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It was 103 degrees F this afternoon, and you want me to turn on the oven and bake something for hours?   Seriously, a good choice, lots of room for creativity here. I'll work on something that doesn't involve canned tuna, green beans and a certain type of onion.   mjb.
I miss Forage, a restaurant that was here in Salt Lake City just a few blocks from my house. They had quite an extensive herb garden out back of the place. Of course, whenever I happened to walk by on my evening strolls I would never consider rummaging through it, trying to identify by sight and taste what all the various plants would be.   mjb.
Oregano tends to have shorter, rounder leaves. Too dark to take a picture of mine out in the garden.   mjb.
Are you talking raw or cooked?   mjb.
Tenderloin is a very small, lean cut that is quite easily overcooked, it does take some care to do properly.   mjb.
Didn't there used to be a "Chef's Garden" or some such forum?  
My initial post was overly terse and could be taken as rude, I should have explained the reasoning behind the comment. It seems others have stepped in and taken care of that aspect of it.   Another possible point of contention:     This is a picture of two pork TENDERLOINS. They weigh on the order of a pound or so each, diameter of a small apple, maybe a foot long. If you "barbecue" these for hours and bring them to an internal temp of 200F like you would a pork...
 I agree, my rib rub has about 20% or less of the sugar content of some rubs. And another thing I rarely enjoy is fruit in my beer.  There was, however, one exception. There used to be this place up the street called California C & R. Stood for chicken and ribs. Their hot wings were doused in a sticky, sweet and hot syrup sauce, and I loved to wash them down with a raspberry hefe. Two things I would normally avoid that worked so well together. mjb.
Now, if you start by putting a still frozen steak in the pan ...     mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: