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I can't believe I have not done this before. For years, it has been just quick pickles.  Thanks to this thread, I tried something new to me.     No vinegar, just salt, water, dill, garlic and black peppercorns. Started about a week ago, into the fridge last night, first taste tonight.   That is THE BEST pickle I have ever eaten.
Sounds like my kind of dessert!   mjb.
Speaking of apples and fermentation, I may have told this tale before, but that never stops me.   Many years ago we lived in South Bend, Indiana, but the grandparent's farm was in Dowagiac, Michigan.  We'd frequently make weekend trips up there. When it was apple season my dad would stop at this one orchard and get several jugs of unfiltered, fresh pressed cider. Good stuff. One jug was kept in the kitchen, the rest went down to the basement fridge.  Dad might bring up a...
Bratwurst with no kraut? No onions? Sheesh.   Seriously, how did that first attempt turn out in terms of flavor and texture?   mjb.
I've heard vinegar is good for you.   mjb.
Yikes - just over a week to go, have a few dishes yet to prepare. I may do the Japanese omelet sushi again just for practice. It looked bad, but was quite tasty. And at least one risotto, and ...   mjb.
Nice looking sausage. Save me a link.   mjb.
I've got to find some pickling cukes ASAP.   mjb.
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