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For the bean challenge I did a batch of red beans.  A key ingredient in the way I make it is pickle meat.  The original recipe I started with called for 12 black peppercorns.  Really?  Will 13, or 11, or 15 ruin the dish?   mjb.
So I'm watching this cooking video and the chef is going to sweat some onion.  He very carefully measures exactly two tablespoons of oil into his skillet.   And it occurred to me I have no idea when I last measured oil into a pan like that.  Do you measure, or guess?   mjb.
Made manicotti, it was okay, good flavor with some fresh garden herbs but a bit dry.  The pasta soaked up more liquid than I expected during baking.  Didn't skimp on the cheese, though!   mjb.
Very nice!   mjb.
If it were green olives and pork, I'd look to Cuba.   mjb.
Morning coffee tastes just a bit better today.     Thanks, @Nicko
I've got a feeling the yolks are cooked but the beef isn't.   mjb.
Yep, fricassée de poulet.  I use the recipe in James Peterson's "Sauces" book.  Not a quick 30 minute dish, but very, very tasty.   mjb.
Another hint - the chicken is cut into serving size pieces, like thighs and legs, it does not get chopped or shredded any further.   mjb.
When I posted a summary of the themes and winners I had thought about doing actual entry counts, but that seemed like too much work.   I know I have not only found them to be fun, but educational as well.  This new one is going to open up some different styles and ingredients for me, no doubt others as well.   mjb.
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