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Shucks. Camera batteries kissed the turf, this is the only picture I have. Basic, simple sloppy joe sandwich and some cottage cheese on a tomato slice, with paprika. Meant to take another with the homemade dill pickle, but so it goes.     Okay, it isn't Thursday, so how about Way Back Wednesday? I bet Sherman would eat this, might be too plebian for Mr. Peabody.   mjb.
I vaguely remember tasting an acorn as a youngster. At least they do good things for pigs.   And have you ever tasted an olive right off the tree?   mjb.
Nope, no Thomas Keller cookbooks.  Actually I have a very limited library of cookbooks.  Maybe I'll take an inventory and see just how many ( or few ) I have.   This is one from a while ago while ago we served at a dinner party. It was well received. Grilled lemon shrimp, avocado, bell pepper, hand whisked basil mayo over some green leaf lettuce. No croutons, had some fresh baked garlic rolls on the side.    
Can't decide on my favorite salad, there are a few contenders. I do like ones with anchovies, though.   What I like best in a salad is fresh, homemade croutons. Tear up a slice or two of bread by hand. Fry in a generous amount of butter with minced garlic, or  garlic powder. I like the uneven, ragged bits of bread rather than uniform cubes. The ragged bits end up with various degrees of crunchiness to softness, a variety of textures.   mjb.
  Trying onions and green tomatoes. Same simple garlic - dill -black pepper seasoning. Hope it goes well.   mjb.
Surprised no one has responded yet. I just started, only have done two batches, so I don't know the answers to all your questions.  What I can say that I am using 2 tablespoons of kosher salt per quart of water.  Hmm, maybe I'll take a few minutes to convert that to grams per liter.   Okay, lets say 40 grams salt ( any non-iodinized type ) per litre.   mjb.
So I decided to go with Europe, a bit to the east. Here's a Hungarian style pork paprikash.     That is bone in piece of pork shoulder. I like the extra bit of flavor one gets from having a bone simmer in the stew for a couple of hours.  Garlic, onion, cherry tomatoes from the garden and three different paprikas. Hungarian hot, Hungarian sweet and Spanish smoked.   I cut up the pork into bite sized chunks, dredged in flour, salt and pepper.  For those of you...
At some point I switched to flour tortillas for my enchiladas. Probably because I was out of corn on night, and we liked the substitution.   Got a hunk of pork shoulder, stew tomorrow. Now, which continent to choose for the inspiration?   mjb.
Here's one from many years ago I really miss.     Looks like an SCCA autocross at Alta High.
For stew I cut it into pieces first, then dust with flour and brown. If you leave it whole you're making pot roast
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