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A summertime favorite is coarsely diced tomatoes that spend more time on the trip from vine to kitchen than they do in the saute pan.  A quick sear in the olive oil, butter, shallot mix, stir in the pasta and grated cheese - good stuff.   mjb.
It just now occurred to me that when making bean dishes I don't salt until near the end, adjusting the seasonings. I often do cook them with some sort of salted pork, though, so it is most likely relying on the bacon or ham or whatever to add the salt.   mjb.
 Indeed.  I may have to rethink where and how I take my photos. mjb.
 My wife is always pleasant and diplomatic when presented with one of my "experiments" that has gone awry. Never tried fennel and mint.  Love fennel, would like to see it as a challenge theme someday.
There was a little deli here in SLC that had a GREAT reuben.  Closed up about 2 years ago.  Drat. The dressing they used was just *perfect*
 If the recipe calls for one tablespoon of minced garlic and the cloves I used generate one and a quarter tablespoons, of course I throw the excess into the dumpster.  Honest, trust me, would I lie to you?
Indeed.  I might have to actually try doing something like that, wondering which would fare better in the frying, fresh cabbage or sauerkraut?   mjb.
Corned beef and cabbage eggrolls with horseradish mayo dipping sauce.   Korean buldak style chicken legs.   mjb.
 Perfect eggs.  Perfect steak.  Perfect roast chicken.  We've never discussed those things before :-) But I agree, that is a GOOD looking meal! mjb.
I've been a bit off my feed the last few days, felt like fixing something nice for myself tonight.  Seared some of those Trader Joe's scallops, paired with angel hair in a browned butter sauce, heavy on the garlic and crushed red pepper.  Very nice.  I wasn't sure, but those two little hunks of bread were enough to slick up every drop. I obviously needed more butter :-)  
New Posts  All Forums: