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I won't mention any names, regulars will know who said this and in which thread.   Someone asked for a recipe for a  potato salad they saw in a post. The person replied with:     "Cooked potatoes, hard-boiled egg, onion, dill pickles, all chopped, seasoned with mayo, salt, pepper and, essentially, a dash of the pickling liquid from the dill pickles."   The one who asked said thanks, they will try it.  It isn't exactly a recipe, no quantities given, no tips on...
 Excellent choice! That was one of my top three picks for the month. Good Work Mike!
 I've been known to pickle myself on some weekends, but that's different. mjb.
 Thanks for the compliments.  I get joy from cooking. When I share my cooking, I try to share that joy. mjb.
 Went back and looked - I never did mention 'hot and sour soup' in my post. There are many variations, a lot of them vegetarian. This one with the shrimp is obviously not. Some call for minced pork or thin pork strips or chicken. I've not seen recipes using beef, though it is certainly doable. mjb.
I too am a bit surprised that we haven't seen more entries recently. How about the old classics like Oysters Rockefeller, Coquilles St. Jaques, various surf and turf plates, or one of my favorites, tournedos oscar - uh, wait a minute, if it is one of my favorites why didn't *I* offer it?   But I did manage something tonight, a fairly simple dish.   The Players     Obviously those are shrimp in the lower right, and above them a couple of eggs. The jars in the back...
  You'll be seeing this picture in another thread later this evening. For now I just wanted to show off another hand made board. Underneath those ingredients is a cutting board made by Karen's younger sister in high school shop class maybe 35 or so years ago. I really like it. Time for another quick resurfacing, though.   mjb.
A couple I pick up regularly for my job came from somewhere in India. When I pick them up at home they usually smell of curry, and it makes me hungry! Luckily the convenience store that sells somosas is just a block from their place.   mjb.
No, I've made it several times before.  It gets cured for about a week in the fridge, soaked in wine again, then hung to dry. Normally pancetta is unsmoked.  I do need to do another slab or two of bacon soon.   mjb.
  Just about 2 pounds of pork belly. Soaked in white wine, a pinot grigio, for about 30 hours, then into the cure. Not a very good job of evenly spreading the peppercorns and juniper berries, but I'm not too worried. It should still end up being a nice piece of pancetta.   mjb.
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