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May need to try making omurice.
Brain fart - can't remember the name of the chef who has a place called Pig, I think, where he offers pork tartare. I'd try it.   mjb.
I've been happy with the Trader Joe's frozen scallops. Not sure how they'd take to smoke, probably worth trying.   mjb.
I'd start here:       It was a pretty popular challenge. I'm hoping to get enough ripe early girls in the next few days to do some smoked tomatoes. They will go into a risotto, grits and a soup of some sort.   mjb.
 Looks interesting, a way to get the crispy browned bits and a runny yolk. Today, though, Karen is getting a standard cheese and mushroom omelet, nothing to fancy. mjb.
 Nice.  I was well within my comfort zone from decades gone by. Grilled some burgers on the Weber Kettle, mac and cheese from a box, one of my guilty pleasures.
Very nice omelet.  And after mentioning quail eggs, I got to thinking and went back to look at earlier posts.  CRS is definitely setting in.   A little over a week left. Are those pickled eggs and beets ready to eat yet?   mjb.
On a side note one of my favorite Iron Chef America episodes is Batali vs. Jamie Oliver, with Genaro as Jamie's sous. Pretty entertaining.
 True, indeed.  I was sort of expecting someone to post an ostrich egg omelet or some such just for grins.  More seriously expected to see some quail eggs. We've still got over a week left, a few things I have not seen yet. Might do one of them myself this coming weekend. mjb.
Is this the time I should make a comment about when to salt
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