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"Grind the popcorn" - I do not understand what this means.   mjb.
Yep, I was hoping to get a smoked tomato and proscuttio risotto done, as well as red beans and rice with home made pickle meat.  Oh well.   I know who I'd pick for the winner. Wonder if the next challenge will be related to the coming of fall in the northern hemisphere, like squash or braising? I mentioned chicken and rice, it could be a poultry challenge. We shall soon see.   mjb.
I was wondering if back in the time the "bacon" used was actually Irish boiling bacon, and not the cured belly as we know it.   mjb.
Sounds like a deal. I worked in kitchens for maybe 5 - 6 years back in my early days, but the mountains had a greater pull for me than culinary arts.  I could go to the labor office, get a job as a hod carrier or lawn care guy, work for a week or two and make enough money to climb and ski for a while. Ah, young and irresponsible.   Ended up in computers, and I know what you mean - hours and hours at the keyboard, but what did I really *do* - what changes are there to be...
And Ordo's sizzling rice had chicken in it as well, does that qualify?  My intention was to simple say I wish I had seen more chicken and rice dishes from other parts of the world.   mjb.
A bit surprised there was not a few last minute entries over the weekend.  Arroz con pollo has not been well represented, I expected more red beans and rice. We'll see if I get in one last dish tomorrow.   mjb.
Had a VERY nice dinner many years ago at The Oak Grove Inn outside of Asheville. Maybe it is still there. And there was this really funky coffeeshop we went to every day we were there, but of course it was about 20 years ago, I don't remember the name or location. But I am sure there are plenty of them there now.
I was a homebrewer for close to 25 years. One of our group's favorites was an imperial stout we called Klisterbrau. Nordic skiers may know about klister "wax"   mjb.
Tomato sandwich?     I should have weighed this puppy, the first great white out f the garden. The slice I put on Karen's plate was bigger than her grilled pork chop. Very tasty mater, somewhat sweet, subdued acid notes, nice.  
Pickled beets are something I have not done for a while.
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