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Poached meatballs. Maybe I should revisit the Persian meatballs and pitas I did for the Middle East challenge....   mjb.
 Yes, it was a very appealing to the eye, as well as the nose. I used lots of garlic. The sauce was simple, a splash of soy and about 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce from a jar. And thanks for the link, Ordo. mjb.
 I tend to just leave out sugar in most Chinese recipes. I much prefer hot and sour over sweet and sour. One exception is red cooked pork dishes. I do use the listed quantities of rock sugar, as it plays well with the number of savory elements. mjb.
I've been thinking about getting a better handle on Chinese cooking. Went to the market and grabbed a bag of greens that looked interesting. Turns out it was yu choy sum, a member of the cabbage family. Went for a simple stir fry with garlic and peppers.       Those stalks are tough and stringy. They needed more than just a quick bit of cooking. I have half the bag left, may try steaming them for a few minutes before throwing them in the wok. The leaves and flowers...
Celery salt is a critical ingredient for a proper Chicago dog, though I only buy them, don't make myself.   My rub recipe:   Hoosier Q Rib Rub as of 29-dec-05: 2 T sugar 2 T kosher salt 2 T paprika 1 T onion powder 1 T cumin 1 T dry mustard 1 T granulated garlic 1 T basil 1 T ground allspice 1 T Hot Shot pepper mix     At least that is what is written down, like others I often just eyeball. A lot of rub recipes you see on the net are quite heavy on the sugar, which...
Karen and I have been together for 3 decades. After all that time, and knowing I am not a fan of sweets, she still has a look of skepticism in her eyes when I turn down a taste of her doughnut, or cake, or candy ...   mjb.
A bowl of soup, my take on a ramenlike concoction.     The broth with the marinated pork strip and veggies. Let it simmer a while.     Into the bowl with some hard cooked egg and cilantro. I was hoping the red chilies I got at the Asian market would have provided a bit more heat, but I have sauces.
I agree with FF, let the stuff steep in warm oil for a while.  Lapsang souchong is useful stuff, gives a nice smokiness to the tea cured salmon I do that never sees heat.   mjb.
Yes, the intention of my post was not to produce an actual entry, but to assist in clarifying "the rules" so to speak. And of course to produce some tasty eats. That goal was achieved!  In truth when making poke I use larger cubes for the fish. I seem to recall posting a couple in the fish challenge [ not shellfish, hint hint ] a while back.   mjb.
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