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 Yuck! I would never!  I prefer those little smokies sausages in my box of smacks, as I call them. mjb.
 Sorry, couldn't resist. 
We are flying out of town to have Christmas with family members. I won't be doing much cooking at all, if any.  I was planning on preparing a nice dinner for my younger sister, but she wants to go out for Mexican.  Hope there's decent Mexican food in the Los Angeles area.   mjb.
Beef is the only stock that garlic goes in, and just one or two cloves at that.   mjb.
Arepas take 2. Maybe the third time will be a charm.   mjb.
Okay, here's a serious holiday tradition I posted on Facebook the other day.   It is the Sunday before Christmas. A long time ago in the small town of Dowagiac, Michigan, it was tree day. We'd all bundle up and climb into the family wagon and head off to the countryside. Dad would take us somewhere and we'd procure a tree. Often it meant traipsing through the woods on one of the family farms and sawing away, sometimes a commercial lot.   We'd head home with the prize...
 Same for garlic cloves, if used.  Well, the skins don't add color, it just is easier to use unpeeled, but smooshed cloves. mjb.
Yes, there are a LOT of people who help, on the order of dozens. Some just cook up a small pot or two to share, some help with the setup, serving and cleanup at the park. I'm just one of the little cogs in the bigger machine.  I was happy to go from a 3 quart crockpot to a 6, now I feel only half as inadequate as I used to ;-) Having a senior moment - there was a very well paid basketball player for the Utah Jazz that was into it, he and his wife put both time and money...
Well sad to say Joe Cocker passed away today. There are a few of you out there of the appropriate age and experience to relate.  
Was rummaging in the pantry looking for something, found a box of Jiffy mix.  Decided to bake it. Mixed the batter, added a handful of cheese. Poured it into a hot iron skillet with some bacon fat in it, hot oven for 20 minutes.   I had forgotten how *sweet* the Jiffy mix can be.  Think I'll stick with the products from "boutique" mills.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: