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Maybe I'll get this in under the deadline, we shall see. But it isn't like I'm a serious contender in this one.   I expected someone to do Vietnamese pho by now.  Oh well.   So here's a handful of marrow bones ready to get blanched:     And here are some of the spices and such getting toasted in a pan:     We're looking at coriander seeds, star anise, cinnamon, cloves. Meanwhile, let's check on the char of the onions and ginger:     Not quite ready,...
Those look like loin backs.  And they look quite tasty!   mjb.
Freshly ground chuck is my favorite burger meat.   Dinner tonight was Italian enchiladas, aka manicotti.   mjb.
@kaneohegirlinaz that's not it, those look like plain old pickled green tabasco peppers, which are good in their own right. The sauce I am talking about is red, it was the brand that the Anchor Bar used in the original Buffalo Wing recipe. When it comes to Louisiana style hot sauces, you'll always find one of these three in my fridge - Bruce's, Crystal or Louisiana Original, which I think is made by Bruce Foods, the company that makes Bruce's.   mjb.
Could be chicken fried chicken - also quite yummy. Like chicken and waffles with lots of maple syrup and Bruce's hot sauce.   mjb.
  Just made a batch of tea cured salmon for a potluck party my wife attended this evening.  Good stuff.
No pictures. What I did was bad enough without photographic evidence to back it up.   I worked an afternoon shift at the Utah Arts Festival today, serving beers at one of the beverage booths. Pretty easy work, shaded, a nice breeze blowing through, not even close to being as hectic as working the last shift on saturday.   So I get to go home, jump on my bike and pedal down the street. A mere 7 blocks to home, thought I was never going to make it. How did I get so tired...
When Karen and I first got together she thought it was odd that I always called corn sweet corn. She grew up in the city. She didn't know there was feed corn for the livestock, seed corn for growing more corn, and sweet corn for the humans. And yes, sweet corn eaten raw right off the plant is quite the treat.   mjb.
I soak the fully husked ears in salt water for a while, mostly out of habit, not really sure the salt actually makes a difference. Sometimes after they've steamed for a while I pull off the husks and get a little char on the kernels.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: