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At one point I was thinking of coming up with some 10-4 dinners myself. I'd certainly participate in such a challenge.   mjb.
I'll probably use the smoker, assuming I remember to buy more charcoal. With the pancetta, the question is dry it as a flat like I did last time or roll and tie? Life's decisions can be so difficult.   mjb.
I'd just drain a handful, then pile on a cutting board and hack away.   mjb.
 Gravy? Or sauce?  ( Sorry, I couldn't resist. ) Homemade biscuits and gravy with home made sausage and home made bacon would probably be my first entry! mjb.
Hmm...   http://www.chow.com/recipes/30156-oven-smoked-bacon
Have any of you tried smoking meat in a loosely fitting but tightly sealed foil package? I've got a couple slabs of bacon ready to go, and the oven method may be better for my sore and swollen foot instead of runnng outside to fuss with the smoker when needed.   mjb.
Yikes. Only a week left, I still have a dish or two in mind. Better get busy!
Indeed!  Water does not add flavor. Stocks, broths, vermouth, wine - those add flavor. On occasion I cheat and prepare boxed stuffing mix, and almost always use stock instead of water.   mjb.
A Chinese market that opened up recently in Slat Lake has live geoducks in a tank. I'm tempted.   mjb.
  Ha ha! That would be a good response in a thread we had a while back about what chefs eat when they get home after work. mjb.
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