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I was planning on making this the other night, but got lazy and just roasted the chicken.   Chicken, cut up butter chopped onion salt, pepper flour chicken stock button mushrooms pearl onions heavy cream egg yolks.     I prepare it in my largest cast iron skillet.
Those look like fried dill pickle spears.
I have a feeling that it will take more than a grilled steak with chimichurri sauce to nail this challenge.  Of course, I would love to see some examples of the dish posted here.
I think I'l just go to the Brazilian steak house up the street and take my camera. Will that work?
Cheflayne's list does look like some sort of bread or dumpling with a dipping sauce.  I have no idea of what it might be called.   mjb.
Brazil, Argentina, Peru - just picking one of those countries, for example, could have been sufficient.  Wow - this could be a really great, diverse theme.  I love it!   mjb.
I've had a hankering for chicken livers for a few days, that last post didn't help.  The guy at the meat counter said they should be getting some soon.   Good job, everyone!   mjb.   ps:  If I were choosing the theme, it would be a tossup among an ingredient, a technique and a location.
No help with the storage, the original post just brought back a memory.  Years ago in the homebrew days one of the crew visited Africa.  He brought back little gifts for all of us.  Mine was a little tub of curry powder from some random vendor at a Nairobi street market.  Wow.  It was *SO* good.  I can imagine how good your spice gifts smell and taste.   I'm jealous.   mjb.
Frozen corn kernels - love 'em!  Like candy to me.   I'll pass on the dog food.   mjb.
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