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I would tend to think any vinegar would work. I've also seen recipes which use lemon juice as the acid. No doubt subtle differences in flavor among them.   mjb.
Never tried making ricotta, but I have heard it was easy. Was thinking Italian for tonight, maybe I'll do a little research...   mjb.
I seem to recall a recent thread about this sort of thing. Lake perch and bluegill, a relative of crappie, were some of my favorites back in the midwest.  Last year I was in Wisconsin for a vintage race and a group of us went out for dinner. They had walleye as a daily special. I ordered it. The waitress came back in a bit and informed me they didn't have enough walleye for a complete dinner, would I be willing to accept a few pieces of perch to round out the entree. ...
Well I didn't do chicken and dumplings, I did chicken noodle soup. Actually I didn't do that either. I had three items on my shopping list - carrot, celery, noodles. You'd think I could remember all three.  We had chicken and rice soup. Basic, run of the mill stuff, but what made it special was the stock. I added chicken feet to the backs, necks, etc. for the first time in chicken stock. I ended up with some of the most gelatinous stock I have ever seen. And boy, it tasted...
Never used it, but do sort of remember a Japanese Iron Chef episode based on it.
Some things you can do to improve boxed stuffing mix is use broth instead of water and saute diced onion and celery to mix in. One thing I like to add to either the boxed or scratch made is fry up some maple - sage breakfast sausage a local company, then crumble it into the mix. And adding fresh herbs never hurts.   mjb.
Recent posts have inspired me to make chicken and dumplings tomorrow. The problem is I don't have a recipe handy, so I'll be forced to browse the net, reading recipes, looking at pictures, planning and thinking about food for who knows how long. I hate when that happens.   mjb.   ps: I have this bridge for sale ...
One of my favorite Swedish Chef bits is the turtle soup one, which I got a chance to post in the Late Night Cafe the other day.   mjb.
Well, a food picture, of sorts, at last. Hardly a contender for November's top spot.     And why this?  One of my favorite 37 scenes from "Young Frankenstein"  
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