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And yet another pot using that scrumtious chicken stock. I thought I made a BIG batch, why is there only about a cup of it left? And later tonight I'll be starting a beef based broth, so expect to see some sort of pho, hot pot, shabu shabu submission in the near future.   But for now a version of the chicken tomatillo soup found in Petersen's Splendid Soups.   The PLayers   Well, to make a chicken tomatillo soup you obviously need chicken and tomatillos.     And...
Some of you saw this on Facebook the other day:     It was a 2 pound, 3 inch thick new york strip steak. Or roast. Seared it, finished in oven, it was very good. Got two nice dinners and a lunch out of it. So tonight I decided I needed a de-beefing, so to speak:     Fried tofu with onion and jalapeno in a spicy bean paste sauce. Also very good like the beef.   I want a real wok.   mjb.
Unmolested, or "deep marinated" with a salt solution? Bacon, sauerkraut and onions. Boiled new potatoes with butter. Or mashed potatoes with a ginger snap gravy.
That is a nice looking cooktop.  I often do garlic twice. sort of. Crushed cloves in cold oil to start. On the heat. When the cloves are toasty brown remove, the oil is ready to cook. Sometimes I eat them, sometimes toss in the trash. Then have another batch of garlic in the form appropriate to the dish, minced, slivered or whatever. I really need to get a good, basic carbon stell wok like I had decades ago that probably disappeared in a move.   mjb.
 Just the other day I was thinking that it has been a long time since I've had a bowl of cereal, and I used to really like it. Maybe just what I should do for those mornings when I need to hurry and get to work. mjb.
If doing a chicken for a dinner party where presentation is a bigger factor I might truss. But for just the two of us untrussed gives better results.   mjb.
So yesterday I made a garlic soup based on my Facebook thread regarding "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in response to certain events. The runner up was gratin dauphinois, so tonight's dinner:     The chicken was lightly stuffed with lemon, garlic, and some thyme and rosemary sprigs from the garden. Nice. The potatoes had some minor issues, but still got 2 yummies from Karen. I enjoy watching her trying to get every last morsel off the plate.   mjb.
Nice to see use of lard in crusts. Good looking result!   mjb.
@Mike9 that looks very nice! This is a good challenge.   I wasn't planning on this, it just sort of came together. Earlier today on Facebook I posted something that was a response to the Paris attacks. I posted a photo of the cover of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and asked for a page number. A number of my foodie friends responded, and the final choice was page 47. In my edition the recipe on that page is "soupe a l'ouef, Provencale" - a garlic soup with poached...
Tomorrow morning I plan on having a nice hot cup of French roast coffee, making some French toast and considering a French onion soup for the challenge.   mjb.
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