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And don't worry. You will NOT mess up the skillet. If anything bad happens to it over the course of decades it can be brought back to life. Your children's children can be cooking on it. Great stuff.   mjb.
I should have paid more attention to what I was doing. A nasty cold has been slapping me around all weekend, which is why you didn't see a big crockpot of beans from me Sunday in the challenge. Tonight I just sort of gathered together what one could call soy braised lemon peel chicken. Chicken, lemon peel, soy, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, onion and I think a few other items.  It was really tasty!  I may have to try another batch soon, and write down the actual recipe. It...
I use Red Boat. I only have to go a couple of blocks to a market that carries it.   mjb.
Grinding it yourself gives you a better idea of what exactly is in there. And you can tailor it to your taste. You might like, say 60% chuck for fat and texture, 40% sirloin for its flavor. And if you are into it, you can grind the meat with chunks of onion and garlic right in, for example. Or maybe chunks of bacon. And whenever there is a big E. Coli recall, it is always from preground products, it seems.   Personally I favor rather plain, straightfoward burgers, mostly...
Due to my meager Fill the Pot efforts I use a slow cooker at least once I week. I was quite happy when I got to go from an ancient 3 quart to a more modern 6 quart unit. I'll be posting a dish tomorrow involving it.   mjb.
In addition to the beans I'll do tomorrow, I have another idea to tie in arepas, beef and this month's theme. Should be fun.   mjb.
Excellent! I already have several things in mind. Maybe as a starter I'll post some pics of the blackeye peas and ham hocks I'm planning for this Sunday's Fill The Pot dish.   mjb.
Beef might be a good challenge theme.   mjb.
That roast looks VERY nice, I'd say it worked out well.   mjb.
No pictures, but we had a nice dinner with a couple of friends.  Roasted a bone in pork loin, crusted with an herb and garlic mix, served with an apple and onion chutney, some sweet potato roasties and a very nice pear, gargonzolo and pomegranite green salad.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: