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I have a question regarding the childrens menu - are the kids you use fresh or previously frozen?   mjb.
Gosh, what timing. For this coming Sunday, Easter, I'll be doing a side dish for the park, and just decided on cauliflower gratin in the crock pot. And I'll probably top with mozz and parm, though one doesn't get that crispy, browned crust.   mjb.
I did beef enchiladas tonight, made with some of the leftover roast from this meal, French Dips.     A basic rump roast. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder, I laid it on a bed of onion slices in a cat iron skillet, into a 375 F oven for just over an hour.     Just about right:     Added some beef broth to the hot skillet, a little worcestershire sauce to make the dipping juice.  These slices were sliced again across the grain into thin...
Cold smoking is mainly for flavor.  The salt cure should extract most of the moisture from the fish. Depending on the thickness of the piece it should cure for about 2 - 3 days. It is ready when it feels firm. Assuming you cure it in a plastic bag in the fridge, turn the bag over once in a while, you'll get a feel for the fish tightening up.     Can't remember if this is the batch I did for the brunch challenge. It looks darker than basic lox because dark, smoked tea...
I avoid disturbing the bones as much as I can during stock making. The beef stock I am dipping into for various dishes for this month's challenge probably spent over 3 days all told, steeping at about 185 - 190 F.  Maybe next batch I'll put a stopwatch on it.   Have not had a pressure cooker for many years, just got a pressure canning setup this past fall for canning. Maybe I'll try making stock under pressure, see how it compares with the long steep method.   mjb.
 Glad to hear you finally get something decent.  I am spoiled, this place is like 625 feet from my house. City Weekly, a local arts, entertainment, etc. paper called them 'The best thing since sliced bread.' https://bagelproject.com/  
Went to the store to get the stuff for the pot for the homeless.Was debating what to do when I walked in, saw a cooler by the door with beef chuck on sale. Now I know what to do. Got beans, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes ...     389 fed this morning, a couple dozen got a taste of my beef and beans.     Tossing in some of my home made red chili sauce added a nice touch.   mjb. .
It was cold and dreary in Salt Lake City.     A perfect day for some hot soup.  Got out about a quart of that beef stock I made earlier, and some stuff to put in it.     Some top round, a parsnip, frozen corn, green beans and mushrooms. The veggies were cleaned, peeled, cut as needed, beef diced.  First step was getting a little color on the mushrooms.     They were pulled out when nicely done, the stock and parsnip hit the heat.     A bit later the...
Were it not for Hank's last minute entry, Ordo's burger wellington would have done it, this would be his challenge.   mjb.
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