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I really like lemongrass beef, maybe I'll try it with asparagus next time. mjb.
http://dangerousminds.net/comments/burger_king_goes_goth_in_japan_with_their_black_burger     mjb.   (Apologies to the Rolling Stones)
When I said "roasting" I was referring to searing off a steak, then finishing to final temp in an oven.  Hmm, I can't remember how long it has been since I asked "How thick is the thickest steak? How thin is the thinnest roast?"   mjb.
The electronic devices that do get used on a regular basis in our house are the microwave - Karen uses it to make her oatmeal every morning. I use it to put some heat into a cup of coffee that has been sitting too long. The coffee grinder for coffee gets used every day. The coffee grinder for spices gets used once or twice a week, as does the digital kitchen scale. The blender, food processor, big mixer, little mixer and immersion blender maybe once or twice a...
Was just out picking some tomatoes and peppers. Have some habaneros that are ripe, looks like some Jamaican jerk style loin ribs or chicken this weekend!   And on a side note, peppers was a possible theme for the challenge, but I think people enjoyed eggs.   mjb.
A couple of my favorite tools:  
I've been wondering about doing a wet Jamaican jerk rub on a skinless pork belly, at least overnight, and hot smoking it. Could be real tasty, could be tough and inedible. I'll add it to the list of RealSoonNow projects.   mjb.
I might try live crabs someday, but for most things will stick with Southeast Market.
On a side note, have you checked out the new Chinatown market at 3400 S State Street yet? Pretty big place.
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