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Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant.     Picked up a bag of masa. Hope it is the right stuff, not a lot of English on the package. A few pinches of salt and water to form the dough.  Roll it out.     My rolling and shaping skills need some work.   Once formed, into the skillet. I used a dollop of lard as the fat, seemed appropriate for this task.         Meanwhile, the filling - sweated some onion, garlic and chilis, again using a bit...
Yes, if one is not familiar with the American carol "No place like home for the Holidays" the picture makes no sense.   mjb.
I've blabbered on before about my involvement with the Fill the Pot program ( 329 fed this morning in the cold and snow ) but I've never mentioned one aspect of my wife's life. She does visitation, going to homes, care centers, hospitals and such to visit folks who can't get out.  I've gone with her once or twice, and am always moved by just how much sparkle a simple, friendly visit can put into someone's eyes.   mjb.  
Wish I came up with this pun:  
 I doubt any strangers would want to eat at my house as well. mjb.
Visiting eaters would probably enjoy nice wine pairings with dinner. Utah's alcohol laws are some of the strangest, most clueless on the planet. I don't see Eatwith doing well in Utah for now.   mjb.
I've made some buerre blanc on occasion, so I have an idea of how rich and luscious that sauce might be.   Tonight we had some leftover roast chicken, but I did make a fresh batch of gravy for it. That helped.   mjb.
I hate you. Harumph.   That sauce looks really good!   mjb.
If a diner gets serious food poisoning, who is going to be taking the blame?   On a related note, didn't Texas pass some sort of new law recently allowing home cooks to sell stuff to the public without health department certification?   mjb.
http://www.eatwith.com/   They've got no one in Salt Lake City. If I sent them a picture of my kitchen and dining room, they'd keep it that way :-)   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: