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I'm part of the Cajun & Creole Recipe Circle on Facebook. Very busy group, but roux is a common topic. Probably more than you ever want to know about the subject.   mjb.
Lemon curd is fairly easy to make, put into ramekins and chill, then at dessert time top with whipped cream and berries. Asparagus with hollandaise is a nice side.   mjb.
I'm not sure what I'll be eating, but I bet it will be turkey, stuffing, mashed taters and such. This year we will be visiting Karen's sister in Phoenix. Cindy and a friend of hers are preparing the whole meal. We shall see.   mjb.
Two members of Jefferson Airplane, Jorma Kaukonen, guitar, and Jack Cassidy, bass, still perform together as Hot Tuna.  Great stuff.   mjb.
As it was my first try at this flavor, I stuck close to this basic recipe:  http://honest-food.net/2011/03/22/sichuan-bacon/   The cinnamon was from a stick of bark, the cloves were whole and they, along with the star anise,  went into a small, dry skillet to get toasted before the spices were all ground together. And I used fresh minced garlic rather than powder. And once the proper firmness was achieved the bacon was rinsed well and then put on a tray, uncovered and...
You can shortcut the roux process by spreading the dry flour out on a baking sheet and toasting it in a convection oven.   mjb.
Since I had some homemade bacon earlier today, it is on my mind. Would doing house made pancetta be feasible? Could be a nice selling point.   mjb.
 Me too. I may try to sneak one more in before the end. I've done a chicken, a pork and a lamb dish, have a beef one in mind. mjb.
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