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Okay, here's a sandwich.     It consists of two slices of lightly toasted sourdough bread ( store bought ) with a spread of mayo, thinly sliced red onion and pickled peppadew peppers. The main filling is slices of a broiled portabella cap. The shroom was marinated in a mix of soy sauce, shao xing rice wine and hot bean paste. Served with one of the pickles from that jar I posted the other day, and some Kettle Sriracha flavored chips. Washed down with some Raineer...
My my.   If the tips of the scissors get too hot, they can lose their edge and temper. But such is unlikely to happen turning bacon.   I myself would be annoyed by someone using my kitchen scissors as tongs. If someone tried to use my poultry shears in such a manner, I would be REALLY annoyed.     mjb.
Yum.  Sausage could be a good challenge topic, both for those who make their own and for those who use pre made in dishes.   mjb.
Some hot sauces, like tabasco, also use a fermentation process.  For example:   http://www.thejoykitchen.com/recipe/fermented-louisiana-style-hot-sauce   Hopefully I'll do what I have planned for tomorrow's lunch and get it posted.   mjb.
Once at my local Kroger affiliate I saw a package of standing rib roast. That's what the label said, but the content was a nice piece of chuck. I pointed it out to the guy at the meat counter, wonder if it got relabeled, or if the just put it back and some one ended up really disappointed in their prime rib dinner?   mjb.
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Check. Country Music Hall of Fame. Check. Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Check. Unparalleled icon of American music. Check.   Happy Birthday to The Man in Black.  
As I recall there are still 2 pizza places in New York using coal fired ovens. Would love to try a slice or two there.   mjb.
Well I got one part of my submission for the challenge done tonight:     Should be edible come saturday when I hope to complete the dish.   And of course now my fingers smell like garlic, fresh dill and cucumber. I may have to wash them again in a few hours.   mjb.
Many years ago a friend and I stopped for lunch at the Amana colonies in Iowa. Oddly enough, the restaurant featured German cuisine. Lunch was served family style, first to hit the table were three different cold kraut salads, along with some really good bread. When the hot food arrived, a few more hot kraut dishes. And of course we washed it down with a couple pints of their craft beer. Good eatin'   mjb.
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