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Been a while since I've done sloppy joes. I may change that this week.   For tonight, though, a simple pasta dish.  Simple, yeah, right.   The Players     So the plan is to make a pasta dish, sausage and peppers over fettuccine. So we need sausage. I'm going to try something a bit different here.     Yep, chicken. I've made a bit of pork sausage here and there, trying for a chicken version. It will be a mix of thigh and breast meat.     And to flavor the...
Since your goal is chili I'll suggest you cut the pork into chunks and sear in lard, bacon fat, rendered salt pork or some such. Add the sauce and the bourbon, then low and slow in the oven. I would pass on the liquid smoke, but that's a matter of personal taste.   mjb.
I tend to agree that the issue may be more dough related. I plan to make a batch tomorrow. Maybe I'll cook up a bit with no drying and then some that has dried, see if I can detect a difference in texture and taste.   mjb.
  Check out post #257 of this challenge. Yes, you can submit more than one dish. The count for this one person might be the record.  
  Karen and I saw him when he played at Red Butte - what a GREAT show!   mjb.
Had the day off today, took a bit of time to whip up a quick pork and pepper stir fry.       Onion, garlic and a slice of fresh ginger. Red bell, yellow caribe and thin green ( Thai? ) chilies from the Indian convenience store up the street. A hunk of pork carved off a shoulder.  Soy, black vinegar and shoa xing sherry.     The pork is cut up and marinating in a mix of the three liquids, the slice of ginger and some crushed garlic. Peppers and onion prepped, the...
Chicago dogs - there is a Weinerschnitzel down in Midvale. They have Chicago dogs on the menu. A few blocks away is a place called Johnie Beef's. Someday I should buy a Chicago dog from each place and post a side by side photo, see if folks can tell which is which. Not only does Johnie Beef's have the best dogs in the valley, they have a killer Italian beef sandwich. Hot, wet, cheese and onions is the way to go. Wish it wasn't so far away.   mjb.
I grew some white eggplant last year. I picked them at 3 - 4 inches long, never had an issue with bitterness.     I plan to do two varieties this coming year, just have to decide which ones.   mjb.
  A cold winter's night here in Salt Lake, a bowl of beef noodle soup with mushrooms hit the spot. Made the egg noodles on the thick side, just what I wanted tonight.   mjb.
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