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The Players   ,   Notice the milk is in a metal cup. This is important in the process.   The Procedure   For this dish we are going to make use of a technique known as "boiling water". Some claim such a skill is beyond their abilities, but it can be done in the home, with proper care and attention to detail.Basically one gets a container of heatproof material, like some sort of metal, formed into what is often called a pot.  The water is placed into this pot, and...
Mesquite smoked whatever can quickly go from amazing to appalling, it is a strong wood. But a dry aged rib eye seared over rocket hot mesquite ...   mjb.
Very nice. Love smoked, salted or cured fish of most any type.   Go Packers!   mjb.
I've thought about marinating a tri tip, for example, then grinding it the next day for burgers. But for the most part I am in the keep the meat pure, add in flavorings later when it comes to burgers. But I don't always do it that way.   mjb.
K Girl, you might appreciate what I had for dinner last night.     At the bottom of the bowl is sushi rice, seasoned with sushi vinegar and flakes of nori. I think I put about two scoops in. On top of the hot rice is a well chilled mix of raw salmon, cucumber, onion, sesame seeds, cayenne and red bell, which was seasoned with some soy and black vinegar. Topped with another sprinkle of sesame seeds, furikake and since fresh seaweed is a bit hard to find here in Utah,...
 Yeah, right. like the French would have any influence on Vietnamese cooking. Seriously, there was this one place we used to go maybe 20 years or so back that had a nice variety of dishes, and many of them showed obvious French influence. We always tipped this one server a bit more, as she was so close to having saved up enough for a trip to Paris. They had a catfish in clay pot that was divine! mjb.
So which would make a better challenge topic - pizza or casseroles?   mjb.
Getting back to actual pizza, sort of, dinner last night was interesting, I'll just say. One of my favorite ways to use garden fresh tomatoes is fresh tomato pizza. But my wife Karen is under the impression she should avoid gluten and see if she feels better.  So I was at Sprouts, and saw a package of prepared gluten-free old world flatbread pizza crusts or some such wording on the label.   Tried them out. The crusts, brush of olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella.  Into...
A brisket pizza with a vinegar based BBQ sauce? I'll get back to you on that.   mjb.
Your local market may also have what they call flat iron steak, taken from the chuck. Like flank it has long grained muscle fibers and can be tough, but thinly sliced across the grain has some good flavor.   mjb.
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