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Wonder how many entries a "Perfect Burger" challenge would generate?   mjb.
Sweet! You're a fun guy, eastshores.   mjb.
 That sounds good! mjb.
Don't squish all the juice out of it while cooking.   Don't pretend it is meatloaf.   mjb.
When you grind your own it is safe to eat a rare or mid rare burger. Prepackaged ground meat can not be trusted.   mjb.
Rather than hijack the January challenge thread, I'll start this one on how to make the PERFECT burger. Do you grind your own meat? DO you mix flavorings into the meat, or leave the meat alone and add the flavor through toppings? Do you bake your own buns like @GeneMachine suggests?   Not being much of a baker I use store bought buns.  I grind up beef chuck for the patties, season with salt and pepper grill over hot charcoal. Toast the bun, spread some mayo and some...
Red beans and rice was one thing I had planned for the January challenge, but never got around to making the pickle meat first.   mjb.
Besides Valentine's Day, February also has Mardi Gras, which could inspire the challange theme.   mjb.
Woo hoo! @eastshores was one of my top 3 picks. That smoked chicken sealed the deal for me.  Congratulations, and a BIG thanks to K Girl for hosting a great challenge.   mjb.
I've picked my top 3 already, we'll see if one of them is the next host.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: