspired slab.   mjb.
Yes, lots of good looking stuff in this challenge. I thought for sure we'd see more home made cheese, like ricotta showing up. Of course I myself didn't do any for this challenge, but made some for the eggplant challenge.   It can be hard to select the next host. I just hope my mac & cheese entry gets selected as "Miss Congeniality" or some such.   mjb.
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering the burger was about 2/3 beef, 1/3 goat. And that was the last bit of bacon I had, and there's none in the works. I plan to remedy that thursday.   mjb.
 What happens is that the host goes over the entries for the month, and judges each of them based on whatever basis they want. Since we obviously can't taste the dishes, and an aroma digitizer has not yet hit the market, the words and pictures are the only evidence, so to say. When I did it I tried not to let the quality of the photos be much of a factor. But these challenges challenge me to try new things, so when others posted entries that were obviously outside their...
The mac and cheese spoof of myself - hope it made a few laughs.   This one is real.  A cheeseburger.   The Players       That white blob down in the corner is the cheese, a nice gorgonzola. Above it a hunk of goat leg. No, the entire thing was not put into the burger. After a bit was hacked off for the burger the rest went into a stew. Also going into the burger some garlic bacon and boneless shortrib.   The plan for the burger involved some hand whisked...
Oh man! That looks SO good. I haven't done a brisket all summer, when it went from $1.39/lb to $6.99/lb I kind of lost interest.   mjb.
  I wouldn't know. :-) Did a tomato herb risotto tonight. The addition of parm at the end doesn't strike me as being worthy of a challenge entry. Had I served it in cheese baskets, maybe. But I will say that on days when I start work about 4 am and finish about 5 pm I should probably stick to take out. Things like dumping the whole bag of arborio rice into the softened shallots. Not all the contents, the whole bag. Luckily I was quick enough to pull it out before any...
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