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 I also concur. Back a few decades I loved soggy, overloaded pizzas with 435 or so different toppings. Now I favor thinner crusts with just a few toppings. But I do on occasion go for a more bread like crust, such as this pie I made a while back.  Canned tomato sauce with fresh garden herbs, cheese, mushrooms and browned sausage. mjb.
I had a bowl of beef noodle soup. Not being much of a baker it was served with peel and pop cardboard tube bread, Pillsbury's rustic french.     Need to work on my lighting setup. What I did work on though, noodles.  Another attempt at making basic egg noodles, and an excuse to work on my new toy acquired at Christmas.     It was fun. A little more practice and I'll be an expert.   And perhaps this post could be in the slow cooking challenge due to the broth....
The Players     Boneless beef short ribs. I would have preferred bone in for a touch more flavor. Fennel, shallot, garlic, dried cherries and there in the back a bottle of a local brew, a Wasatch Polygamy Porter.     The Process     First get the meat browned in some olive oil, then sweat the veggies with some thyme and marjoram.     Next step is return the beef to the pot, add the dried cherries and pour in the beer. Except of course the small portion...
Usually I use the hand grinder to get a bigger, more coarse "chile" grind if you will.  Actually that reminds me - I'm probably due for a batch of basic Texas Red RealSoonNow.   mjb.
The fear of salmonella in raw chicken is well founded. Today's huge chicken production factories are almost guaranteed to be somewhat contaminated. Beef and fish are different. The main problem with fish is parasites, which are controlled by freezing the fish for certain lengths of time at certain temperatures. Do some digging on "sushi grade" fish. Contamination on beef only occurs on exposed surfaces. The E. Coli problems almost always come from ground beef produced in...
I have a grinder attachment for my KitchenAid, use it often. I find the biggest drawback is the limited number of plates available. For my hand grinder, a #5 ( small ) I have about 5 different sizes. If I want something in a different consistency than what the KA gives me, I use the manual one. In both cases, however, I do cube the meat fairly small and grind it after some time in the freezer.   I also prefer chuck for my burger. Been meaning to try using tritip, but I...
I remember years ago when my go to dressing was the packet of zesty Italian. I've expanded since then. My faves these days are based on freshly hand whisked mayo, though.   mjb.
Worth checking:   http://www.pizzamaking.com     mjb.
One of Karen's favorites - chicken enchiladas. Yum.  We did a Papa Murphy's pizza tonight.   As for day boat scallops, I seem to recall they are also known as diver scallops. They are individually collected from the bottom by divers, and not dredged up en masse from scallop farms.   mjb.
 Yes, my list was of possible challenge themes. It has been a few cold, gray days here in Salt Lake, the comfort foods like hash and beef stew have really been making me hungry. Maybe I'll braise some short ribs for dinner. mjb.
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