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Such a score!   mjb.
 Marketing nonsense. It still has similar sugar content.  The "uncured" phrase comes from not using nitrates in it.  Well, except for the nitrates found naturally in the other ingredients added to it. http://agriculturesociety.com/healthy-living/deceptions-in-the-food-industry-applegate-organic-natural-meats/ My home cured bacon and pancetta products tend to leave less in the pan than commercial stuff. mjb.'
 There's a small place down in Midvale, JohnnieBeef's that does a  very  good   real  Chicago  dog.  I hate those days when I'm driving by at lunch time and can't stop due to having a passenger already or being late for my next pick up. And if you care about your car's upholstery, do NOT order a to go Italian Beef sandwich wet. Butt back to the topic at hand. A pork shoulder is one of the most forgiving hunks of meat on the planet.  As one can see there are many ways to...
Sure is quiet around here.   mjb.
Also what else will be offered?  You probably want 5 - 6 oz. of pork per sandwich, so you want roughly 7 pounds of finished product. Assuming no one will want two sandwiches, of course.  That could be at least 10 - 12 pounds raw product. Actually it has been a while since I've done this cipherin' fer real, current pros who do this regularly jump in and scold me as needed.   And pulled pork should be done when it gets in the 190 - 200 F range. It exhibits strange...
Are you talking oven roasted here? One caveat is that some of today's "smart" ovens figure that if the unit has been on for X number of hours somebody forgot to turn it off.  You could wake to a cold oven filled with uncooked product.   mjb.
As a general rule, fresh versions of the stuff found in the packets is better.   mjb.
 Something in Micheal Symon's comment could make for an interesting discussion. Oh, wait, we've gone over it before. mjb.
 Yep. Still about 2 more weeks before the end of the month. Hope you can work something into the challenge. mjb.
Trying out something new for me. It worked. It worked very well.   The Players         Trying something new here - a tomato rhubarb chutney.  Of course there's the rhubarb, and the heirloom tomatoes - the one on the left might be Aunt Somebody's German Green, nut sure about the other one. And some red onion, garlic and ginger root.     The supporting cast includes brown sugar, red wine vinegar, cinnamon, cumin seeds and a black coriander pod.  Can you figure...
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