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That bark looks very tasty!   Did a pretty simple dinner tonight, chicken thigh paillards in a basic sauce. Karen liked it, and she surprised me with a comment.  Basically I put the chicken in a hot pan and cooked it most of the way. Removed the chicken, reduced the heat and sweated about 2 - 3 tablespoons of minced shallots. When the shallots were nice and soft I upped the heat, deglazed with a good dose of vermouth, some lemon juice and the juices that had collected...
I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish that stupid, useless "watchMojo" or what ever video crawls off to die REAL SOON.   I am getting SO tired have having my browser hang due to "unresponsive script" errors.
Looking good! I love braised short ribs. Last batch I did I used some local brewery's stout for the liquid, and fennel bulb instead of onion. Quite tasty!
So this coming weekend Rick Bayless and Eric Ripert  are coming over for dinner. Should I serve fish tacos?   mjb.
  It is official. My black krim is now brown stick.   Sigh.
My grandmother, Anna Lutz, had a place out by one of the rural lakes near Dowagiac, Michigan, Lutz's Country House. Never ate there ( that I remember) and to be honest don't remember much of her cooking in detail. It was just always good. Would love to find an old menu from the place, no doubt classic 1950's American comfort food.   Don't remember that much of my mother's cooking, either. But I DO remember huge trays of chicken wings coming out of the oven, smothered...
There may be some confusion here as to "grill" itself. One type is what you see in restaurants, a large, flat steel surface ( aka flattop ) for frying eggs, pancakes, burgers, etc.  The other grill is what you see in backyards cooking hot dogs and rendering boneless, skinless chicken into inedible lumps   mjb.   PS: You know there were times when cleaning the flat top after service was very relaxing, a simple, calming zen exercise.
Reminds me I still have a few in the freezer. I'll gut, season, grill this weekend, I guess.   mjb.
For an event this evening I made a lentil salad with salami, pepperoni, sweet peppers and such. I was planning to only cook about a cup or two of the lentils, did the whole bag. I imagine if I really dig deep and search around, there may be one, maybe two dishes that would qualify for this challenge that use lentils as an ingredient.   mjb.
I thought merquez was North African, but this challenge will most likely teach me a lot of new things.   mjb.
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