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I might try live crabs someday, but for most things will stick with Southeast Market.
On a side note, have you checked out the new Chinatown market at 3400 S State Street yet? Pretty big place.
Had a hankerin' for wings. Summer thunderstorm came rolling in, so no outdoor charcoal, done in the oven.     on the left sour cream, fresh oregano and hot paprika. At the top spicy Chinese bean paste. Lower right store bought spicy garlic sauce with some minced, homegrown ripe jalapeno added for extra kick.   If I had a restaurant, the sour cream wings would be on the menu. A nice herbal flavor without being too spicy, something that folks with more timid palates...
Karen will be spending a week with her family, leaving wednesday. Maybe I'll experiment with tendon while she is gone.
    The online videos make tamago sushi look so easy. I am not expecting Morimoto to make me an offer of employment.
I know I've mentioned this before, but back in the days of "Utahslavia" which was a Slavic festival here in SLC, there was this family that showed up. Three generations, and I think the last couple of years it was four, as there was a great grandchild getting fussed over by the matriarchs.  THE best kielbasa, THE best perogies - would love a plate of that now.   mjb.
I really have no idea what it was that got me into cooking. I've related before the story of my dad and his friend going mushroom hunting one Saturday, and me walking into the kitchen as my mother was cooking them in butter. No, I was NOT delighted, I said something about the horrid smell. Amazing how much I love mushrooms now.   And there was my grandmother, Anna Lutz, who ran Lutz's Country House just a bit north of Dowagiac, Michigan. Uncle Bob's Lutz's Drive Inn is...
Oh, home made bacon. That's different.   mjb.
 I'll suggest rendering down some salt pork for the fat. Usually doesn't have the extra sugars and additives of bacon. Or go with lard, and lots of onions.
The K-rose rice is a bit starchy. Trying to think what it was that got me to buy it in the first place. The first batch or two was on the gummy side, too much water. The package directions assume one is at sea level where water boils at 212F.  A bit less water but longer cooking time and a longer resting time seem to produce the best results for me.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: