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Tenderloin is a very small, lean cut that is quite easily overcooked, it does take some care to do properly.   mjb.
Didn't there used to be a "Chef's Garden" or some such forum?  
My initial post was overly terse and could be taken as rude, I should have explained the reasoning behind the comment. It seems others have stepped in and taken care of that aspect of it.   Another possible point of contention:     This is a picture of two pork TENDERLOINS. They weigh on the order of a pound or so each, diameter of a small apple, maybe a foot long. If you "barbecue" these for hours and bring them to an internal temp of 200F like you would a pork...
 I agree, my rib rub has about 20% or less of the sugar content of some rubs. And another thing I rarely enjoy is fruit in my beer.  There was, however, one exception. There used to be this place up the street called California C & R. Stood for chicken and ribs. Their hot wings were doused in a sticky, sweet and hot syrup sauce, and I loved to wash them down with a raspberry hefe. Two things I would normally avoid that worked so well together. mjb.
Now, if you start by putting a still frozen steak in the pan ...     mjb.
 There were several neighborhood kids playing in the immediate area, in the 5 - 10 year old range. A handy hose seemed prudent. Tritip, 3 days in a lemongrass marinade, hope to get it posted soon. mjb.
grilling is not bbq.
 Looks like they have been gutted and beheaded. Usually I don't bother. mjb.
 You do mean ELEVATED to a charcoal grill, right? mjb.
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