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Hey @IceMan - you left out the ketchup on that dog!  ( Sorry, I had to. )   There is one place in Salt Lake that makes THE BEST Chicago dogs in the valley.  Too bad I am rarely in that area when a lunch break comes around. And their Italian beef sandwich is top notch.   mjb.
Tonight was so - so, some baked taquitos. Edible, but fried are better. And forgot the avocado to serve along side.   But a couple of nights ago I did some soup.     Broth was a 20+ hour steep of pork neck bones, aromatics for the last couple of hours were onions, garlic, star anise and ginger. Pulled out a portion for Karen, then added dried chilies, more garlic, fish sauce and black vinegar for my share. We both got sliced crimini mushrooms, soy sauce and nice...
How well would a crab and artichoke risotto pair with lobster? A bit too heavy handed on the shellfish?   mjb.
I'm growing various sizes and colors of tomatoes.     The big one weighed in at 1.26 pounds.   mjb.
??? It worked for me.
 I have dedicated grinders for coffee and spices. One morning the coffee grinder kissed the turf, I cleaned up the spice grinder and used it. Not the best coffee I've ever made. mjb.
If the guy moving the onions was using his fingers, that might be noteworthy.   mjb.
Any chance of throwing a countertop toaster oven into the mix?   mjb.
It is a key ingredient in making good Utah french fry sauce.   Just think of it as a flavored vinegar.   mjb.
 http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php You might get an idea or two from that site. mjb.
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