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I had a dream once involving cooking, I think.   One morning my wife asks me if there is something going on in my life she should know about. In my sleep I said "People should steal more." Had to laugh at that one. Before going to bed that night I was reading some Cheftalk posts on caring for one's knives. What I really said was "People should steel more."   She got it.   mjb.
Surprised no one has responded yet.  For the mince I would say salt, black pepper and some sort of onion or garlic component would help.  Not used to working with mackerel, in general dill and lemon play well with fish.   And how many grams of chopped pepper you get depends on how many grams of whole pepper you have.   mjb.
Well as is often the case, things didn't work out. I was going to do a grilled shrimp and avocado salad, a classic ceaser and a lentil salad. I did get to the lentil one.     The meats used are salami, pepperoni and basic American ham. I meant to stop and get proscuitto. Diced up to the size you see in the corner.     The veggies include the lentils in the bowl ( I forgot what color they are ) an orange bell pepper, scallions, sun dried tomato, marinated...
In my opinion,, water is not a good base for a marinade. You need oil and acid.   mjb.
Got some hearts, getting ready to prepare them.     The hearts get marinated for an hour or two in a mix of cilantro, salt, olive oil, lime juice, garlic and various chilies.   Then threaded onto skewers and quickly grilled over hot coals.  Pictures of subsequent steps and the final product would have been available had I paid attention to camera battery level.
Marinate the hearts in lime juice, oil, salt, minced garlic and chopped cilantro. Skewer and grill.   mjb.
Surf and WHAT?  Ha ha.   I got lazy and did some crock pot Italian beef. Actually turned out quite tasty. And the other day grilled some turkey thighs in a teriyaki style marinade, also yummy.   mjb.
We had Papa Murphy's the other day.   I am SO looking forward to that first pie with fresh from the garden maters....   mjb.
I guess that like me, no one saw that episode.
 I do about half a head at a time in a shaker jar, which isn't too bad. mjb.
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