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Emboldened by my success with the cukes, I may try onions next. As well as more cucumbers, of course.   mjb.
When checking on the chamber temp of my smoker I often stick the probe all the way through a small potato so the tip is not resting on the metal grate. Those thermometers located in the top probably do more harm than good for backyard pit masters.   mjb.
Looks very nice! I haven't done any rolls for a while, just last night dug out a pack of wrappers from the bottom of a little used fridge drawer.   Now, what to fill them with ....   mjb.
I've been wanting to make another batch of the Persian meatballs I made for a recent challenge. Maybe I'll try it with ground bison, or perhaps kangaroo instead of beef.   mjb.
I was a homebrewer for over 20 years. When I first started back in 1984, I think it was, the selection of readily available beers was pretty bleak. If you wanted a good IPA, or red ale or whatever you had to make it yourself. At one point we were putting out something like 40 - 50 gallons a month. A lot of the fun was from the social aspect of brew nights.   Often I think about starting up the brewery again, we'll see if it ever happens.   And the most difficult part...
I can't believe I have not done this before. For years, it has been just quick pickles.  Thanks to this thread, I tried something new to me.     No vinegar, just salt, water, dill, garlic and black peppercorns. Started about a week ago, into the fridge last night, first taste tonight.   That is THE BEST pickle I have ever eaten.
Sounds like my kind of dessert!   mjb.
Speaking of apples and fermentation, I may have told this tale before, but that never stops me.   Many years ago we lived in South Bend, Indiana, but the grandparent's farm was in Dowagiac, Michigan.  We'd frequently make weekend trips up there. When it was apple season my dad would stop at this one orchard and get several jugs of unfiltered, fresh pressed cider. Good stuff. One jug was kept in the kitchen, the rest went down to the basement fridge.  Dad might bring up a...
Bratwurst with no kraut? No onions? Sheesh.   Seriously, how did that first attempt turn out in terms of flavor and texture?   mjb.
I've heard vinegar is good for you.   mjb.
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