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I've been finding that out while playing with my pasta toys. You don't really need to think, but you do need to be aware. Sure, I do some thinking when it comes to deciding what sort of dough to make, what shape, etc. but when it comes down to the actual mechanics of doing it, you just do it.   mjb.
 I plan to present a dish later this week that may not quite qualify. We shall see. And I am a bit surprised that halfway into the challenge we have not seen steak tartare. mjb.
I had a pleasant surprise this morning. Did a couple fried eggs, a few slices of my maple & brown sugar bacon, and hash browns with onions and a pepper. The store bought serrano chile I used had more heat than I expected, very nice.   mjb.
Here's something I've not done for a while, a stuffed pork roast.   The Players     To make a stuffed pork roast, you obviously need a piece of pork.  Here's a sirloin roast, I trimmed off the ends to give a nice sized piece for the two of us.     The ends, along with some salt pork chunks and trimmings from some chops the other day get minced, along with some garlic, marjoram, salt, pepper  and a bit of paprika to make a sort of Hungarian keilbasa. The shallot...
Very nice. Hang around for a while.   mjb.
I'm seriously considering just getting a couple packs of corned beef and throwing them in the crock pot for tomorrow morning's meal in the park. I could also boil some potatoes and throw them in to rewarm in the morning.  Hmm...   mjb.
And I bet you might have some fresh baked bread of the proper variety as well.
Here's a trivia question for you. How many years did the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York take place before any American citizens appeared in it?   mjb.
Did you dip any of that bread in the chili oil for a quick taste?
No pictures, this was a test run with store bought buns, the plan is to bake my own for the mince challenge.   Did bacon swiss burgers on the grill tonight. Took about a half inch slice of my garlic bacon, cubed it and rendered out some of the fat. Chilled it along with chunks of beef chuck steak. Ran it through the Kitchenaid grinder with some onion, seasoned with salt and pepper. Simple toppings just pickle, mustard and catsup in addition to the cheese. Yum yum. Think...
New Posts  All Forums: