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  Corn tortillas? mjb.
Interesting. In James Petersen's book "Sauces" the chicken fricasee recipe makes an effort to NOT brown the chicken, more of a low and slow poach in butter.   And is tarragon like cilantro?  Love it or hate it, not much middle ground.    mjb.
I really doubt you have a 5 pound tenderloin, most likely it is just loin.   When doing a sausage stuffing I usually use diced bell peppers, onion, a little garlic. And I cook the stuffing first, so you don't end yup with cooked stuffing, overcooked pork, or undercooked stuffing, cooked pork. How are you planning to stuff?  Butterfly and roll, or cut holes in it and put the stuffing in those?   mjb.   Three packs a day, and she isn't talking about cigarettes.   mjb.
Shucks, having a Senior Moment, I guess. I'm trying to remember which challenge was the one where one of my "entries" consisted of preparing a boxed mac and cheese.   mjb.
Arbys has these buffalo chicken sliders for $1. I will not bother to look up the nutritional information for these, like I did for the IHOP Smokehouse Combo. Ignorance is bliss.   mjb.
Start a recipe. Divide it in half. Leave an ingredient out of one of the halves. Try to taste the difference.   mjb.
For a bit of a backstory here there is a restaurant in town called The Red Iguana. Been around forever, family deal, homemade, etc. They serve some REALLY good moles. Been on Diners, Dives and Drive Ins. If you want to go there for lunch or dinner, plan to spend some time - the waiting list can get pretty long. You may not know their music, but folks like Steve Earle and Robert Earl Keene, Texas musicians who come to town on a regular basis claim The Red Iguana, hands...
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