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Very nice, Butzy. I was thinking of baking pitas as well, but it is so hot outside.  Hmm, maybe do them outside over charcoal...   mjb.
Mesquite is another wood that can quickly ruin your food. Makes good charcoal for direct grilling, though.   mjb.
  Looks very nice I was surprised that there was no planked fish in the fish challenge.  Of course, I meant to do some myself, but...
Herbed butter sauces go well with the items mentioned, from a simple butter infused broth to the more complex bernaise and hollandaise types.  Buerre blanc goes well with salmon in my opinion, I've been meaning to try a buerre rouge on beef.   mjb.
This is sitting in a yard about a block to the north of me.  
Tonight was some of the leftover mujadara along with a lamb shoulder chop. The lamb was marinated in oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, greek oregano and fresh rosemary.  Then grilled over hot coals to the rare side of mid rare.  It was good.     A local Lebanese place calls it moujadra, I'll have to try theirs someday.
 KRCL - a real treasure here in Salt Lake, if you get tired of commercial radio and hearing the same 6 songs over and over and ... Anyway, you can stream the bluegrass show at krcl.org, it airs from 1pm to 4pm MDT on Sundays. Bluegrass Express is followed by Fret and Fiddle, but I doubt you'd want to hear any of that stuff! mjb.
 Nice.  I enjoy bluegrass. Here in Salt Lake we have a radio station that does a 3 hour bluegrass show on Sunday afternoons, not something you normally hear over the airwaves. mjb.
Okay, finally get around to trying something, a Lebanese Mujadara rice, lentil and onion dish.  Quite simple, only a few ingredients.     Lentils, rice, an onion and some coriander and black peppercorns.  The lentils get cooked in the usual lentil way. The pepper and coriander get lightly crushed, then added to a medium hot skillet with a few tablespoons of olive oil.  After a minute or two when the fragrance starts, the sort of julienned onion goes into the...
New Posts  All Forums: