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 Something like that might be helpful to me with my Fill the Pot efforts. I'm about halfway through that 25 pound bag of beans I got at a discount, would be nice to get more deals like that. The church fed 285 last sunday. mjb.
My simple entry of the grilled mushroom sandwich was primarily to point out how ubiquitous fermentation is in our everyday lives. People were saving food for a LONG time before vacuum sealers, freezers and refrigerators were available. Some little bugs and such are bad for us, some are REALLY good for us.   I remember when I first started homebrewing that my body had a bit of trouble adapting to the living yeast contained in the beer. It was a change for the...
Yes. And I am hoping a certain person with access to high quality pork from his local butcher posts a version that puts mine to shame.   mjb.
Creamy chicken alfredo.   mjb.
Way back before Wolf and Viking, before Kenmore and Kitchenaid, way WAY back, a meal might have consisted of tearing some meat off the bones of the kill and just eating it. Not a very complicated recipe. This submission is only slightly improved.   The Players       The main ingredient - a couple of pork chops from Christiansen Farms out in Tooele, next valley to the west. Pasture raised heritage Berkshire pork. Black pepper, salt, egg yolk, garlic and...
I bet that huge pot of chilis smells wonderful!   mjb.
Pesto could make for an interesting challenge in and of itself, late summer when the tomatoes are getting ripe. Of course, summer isn't the same time for all of us.   mjb.
Could be a worthy goal for the mince challenge.   mjb.
Pick sausage as the theme, and require @OregonYeti to use some of that harissa to make merquez!   mjb.
Thank you, @eastshores for hosting this one. You know, we're getting close to 2 years of challenges. Anyone remember who got the ball rolling back then?   Looking forward to whatever @butzy chooses for March.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: