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  We've been on a world tour. Uncharted waters for some, enticing challenges for others. I feel that maybe it is time to once again focus on a single ingredient.   Eggs.   So let's see what you got.  Omelets.  Scrambled. Bernaise over poached salmon. Pickled with beets and crumbled on a salad. Fresh pasta. Fried rice. Sunny side up over a pile of hash browns. Show us something with eggs in it, make my life miserable trying to pick the next host. I expect to see at...
Wow. A bit surprised at this result. Ordo's stuffed pork was amazing.  Butzy's chicken shoarma was right up there - better looking pitas than mine. And the various eggplant dishes - very nice. It would be so nice if we could all sit down together and actually taste the array of dishes presented.   But for the moment I'll just say thanks to @GeneMachine for choosing me as the next host. And I think the August challenge will be a good one.   mjb.
On the Facebook Salt Cured Pig group someone recently did one, and found the end result to not have quite enough of the star anise and szechuan flavor he was expecting. I'll see if I can find it and the amounts he used.   mjb.
I favor the start low, finish high approach. But with char siu pork I try to do it on the grill over charcoal.   mjb.
I'm planning on doing something similar with my next batch of bacon.
After watching that video I'm inspired to do another batch of hand rolled pasta this weekend. And yes, there will be pictures.   mjb.
Found it:   http://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/common-mistakes/article/the-8-most-common-meatball-making-mistakes
Shucks. I thought I saved the link to a page that had a list of common meatball mistakes. Oh well.  But 1 cup of dry panko does seem a fairly high amount for 2 pounds of meat.   Tomorrow night's dinner will be some of the lefftover Persian meatballs I made for the Middle East challenge. They turned out quite well. Next time I might try this Asian recipe.   mjb.
Excellent!  Any day now I'm going to get the pasta roller for my Kitchenaid. Last hand rolled batch was not very impressive.   mjb.
The Kitchen Aid grinder is a bit wimpy, good for occasional use. It is, however, much easier to use than my old Alfa hand powered meat grinder. But the Alfa uses standard #5 grinding plates and knives, which are easy to find. I have about half a dozen different plates for it, am stuck with only 2 for the KA.   The ones you mentioned look like they use a standard size plate as well, which is a benefit.  And various sausage stuffing tubes are likely available. Here's a...
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