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 KRCL - a real treasure here in Salt Lake, if you get tired of commercial radio and hearing the same 6 songs over and over and ... Anyway, you can stream the bluegrass show at krcl.org, it airs from 1pm to 4pm MDT on Sundays. Bluegrass Express is followed by Fret and Fiddle, but I doubt you'd want to hear any of that stuff! mjb.
 Nice.  I enjoy bluegrass. Here in Salt Lake we have a radio station that does a 3 hour bluegrass show on Sunday afternoons, not something you normally hear over the airwaves. mjb.
Okay, finally get around to trying something, a Lebanese Mujadara rice, lentil and onion dish.  Quite simple, only a few ingredients.     Lentils, rice, an onion and some coriander and black peppercorns.  The lentils get cooked in the usual lentil way. The pepper and coriander get lightly crushed, then added to a medium hot skillet with a few tablespoons of olive oil.  After a minute or two when the fragrance starts, the sort of julienned onion goes into the...
 Interesting. I have no problem with that.  If I provide a basic foundation and they want to build on it, that's fine. But I can see where someone saying "Here's Mark's habanero chicken chile, made with pork butt and anaheims" would be quite annoying.
Drat. Just got home from the 6th annual Utah R & B Festival. It got too hot for me. But what matters here is that the site was out on Redwood Road.  I don't get out that way much, and there is this middle eastern market I wanted to visit to grab some spices. Which of course I remembered just as I pulled into the driveway.   Oh well, my first attempt for this challenge will be simple, I have the needed spices on hand.   mjb.
Ripert, indeed. The only other person I can think of currently on the planet who can cook fish at the same level as Ripert  is Morimoto, but he's not French.   mjb.
That was odd. Two different posts get thrown together as one.
I think it was in Mario Batali's "Spain" where Enough for about three dozen pizzas.
One dish I like to prepare is beef short ribs braised with fennel and dried tart cherries. I may have to try a batch using fresh cherries.   mjb.
 Now it is what an interesting life I HAD. Not much fun stuff going on these days.
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