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 I think I'll sit out this round of the eternal question. mjb.
  He would have been 80 today.   mjb.
Something to consider:   http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/11/the-truth-about-cast-iron.html   mjb.
Yikes! That looks as bad as the salt pork I, uh, overcarmelized.   mjb.
Welcome to Cheftalk! It is, indeed, a "really great community" as you say. While there are thousands of members, the majority of the posts come from a much smaller group of people that you will get to know as you go along.  You may want to check out this thread to sort of get acquainted with some of the regulars.       Others will chime in no doubt on uses for stock other than making soup. There was a recent thread which mentioned a 72 hour beef stock, I have plans to...
I love italian beef sandwiches.  Too bad Johnnie Beef's is so far from my house - hot, wet with cheese and onions.  Yum!   There are a lot of slow cooker Italian beef recipes on the net - great for this month's challenge.   mjb.
 Indeed. It is nice, though, that some folks who make an attempt at something new are willing to share the failure on Cheftalk and are willing to try again with the support of all these great people here. mjb.
And don't worry. You will NOT mess up the skillet. If anything bad happens to it over the course of decades it can be brought back to life. Your children's children can be cooking on it. Great stuff.   mjb.
I should have paid more attention to what I was doing. A nasty cold has been slapping me around all weekend, which is why you didn't see a big crockpot of beans from me Sunday in the challenge. Tonight I just sort of gathered together what one could call soy braised lemon peel chicken. Chicken, lemon peel, soy, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, onion and I think a few other items.  It was really tasty!  I may have to try another batch soon, and write down the actual recipe. It...
I use Red Boat. I only have to go a couple of blocks to a market that carries it.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: