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James Peterson's book "Sauces" has an excellent, old school recipe for chicken fricassée with cream and egg yolks for a very rich sauce. Was going to make it a few days ago but SWMBO suggested pot pies. I do need to make a batch soon.   mjb.
Welcome to Cheftalk. Sorry I don't know the answer to your questions, I haven't worked in a restaurant for about 40 years.   mjb.
Yesterday's line at the park starts to form:  
Good luck, I certainly enjoy mine. I just keep making much too small batches.       mjb
We had a woman Karen knows from church over for dinner. She turns 79 in a couple of days. I didn't make her a birthday cake, but I did make something for dessert. Can you guess?             Actually it was a cheap imitation, but quite tasty. Out of practice on pie crust, this one was tough.  
 What I did with these was put a thin layer of shredded cheese between the filling and the crust, it added nice flavor and kept the dough from getting too soggy.  We are having a dinner guest tomorrow, an older woman who is, shall we say dentally challenged, and she likes beef. So I was planning on beef pot pies for that dinner. I think I'll try the egg wash. mjb.
DId chicken pot pies tonight. Was going to do "real" pies with a top and bottom pastry crust, but I've been wanting biscuits and gravy lately. So I did a biscuit topping. Trying something outside of my usual go to biscuit recipe I picked a buttermilk one from a net search, and added some cheese to it.. Worked out quite well. When the dough was the right consistency I sort of spooned and smoothed it out, hardly working it at all.  The results were a light, flaky top that...
I think I have been watching too many cooking shows on my computer late at night.   I used to call them SHALL-ots, now I call them sha-LOTS.   mjb.
I like salt cod, once in a while. And yes, you'd think it might be more readily available here.   mjb.
Amazing? I think it is burned to a crisp. But I could probably force myself to eat at least 90% of it.   mjb.
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