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I agree with Mary - keep the heart and tongue. Heart can be trimmed, sliced and fried, tongue takes more prep but can be tasty. If you don't like liver, then send it to me.   mjb.
Rest in Peace.
If the store bought marinade has a high acid content, overnight would likely turn the chicken to mush.   mjb.
By the way, the risotto turned out quite well:     Lousy picture, but with a good dose of lemon juice and garden fresh basil, both chopped and stirred in as well as a garnish quite tasty.   Smothered burritos tonight.   mjb.
Wow, @redchef300 that looks quite nice. A third of the way through the month, and I'll add this to the list of tasty treats like @Pete and the crabcakes benedict and @ordo's scotch egg wellington. Great stuff folks, keep it coming!   mjb.
 I agree - lard is the way to go for this one. mjb.
My version is pretty easy.  I take the heads and shells and put them in a pot, cover generously with cold water. Add a bay leaf, some black peppercorns and a bit of Old Bay type seasoning, which may or may not be readily available in your area.  Bring it to just about a boil, then simmer/steep for about 20 - 30 minutes.     Strain it and use. I made more than I needed tonight, I might have to do something like this with the...
 I'm no stranger to sucking heads. My usual method is to melt some butter in a pan, put in a good amount of red pepper flakes and then remove from heat, let steep 15 - 20 minutes. Get the butter bubbling again, toss in the shrimp and minced garlic, when shrimp are just about done add a splash of dry vermouth. mjb.
Planning shrimp risotto tonight. Karen doesn't think these look appetizing:     But once they have been cleaned, decapitated and cooked, no problem.  Better do that now, get the shrimp stock started.
Very nice, @Pitufina73  I'm expecting to see a few specific dishes from Asia in this challenge, egg drop soup being one of them.   mjb.
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