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Yikes - just over a week to go, have a few dishes yet to prepare. I may do the Japanese omelet sushi again just for practice. It looked bad, but was quite tasty. And at least one risotto, and ...   mjb.
Nice looking sausage. Save me a link.   mjb.
I've got to find some pickling cukes ASAP.   mjb.
Mushroom risotto is my favorite as well. I've mentioned before how it is the only one I make with beef stock.   For this challenge, though, I may do another lobster risotto with bearnaise. I made it last year for Karen's birthday, and it was probably one of the tastiest dishes I've ever done.   mjb.
 I was thinking along those lines too, but may just try this: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/may/20/food/la-fo-congeereca-20100520
No pictures, but some tasty food.  Last night we had Italian dip sandwiches.  Put a hunk of beef in the crock pot with fresh rosemary, oregano, thyme etc. Karen's sandwich just had the beef and some provolone, mine had some onions, hot peppers and sweet peppers added. Served with a small bowl of the broth on the side. Very tasty, and messy.   Tonight I was on my own and did a pork and green onion stir fry.  The hot bean sauce from Har Har Pickle Food Company is pretty...
A couple of months ago we went to a birthday party, a friend of ours just turned 50. So I took a dish that was probably a staple 50 years ago, chile mac. Basically browned ground beef, chile sauce and elbow macaroni. Folks enjoyed it, many talked about how often they ate it as kids decades ago.  Mission accomplished.   mjb.
Never heard of it.   mjb.
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