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The Bagel Project on the corner of my block offers the "Little Italy" bagel which consists of house made mozzarella, house made pesto, house made balsamic glaze, fresh basil and a tomato slice. One of my favorites. Wonder if they'll tell me any details about the glaze?   mjb.
Not personally a big dessert eater, but that sure looks like a contender to me!   mjb.
 Depending on any seasoning used, a good pinch or two of grated parm is a nice touch.
Nice! I've never done that much, just a few 3 - 5 pound hunks, treating like brisket. Definitely good for BBQ sammies.   mjb.
And if you noticed I only used half the corn and half the bell pepper. Another chicken breast for a couple of bucks and I could have gotten 4 tasty servings at less than 2 bucks a plate. And in case you were wondering, I put some fresh squeezed lemon juice on the chicken while it was cooking, failed to mention that in the original post.    mjb.
The Prices     1 boneless, skinless chicken breast - $2.12 1 lemon - $0.69 1 red bell pepper - $1.25 1 bag frozen corn - $1.00   Total for above items: $5.06   Not pictured are butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil and herbs de provence.   The Procedure     Diced about half the bell pepper, added it to about half the bag of corn in a pan with about a half tablespoon of butter. and a few leaves of basil from the plant on the window...
  A couple of bucks worth of veggies and this could be a contender. But I passed for now, had other plans for dinner.   mjb.
Years ago Karen and I were in Germany in early spring. Had I not been a home brewer, I would have had no idea what those fields with very tall poles topped by some sort of netting were all about. Hop vines can REALLY grow!   mjb.
Hey, @laurenlulu maybe you should repost that in the "Show us your face" thread.  Cute!   mjb.
  My plot at the Grateful Tomato Garden. The one on the right - it needs work.  Actually I did a fair bit of weeding since this photo was taken, and I've started to work on a border to define the edge between my plot and the walkway. But no new plants in the ground yet.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: