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Okay, I dillied and I dallied and it isn't April 4th anymore, but here it is, just a bit late.    
I bought this for our kitties yesterday. Does it count?  
Yum! Will post a couple of favorites soon, as well as think of something I have never prepared before.   mjb.
 I can think of a few common, basic ingredients that have not yet been featured. And what about Indian cuisine, for example?  And I, for one, would probably welcome round 2 of some of the more popular choices.  We shall see. mjb.
Good choice! Awaiting the choice of our next host @Koukouvagia !!   mjb.
I almost tried sweetbreads during the offal challenge. This looks tasty, maybe I'll give it a shot soon.   mjb.
I thought for sure we'd see steak tartare early on.   Now, what can the next challenge be? There are some things I am surprised have not yet been chosen.   mjb.
Best laugh of the day for me so far.   mjb.
Shucks. May not get one last submission entered. But I have picked my favorite, we'll see what the final result may be. I've enjoyed this one.   mjb.
Meat loaf wellington! How cool!   mjb.
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