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Having been involved with old British sports cars for several decades, I can attest that welding is a valuable skill.   mjb.
They are pretty bitter raw, they'd probably need some sort of blanching or such, might work in a warm potato salad.   mjb.
 Well, I did host the potato challenge. Lots of ideas there. And remember RPMurphy?
When smoking I often put the chamber temp probe through a small potato, so that the tip of the probe is not touching the grates.   mjb.
In my opinion beet greens are under utilized.  Which I guess means I should incorporate them into a salad sometime this month. Hmm...   mjb.
A little nutmeg, especially if doing fresh ground, goes a long way. And it plays well with mushrooms, too.   mjb.
Made a small batch of chicken salad tonight. Had I known the challenge I would have tarted it up a bit. Perhaps I'll do a Chinese octopus salad, or a lemongrass beef one, or Italian style lentil, or ....   mjb.
 Biscuits and gravy? The gravy is basically bechamel with the butter replaced, all or in part, by pork fat. mjb.
My guess is people were eating it long before there was a word for it.   mjb.
If this pork is from a nice heritage, heirloom or whatever pig, it should have enough marbling so that brining is not necessary.  Brining is also not necessary for slabs of factory farmed, mass produced stuff that already contains up to 15% salt solution.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: