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Hmm...   http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/11/the-truth-about-cast-iron.html
 I never eat the bark. Can't stand it, honest, trust me. And I have this bridge you might want to buy. And I was going to talk about the pancetta I just did, but it is pancetta, so doesn't qualify here. mjb.
Look at the SIZE of that thang!!   mjb.
One benefit of the Grateful Tomato Garden is the artesian well in the middle of it. Hope it doesn't dry up this summer.   mjb.
Currently I have a rather small plot, maybe 15 square feet or so. Possibly 20. Big enough for a few herbs, 4 maters and 4 peppers. Nice, but limiting.   Just found out that after a couple of years my name reached the top of the waiting list for a garden plot at the community garden around the corner. Something like 40 feet by 8, maybe 10, I forgot.   This summer my gardening may get kicked up a notch.   mjb.
I've never made it, though I imagine both my wife and I would like it. And I bet it would be a 10-4 meal, 4 servings for under $10. Maybe next sunday for Karen's lunch after her yoga class.   mjb.
The copper coil immersion chiller is what we used for cooling down 10 gallons of wort back when I was homebrewing.   mjb.
  I've got a small cast iron skillet that is just right for frying two eggs. And they slide right out.  My wife does almost all the washing and cleanup, but she doesn't touch my cast iron or my knives. I like her.   mjb.
Maybe I should have taken a few pictures for this month's challenge, but I didn't. Made a very nice mushroom risotto. Used dried oyster, shitake and porcini, fresh crimini. The broth was the steeping water from the dried mushrooms along with a couple cups of the 72 hour beef broth I made a while back. Very nice, strong mushroom flavor, yum yum.
Canned tomatoes tend to taste more like tomatoes than the factory built tomatoes in the produce section. At least in my opinion.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: