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 A number of years ago my younger brother had a bar in Avon, Colorado, just outside of Vail. He told me about the time a tourist from back east came in. The daily special on the chalkboard was "Sliders - 50 cents"  He ordered a dozen. And he was quite surprised when they arrived. He thought a "slider" was an oyster, not a small hamburger. But he rolled with it, ate what he could, shared the rest, realizing that fresh, raw oysters in the Rocky mountains might not be that...
I actually did this about a week ago, got sidetracked.   The Players       The main ingredient.     The supporting cast - chile paste, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, Chinese sherry and some home made chicken stock.     The Procedure   The tofu was cut into bite sized bits and dusted in cornstarch:     Then into the fryer:     Ginger and garlic minced, soy sauce, sherry and chile paste mixed with it:       The deep fried tofu was placed on a rack...
 Doh!  Hang on. mjb.
  Corn tortillas? mjb.
Interesting. In James Petersen's book "Sauces" the chicken fricasee recipe makes an effort to NOT brown the chicken, more of a low and slow poach in butter.   And is tarragon like cilantro?  Love it or hate it, not much middle ground.    mjb.
I really doubt you have a 5 pound tenderloin, most likely it is just loin.   When doing a sausage stuffing I usually use diced bell peppers, onion, a little garlic. And I cook the stuffing first, so you don't end yup with cooked stuffing, overcooked pork, or undercooked stuffing, cooked pork. How are you planning to stuff?  Butterfly and roll, or cut holes in it and put the stuffing in those?   mjb.  
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGjYOvu1eJk   Three packs a day, and she isn't talking about cigarettes.   mjb.
Shucks, having a Senior Moment, I guess. I'm trying to remember which challenge was the one where one of my "entries" consisted of preparing a boxed mac and cheese.   mjb.
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