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Start a recipe. Divide it in half. Leave an ingredient out of one of the halves. Try to taste the difference.   mjb.
For a bit of a backstory here there is a restaurant in town called The Red Iguana. Been around forever, family deal, homemade, etc. They serve some REALLY good moles. Been on Diners, Dives and Drive Ins. If you want to go there for lunch or dinner, plan to spend some time - the waiting list can get pretty long. You may not know their music, but folks like Steve Earle and Robert Earl Keene, Texas musicians who come to town on a regular basis claim The Red Iguana, hands...
  Tonight's version of the minced pork in random store bought jar of mole sauce was better. Definitely some potential here.   mjb.
 I'll have to try something using tomatoes and marigolds, a very common companion planting. mjb.
@jake t buds there's a soup I've not done for some time. Thanks for the reminder.   Had a sandwich at Firehouse Subs for dinner. That was NOT the plan, things did not work out as scheduled with work. I was hoping to get home and mess with something I tried last night, chopped pork in a store bought mole sauce:     Last night's initial attempt was edible. The ratio of mole paste, broth and meat was way off. Maybe tomorrow Take 2 will be closer to what I want.   mjb.
Wish I could help. Goat is an underrated meat, the few times I've cooked it I did it with an African influence. Last month at Salt Lake City's Living Traditions festival I got some goat stew that was REALLY good, but again African style.   mjb.
Some of the Asian markets around town have some pretty nice looking ceramic or porcelain, some with matching holders. For me, stainless ones just seem to lack character. I myself have a set of nice bamboo ones.   Last week I was driving a passenger and we were talking about Chinese food.  We happened to pass a certain Korean restaurant so I had to tell her my story.  One day I was there and was eating the kimchee soup. And as usual, spoon left, sticks right as I was...
I'm wanting some asparagus risotto now, looking good! My favorite bar had an appetizer special involving eggplant, buffalo mozz and tomato. It was good, but could have been better. Hopefully get some time this week to have a go at it.   mjb.
Progress - getting some blossoms, can hardly wait for the first cukes:     Did I mention that The Bagel Project on the corner of my block has a big dispenser of cucumber lemon water?   mjb.
  Not that distinct in this photo from a week or so back, but the nearest plants are my cucumbers. They are covered by a hoop of concrete mesh, and the plants on the left already had started wrapping tendrils around the wires of this trellis within a few hours of me installing it. Plants have grown a bit since then, and there are a couple of new ones added to the dry spot on the right.   We'll see how well this trellis works at growing cukes in the air instead of on...
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