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If you compare the picture of mine and @Mike9 's efforts, the slices look a dull reddish color. But if you look down the barrel so to speak, the pork has this rich, deep red mahogany hue to it. And he rounded his more.   mjb.
This could be fun. Just off the top of my head I think I'll do four dishes. One from Africa. One from China. One from India. One from somewhere in Europe. And though eggs and dairy are fair game, I'm going to try to avoid such in 2 of the dishes. Of course, come the end of the month what I actually do may end up completely different.  But there WILL be tofu involved.   mjb.
I may be way off here, but my guess is that this was one of the easier challenges to pick a champion. Congratulations, @morning glory well done.   mjb.
The Prices               Hunk of pork shoulder:   $5.36 Black beans:                 $0.69 Avocado:                       $0.77 Green onions:                $0.50     Total:                            $7.32   Pantry stuff:       The Procedure     The hunk of pork shoulder was seasoned well with HoosierQ Rib Rub.     The cast iron skillet was then covered tightly with aluminum foil and placed in a 275 F oven for about 3 hours while I worked...
  Shucks. It is a month later and we are looking at just over 50% weight loss. That's too much, very dry and hard. But those thin slivers are quite tasty. Will certainly try round 2 and check it at about 30 - 35% loss.   mjb.
Ducks like them:     In other uses, the bagel shop on the corner has a big thing of ice water available, which usually has slices of lemon and cukes in it. The cucumber adds a nice touch.   mjb.
This thread made me realize how little I use mustard. Powder in my Q sauce, a squirt in HoosierQ Pig Sauce, and some on the occasional sandwich.   I should probably expand my use of the seasoning.  Oh, mustard seeds in some of my fermetend pickle products, does that count?   mjb.
Love ziti. Not so much as a pasta, but as a scoring opportunity in Scrabble like word games.   mjb.
The Bagel Project on the corner of my block offers the "Little Italy" bagel which consists of house made mozzarella, house made pesto, house made balsamic glaze, fresh basil and a tomato slice. One of my favorites. Wonder if they'll tell me any details about the glaze?   mjb.
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