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I keep thinking of making a video like this of me flipping an omelet. But it only works when I am NOT thinking about what I am doing. If I worry about the flip at all it fails. Recording it would likely guarantee a failure.   mjb.
Yikes! Over halfway through the month and not one dish from me yet. I plan to do one this Sunday, we'll see if the others I have in mind come to fruition.   mjb.
Another vote for "Sauces" and his "Splendid Soups" is another great reference. Maybe I should do his chicken - tomatillo for tomorrow night with the leftover roast chicken.   Recently I was curious and used beef rib bones to make a long simmered stock. The beef was in about 190 F water for about 26 hours. Aromatics were added, steeped for about 4 more hours. It was definitely the most gelatinous, richest beef stock I've ever done.   mjb.
This could have been posted in several relevant threads, decided to put it here.  Did bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.   The Players     Had a bit of leftover chuck that needed to be cooked today, and found a small hunk of brisket in the used meat bin.     If you are making bacon cheeseburgers, you need bacon, sad to say store bought in this case, and cheese. This is a mix of mild cheddar and some Mexican quesadilla.   The Procedure   The beef was cut into...
 I figured a few folks would catch the reference. mjb.
Imp & Iron.   mjb.
Mortadella is readily available here in Salt Lake City. A local favorite of mine, The Bayou, makes a good muffaletta.   This talk of fancy bologna brings me a bit of sadness. As some of you may recall my day job is providing non-emergency medical transportation. There was this one fellow I used to pick up at the University hospital and take him up to Bountiful. A decent little drive, gave us time to chat. He was also an avid cook and enjoyed talking about food.  One...
Yes, the German version is known as radler. Never been that fond of it.   mjb.
I'm in the oil the steak, not the pan camp. Really don't know if it makes any difference, just habit, I guess.   mjb.
Shucks. I should have taken a picture of the plates, but didn't. We had a simple dinner consisting of the Italian lentil salad I did for the challenge, some melon cubes and a handful of sweet 100 tomatoes fresh from the garden. After the plates were clean, I thought that it was a very nice, light summer meal. I may have time to come home for lunch tomorrow, if so I'll redo it, with evidence.   mjb.
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