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The thread on grilling corn changed my mind, doing some spare ribs and sweet corn for dinner tonight.   Something involving turkey tomorrow night for the challenge, most likely.   mjb.
I may do a fowl dish or two for the challenge, that's about it.   mjb.
When grilling, I soak for an hour or two in salt water, husks on. And then cook over direct heat until the husks are nicely charred, then let it rest 5 - 10 minutes before peeling.   mjb.
Funny!   I usually rinse, most often I buy whole chickens and look for missed quills and such.   mjb.
  A room temp egg put in a frying pan will cook a bit more quickly, allowing the white to set without the yolk getting overdone. Right out of the fridge takes longer, with a greater chance of having the yolk overcooked before the white sets. mjb.
I keep eggs in, and usually remember to pull them out in time to get them to room temp before cooking. Doesn't make any difference in scrambled or omelets, but does in fried, poached, soft cooked.   How about ginger root?     mjb.
A bit too lean for my taste. That's why I decided to leave it flat and treat it more like bacon rather than roll as is done more traditionally. But it is really tasty.   mjb.
  Done. Yum.
Very nice. I've made it a couple of times, quite tasty. Actually I recall I posted a short video, like 7, 8 seconds, of the sizzling crust as I pulled it out of the oven.   Might be time to revisit that dish soon.   mjb.
Garlic salt I use pretty much daily. Celery salt, de riguer for Chicago dogs which I never make, I do use on occasion.   I like the idea of a chili salt, as I just bought a package of chiles and need to use them soon.   mjb.
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