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Sneaking in one last bit of frivolity before the end of the challenge. You might see this from a sushi chef in, say, Opelaka Alabama. But probably not.   The PLayers     First off an array of ingredients:     Decent breakfast stuff - bacon, cheese, potato, egg, prosciutto. And in the back some fine quality imported grits, imported into Utah all the way from North Carolina. That hunk of meat in the center is the last of the Canadian bacon I mentioned in a previous...
Yes, lake fish like perch and bluegill are really good.   We had salmon at my sister-in-law's Christmas evening. Her husband has some sort of intestinal problem, can't recall the name. You'd think after 30 years I'd remember.  Anyway the salmon was not seasoned at all and in the oven for 15 minutes or so too long. I ate it and smiled anyway.  I liked my tea cured salmon in one of my brunch entries much better.   mjb.
Wow.   My grandmother, Anna Lutz, had a place called Lutz's Country House outside of Dowagiac, Michigan. I remember very little about the restaurant, I may not have ever been there. This was back when I was about 6 years old or so. One thing I do remember is one evening she came home from the place and was complaining about one of the new cooks who carried a towel over his shoulder. She did not approve of the practice, saying "He's just carrying germs all over the...
Shucks. I was looking for another picture in my files and saw this one:     Wish I had more time to expand on this idea of breakfast "sushi" - a blob of grits topped with a crisp bit of bacon.  Hmm, three more days, right?   mjb.
If your stock is too hot 12 hours might be overdoing it. But if you keep it at just below a simmer, maybe 185 - 190 F it works. The broth I made for the pho in the soup challenge went a bit over three days.   mjb.
I thought folks would find the "salad" amusing. My original intention was to have a "fruit salad" consisting of a single blackberry with a drop of whipped cream on it, but my wife and I ate all the blackberries. Oh well. I was hoping to get in a dim sum inspired entree as well, but probably won't have time. Maybe a plate based on Spam and a couple styles of poke ...   mjb.
I heard about the place in Texas some time ago that offers chicken fried bacon, kept thinking I'll have to try it. And then your post in the dinner thread. This was just the opportunity. I did a flour dip, egg wash ( with an ample splash of hot sauce ) and then flour again. I liked it. Will have to make it for my wife soon, minus the hot sauce.   mjb.
Thanks to @chefbuba for the inspiration for this porkapalooza brunch plate.Those salmon cakes would have worked well here too.   The Players     First off, a hunk of pork loin:     This is destined to become Canadian Bacon.  But there is more pork involved:     We're looking at the makings of a maple sage breakfast sausage here.  Biscuits would go well with the final results:     Eggs and hashbrowns sound good, too.       The Procedure   First...
Chicken and citrus play well together. Dryness of roast chicken is usually the result of overcooking it.   mjb.
  Chicken fried. Brunch challenge.  Hmmm...
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