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At what point do you "dump the juices" ?   mjb.
I'm glad that for our 25th wedding anniversary we went to a place that took over 3 hours and cost about $300.  Quite an experience.   And it was withing walking distance!   mjb.
I lied, sort of.  There were still some softer spots, let the belly cure for a bit longer.     In this picture you can only see a small bit of the liquid that is extracted from the curing process, just to the lower right of center.   Should have taken another picture today of it in the bag, more of the brine visible.  But I rinsed it off, being happy with the texture.         It is now sitting uncovered in the garage fridge, where it will dry for a day or so. ...
I'll admit the first thing I thought of was all you can eat buffets.  I put two, three, maybe 4 different things on my plate each trip. And I see people who have huge mounds of everything piled on.  The opposite of negative plating, but I wouldn't call it positive.   mjb.
@GeneMachine were those eggs pickled with some beet?  Or is that purple color from spray paint?   mjb.
That really narrows it down!  When Karen's Dad was last in town, I did a beef flatiron steak using those steps.  But different ingredients for the marinade and sauce.   mjb.
It is coming up in about a month.  I'll take a camera.   mjb.
One of my favorite food things here in Salt Lake City is the annual Living Traditions Festival. It is a weekend of highlighting the various cultures of the people who make up the city's population.  There are about 20 different food booths ranging from mainstream European, Asian, Basque, Tongan, Sudanese - you can't help but find a dozen different new things to try.   mjb.
Wish I had seen this during the previous challenge.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKDiPp2aCQk
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