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And today Lauren Bacall.  Like Williams, a shock, but not a surprise as she was close to 90 years old.
 One of the reasons I picked eggs. Something so basic and uncomplicated can be exactly what we crave, simple and satisfying. mjb.
Looks good! In truth I like to see some of the more mundane, common dishes here. I often use this particular thread to help me decide what to prepare for dinner when I get stuck for ideas.   mjb.
I'm planning on making a batch of these tea eggs tonight, so they will be ready for a picnic supper tomorrow. Last of the Concerts by the Creek series, a local bluegrass/folk band will be playing.
I remember way back in Dowagiac getting a bowl of vinegar mixed with water, possibly with a bit of sugar added, from my mom and going out in the back yard. We'd pick dandelion leaves, dip them in the vinegar and eat.   A few years back I was surprised to see bunches of dandelion greens for sale at a local market.   Wonder if the dandelion in vinegar is what set the stage for my love of pickles over sweets?   mjb.
I agree with Mary - keep the heart and tongue. Heart can be trimmed, sliced and fried, tongue takes more prep but can be tasty. If you don't like liver, then send it to me.   mjb.
Rest in Peace.
If the store bought marinade has a high acid content, overnight would likely turn the chicken to mush.   mjb.
By the way, the risotto turned out quite well:     Lousy picture, but with a good dose of lemon juice and garden fresh basil, both chopped and stirred in as well as a garnish quite tasty.   Smothered burritos tonight.   mjb.
Wow, @redchef300 that looks quite nice. A third of the way through the month, and I'll add this to the list of tasty treats like @Pete and the crabcakes benedict and @ordo's scotch egg wellington. Great stuff folks, keep it coming!   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: