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That was one of the dishes that @phatch posted in the egg challenge, and one reason he was a top contender. Perhaps he'll share his technique.   mjb.
Actually I didn't make it, saw it on facebook, but it wasn't credited to anyone so I didn't know who to thank for the fun picture.
Don't have any children, but I imagine a cake like this would appeal to some youngsters:  
 Usually I smoke tomatoes in conjunction with ribs or butt or some such.  So they get about 225 - 250 for maybe an hour or so. 400 seems a bit high, you could end up with tomato jerky.  Of course, that might not be a bad thing. mjb.
I was planning my first dish for tomorrow, but while plating up tonight's dinner decided it was worth a mention. The pork chop was rubbed with a paste of garlic, fresh oregano and rosemary. I like going out to the garden and snipping fresh herbs.  The rice I'll discuss in more detail tomorrow, the sauce is about 2 tablespoons of melted, salted butter, about a half tablespoon of soy sauce and a couple pinches of turmeric. Karen really likes it, as do I.   And when was the...
A new Chinese market just opened up here in Salt Lake City, about 3450 South State Street. I stopped in to take a look, they had live lobsters, crabs and geoduck clams in tanks. Not sure what species of crab, I'm not that experienced with them.   mjb.
 An interesting twist. I've got 3 or 4 dishes right off the top of my head, I may have to schedule them appropriately. Rice, like eggs, is such a blank canvas in so many cuisines. As I recall there was an episode of Iron Chef America where the theme ingredient was rice. I may have to dig around and watch that one again. mjb.
Sweet!  Or maybe sticky?   mjb.
5 minutes seems perfectly fine for a steak, 20 minutes is too short for a smoked brisket or pork shoulder.   mjb.
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