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I wish I could find find raw jowl! And yes indeed, metric weights make it so much easier.  I'm hoping to see lots of good stuff in this challenge, though it might take a week or two or three.   mjb.
You can't go wrong with a bowl of good soup.   mjb.
Well @chefbuba has the final say if cured loin products count. But with those chicken drums you may have already wrapped it up.   mjb.
 Look again at the 4th picture in the original announcement. That is NOT belly. mjb.
  Fresnos, habaneros, jalapenos - we'll see what happens.   mjb.
I need to run to the store for a couple items, maybe I'll get some peppers and do a cold smoke this evening. The smoking might kill the itty bitty bugs that power the salt brine fermentation, might have to do that part with a mix of fresh and smoked.   mjb.
Careful!!  Making that first slab of bacon at home could lead to a lifetime of charcuterie.  Here's a place I've used before to enable my habit:   http://www.butcher-packer.com/   About a week ago my wife was in a fridge cleaning frenzy and threw out all the icky looking natural sausage casings I had stashed in a bottom drawer, so I'll be using them soon.   mjb.
On a food related note, one of the group was a pilot who just retired from Delta Airlines. I met him through autocrossing, he had a serious Lotus 7 he raced.  Anyway one year he and his wife went to Africa. After the trip he arrived at brew night with a gift for me. Two little plastic containers, each about half a cup, with some *amazing* curry powders he picked up at a Nairobi street market. Wow.  Wish I could get some at the local Kroger affiliate.   mjb.
Wonder if it might be as simple as poaching the eggs in water with sugar added.   mjb.
Yes. Once we got started, with "we" being a somewhat changing group of friends, we brewed once a week. There were times we would skip due to holidays and such, so it was less than 52 times a year.  I just picked 40, could have been more times per year. Basically brew night consisted of boiling up a new 5 - 7 gallon batch, transferring last week's batch from primary to secondary, and bottling the batch from two weeks ago. It was fun, involving consumption of course, darts,...
New Posts  All Forums: