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This not exactly an entry, just laying some groundwork.  A good soup requires a good foundation. So I made a batch of chicken stock as a base for an entry coming up.  First off, to make chicken stock, you need chicken bits:     Here's a pile of parts - some chicken feet just purchased as well as some bones, backs and such from the freezer. Into the stock pot, barely simmered for some time, then onions, carrots, celery added, along with a couple smushed garlic gloves...
I've mentioned this a few times along the way, but when I do a mushroom risotto I use beef broth instead of chicken or veggie. And add just a half pinch of ground nutmeg.   mjb.
For some reason I have never liked split pea soup. Probably because I was fed canned crap as a child. I should make a batch and see if my opinion changes.   mjb.
Variations in technique would probably result in a pilaf more than a risotto. Not that pilafs are bad, mind you, just different than risotto. I have seen various non-stir recipes, but haven't tried any.   My problem with risotto is that it is all book learnin' so to speak. What I make is quite tasty but I have never had risotto in an Italian place, so I have no idea if mine is typical or not.  Someday soon I should remedy that.   And at least Salt Lake has gotten to...
One of the best I ever made was lobster, finished with big blobs of bearnaise rather than butter.   mjb.
Hot and sour soup is one of my faves. Luckily the Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood is not like the others, their hot and sour is just that, no need for me to doctor it up.   mjb.
If you want to really get into it, some sort of steak oscar would be good. The steak needn't be beef, it could be halibut or salmon, for example.   mjb.
Citrus and poultry play well together. Such as putting some lemon under the skin of a turkey before roasting.  
Yes, the roll is basic dinner roll with garlic powder added, quite tasty. I will likely make rolls or cornbread or whatever is appropriate for an real entries I post.   mjb.
I'll second 135. It should give a nice medium, maybe leaning towards medium well. Medium rare is still difficult for some folks to accept. But then again for the Mince challenge I did raw pork, so what do I know?   mjb.
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