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Saurbraten was one of the dishes I was expecting to see in the beef challenge.  When I moved to SLC my friend and I were renting a house from a German immigrant couple. Nice family, we liked them, they liked us. We got invited over to dinner several times a year, and saurbraten was often the focus of the meal. I seem to remember she used rump roast, but it was a long time ago.   mjb.
 I was thinking about the inclusion of pancetta, which is cured but unsmoked, and decided that I had enough smoked bacon ideas that I'd never get around to a pancetta based entry. Got a small hunk of belly today, it will be curing while Karen and I fly to Phoenix and drive back her dad's car this coming weekend. One hunk in a Schezwan inspired style, the other black pepper and garlic, a favorite of mine. mjb.
Very nice, Ordo!  I've done pancetta in similar fashion before, and I can testify on just how tasty such an item can be.   mjb.
For those of you who might be considering jumping in to home made bacon, here's a tip. Put the meat and the cure into the bag or whatever, check it, massage it on a regular basis, like once a day, maybe every other day. At some point it will change from a floppy hunk of raw meat to a firm hunk of goodness. The magic has happened. Depending on a lot of factors, this could be 5, 6, 10, 12 days. Don't be impatient, don't rush it.   Be one with the bacon.   mjb.
I wish I could find find raw jowl! And yes indeed, metric weights make it so much easier.  I'm hoping to see lots of good stuff in this challenge, though it might take a week or two or three.   mjb.
You can't go wrong with a bowl of good soup.   mjb.
Well @chefbuba has the final say if cured loin products count. But with those chicken drums you may have already wrapped it up.   mjb.
 Look again at the 4th picture in the original announcement. That is NOT belly. mjb.
  Fresnos, habaneros, jalapenos - we'll see what happens.   mjb.
I need to run to the store for a couple items, maybe I'll get some peppers and do a cold smoke this evening. The smoking might kill the itty bitty bugs that power the salt brine fermentation, might have to do that part with a mix of fresh and smoked.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: