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Very nice. Hang around for a while.   mjb.
I'm seriously considering just getting a couple packs of corned beef and throwing them in the crock pot for tomorrow morning's meal in the park. I could also boil some potatoes and throw them in to rewarm in the morning.  Hmm...   mjb.
And I bet you might have some fresh baked bread of the proper variety as well.
Here's a trivia question for you. How many years did the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York take place before any American citizens appeared in it?   mjb.
Did you dip any of that bread in the chili oil for a quick taste?
No pictures, this was a test run with store bought buns, the plan is to bake my own for the mince challenge.   Did bacon swiss burgers on the grill tonight. Took about a half inch slice of my garlic bacon, cubed it and rendered out some of the fat. Chilled it along with chunks of beef chuck steak. Ran it through the Kitchenaid grinder with some onion, seasoned with salt and pepper. Simple toppings just pickle, mustard and catsup in addition to the cheese. Yum yum. Think...
 They are just mashed potato, peas and some spices in a wrapper. And OH SO good. And only 99 cents each! I've never eaten more than 4 at a time, though I've been tempted. As I've mentioned before I think a good challenge theme would be wrapper, filling, sauce. Samosas would qualify with a dipping sauce. mjb.
There's a convenience store a few blocks north of here owned by an Indian family. No hot dog rollers, but some really good home made samosas and potato wedges, and quite a large variety of spices and special ingredients.   mjb.
Used some of the roasted red pepper dough from the ravioli experiment to make some basic noodles.     Served them with a crab stuffed salmon roll.     The salmon had almost a buerre blanc sauce, I forgot I used all the heavy cream last night. The pasta was tossed with browned butter, some herbs and grated parm, topped with basil. Very nice.
I try to make use of the challenges as a means to get me to branch out, experiment, try something different. And tonight I did something I've never done before - ravioli.   The Players         This is for the filling - shallot, garlic, sweet peppers and some of my pancetta. Not shown are the ingredients for the pasta, which included eggs, of course, flours and roasted red peppers. And the sauce was a pretty basic can of tomato sauce with some minor...
New Posts  All Forums: