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I used jusr barely ripe ones, not too soft.  Cut off a slab from each side and just laid the sides and the center with the pit over the coals, no seasoning. When they got a bit charred cleaned off as much of the softened flesh as I could, put them in a container and hit them with my stick blender. Added the juice of 1 lime and enough orange juice to get the right consistency and a sprinkle of cayenne powder.   mjb.  
I used this recipe recently for a dinner party, turned out well. I used bone in, skin on chicken breasts, served slices of it on a grilled mango and orange puree. Chicken and citrus is always a good combination.   http://flavorsofbrazil.blogspot.com/2012/06/recipe-grilled-chicken-with-lime.html   As for Korean, do some web searching for bul dak or Korean Fire Chicken for some marinade and sauce ideas.   mjb.
Nice lookin' curry, @AZFoodie   I've been having computer issues with my servers, got to bed last "night" about 7 am.  The grilled lemongrass beef and lentil salad I had planned did not come to fruition, took a quick pasta, pepperoni, salami type salad instead.   There was a jicama, corn and black bean salad there that was really tasty, a good dose of lime juice and cilantro - I'm going to try making some in the next few days.   mjb.
 The other day I was thinking that a good challenge theme might be something stuffed inside pastry.  Like this, or Cornish pasties, or empanadas, or calzones, or stromboli or ...
  That reminds me, haven't been to Cafe Trang for a while, they have ( I hope still ) a clay pot catfish dish that was really good. Going to a garden party friday, so expect to see my next contribution here something like a lemongrass beef salad. mjb.
 I thought for sure one of the early entries would be Filipino adobo or kare-kare. Balut not so much. mjb.
One of my favorite Iron Chef America episodes is Morimoto v. Patricia Yeo, with tofu as the theme ingredient. Yeo, the challenger, scores a very impressive 58 of 60 possible.  But she loses because Morimoto got a perfect 60. It may be worth trying to find a copy of that somewhere if you want tofu ideas.   mjb.
I figured Butzy for a top contender from the beginning.  I should quit being such a slacker and get some more dishes posted.   mjb.
I used to go on dinner hikes throughout the summer with a group of friends. With the troubles I am having with my hip I don't do that anymore. Basically we'd meet after work, drive up a canyon, hike for 30, 45 minutes or so, sit down and eat. Hardly makeshift, some of the dishes took a fair bit of effort. Like the time I took a quiche in a 9 x 13 pan up to Champagne Bench on Bastille Day.   Anyway, one of the more memorable ones was fraught with vehicle troubles, we...
Tried something a bit diferent tonight.  Grilled some chicken thighs and wings. To sauce the wings instead of using the typical tabasco or cayenne based hot sauce, I used some Chinese hot bean sauce, made buy the Har Har Pickle Food Factory. It was a tad on the salty side, but quite tasty.   No cell phones were involved.   mjb.
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