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Wonder if it might be as simple as poaching the eggs in water with sugar added.   mjb.
Yes. Once we got started, with "we" being a somewhat changing group of friends, we brewed once a week. There were times we would skip due to holidays and such, so it was less than 52 times a year.  I just picked 40, could have been more times per year. Basically brew night consisted of boiling up a new 5 - 7 gallon batch, transferring last week's batch from primary to secondary, and bottling the batch from two weeks ago. It was fun, involving consumption of course, darts,...
My guess is that cooking rice in a pressure cooker would turn it into glue.   mjb.
Our best beer ever was an all grain lager. It looked a lot like Budweiser. That was the only resemblance, trust me. Oh so good.  But we did make some pretty good extract based beers over the years. At roughly 40 batches per year spanning 20 years, we got a lot of practice.   mjb.
I brewed for 20 some years, started back in 1984, perhaps, give or take a year.  Back then beer selection, especially here in Utah, was pathetic. Either domestic fizzwater or stale imports that spent way too long on a boat under bad conditions.  These days I can pop into The Bayou - today's beer count:  426. And no, I've not tried them all.   I keep thinking about getting back into doing occasional 5 gallon extract batches, RealSoonNow.   mjb.
I'll definitely work on another hunk of this:     This is a brown sugar and maple buckboard bacon, made from a hunk of shoulder. It was cold smoked for a few days, was very tasty. And I'll be pickin up some bellies tomorrow for sure.   mjb.
Maybe it isn't a public group.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSaltCuredPickle/     mjb.
If you do facebook look into a group called The Salt Cured Pickle.   mjb.
A few years back we invited our vet over for dinner. Actually it was something we did every couple of months or so, he was a single guy who was in the midst of getting a new place up and running. He was always working, and rarely got a decent meal. And we had no problem with him responding to an emergency and leaving in the middle of dinner. He always brought good wine.   Anyway, one spring evening the main dish was beef tenderloin. I bought a whole pismo, probably one...
The one place I knew about in Salt Lake, actually down in Midvale,  that had Cheese Whiz as an option closed a while back. There may be others around town.   mjb.
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