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Lodge is indeed a trusted brand. I'll suggest a 9 inch and 12 inch skillet to start, and a 3 - 4 quart enameled dutch oven. Can't remember what size mine is, but it gets used quite often.   mjb.
After decades of culinary adventure, still a favorite meal.    
I think in Australia the New York or strip steak is called sirloin, but in the United States they are different. I think I have a chart somewhere...     Found it:       mjb.
Chicken stock. Drat.   mjb.
 A number of years ago my younger brother had a bar in Avon, Colorado, just outside of Vail. He told me about the time a tourist from back east came in. The daily special on the chalkboard was "Sliders - 50 cents"  He ordered a dozen. And he was quite surprised when they arrived. He thought a "slider" was an oyster, not a small hamburger. But he rolled with it, ate what he could, shared the rest, realizing that fresh, raw oysters in the Rocky mountains might not be that...
I actually did this about a week ago, got sidetracked.   The Players       The main ingredient.     The supporting cast - chile paste, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, Chinese sherry and some home made chicken stock.     The Procedure   The tofu was cut into bite sized bits and dusted in cornstarch:     Then into the fryer:     Ginger and garlic minced, soy sauce, sherry and chile paste mixed with it:       The deep fried tofu was placed on a rack...
 Doh!  Hang on. mjb.
  Corn tortillas? mjb.
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