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I think I got some good gelatin development with this last batch of red cooked belly.     I might need TWO scoops of rice to soak up that sauce!
 Nice. The Asian market down the street has a single frozen duck breast for about $25.  Sheesh. A leg and thigh is about $15.
Wow.  That Aji de Gallina looks very similar to the mole amarillo I had at the Red Iquana last time I was there.  Wonder how the tastes compare?   mjb.
Many, many years ago I was working for my father's land surveying company.  The project was mapping out a power line across southern Indiana.  I was the chain man, the lowest on the totem pole.  I did all the grunt work.  Breakfast at the various cafes and road houses back then was pretty much the same.  The old guys, 30, maybe even 40 years old would be nursing their hangovers, having coffee, maybe a slice of toast.   I would disgust them all.  A stack of pancakes,...
For the bean challenge I did a batch of red beans.  A key ingredient in the way I make it is pickle meat.  The original recipe I started with called for 12 black peppercorns.  Really?  Will 13, or 11, or 15 ruin the dish?   mjb.
So I'm watching this cooking video and the chef is going to sweat some onion.  He very carefully measures exactly two tablespoons of oil into his skillet.   And it occurred to me I have no idea when I last measured oil into a pan like that.  Do you measure, or guess?   mjb.
Made manicotti, it was okay, good flavor with some fresh garden herbs but a bit dry.  The pasta soaked up more liquid than I expected during baking.  Didn't skimp on the cheese, though!   mjb.
Very nice!   mjb.
If it were green olives and pork, I'd look to Cuba.   mjb.
Morning coffee tastes just a bit better today.     Thanks, @Nicko
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