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I have to get some duck soon. I think I mentioned before that one place near me has whole, frozen ducks for about $18, or frozen breasts for $25.  Hmmm....   mjb.
http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-worlds-hottest-pepper-scoville-heat-units-20131226-story.html     Water is probably the worst thing to combat capsaicin as it is not water soluble and water just spreads it around the mouth more quickly. But fats absorb it. If your mouth is on fire, eat a tablespoon of butter. I'm sure I've mentioned this before here, but some time ago I had a cookbook where the author had an Indian food party one evening. As the guest arrived...
Watercress - wow. It has been a long time, but I remember going up City Creek Canyon and picking fresh watercress along the banks. I should head up there and see if there is still any around.   mjb.
Not too many pictures of this one. Tonight I made probably the smallest batch of chicken habenaro stew I've done. But all I had were 2 small red caribbean habs. Total harvested from the plant for the year: 5     Pretty simple stew. Get the pasilla over the flame to start charring the skin. Cut the chicken into pieces, brown. I used a 50/50 mix of butter and olive oil as the fat of choice for this dish. Clean and quarter the 'shrooms. Pull the chicken out of the pot,...
Personally I would sweat the onions with about 3 - 4 cloves garlic, but that's just me.   You may want to bbe careful about using wine. The orange juice will be quite acidic, and a dry, acidic wine might just be too much.   mjb.
I'll also say that there are no hard and fast rules about hot sauce. A favorite of mine at one time was Melinda's. One was made with habaneros and carrots, the other one with carrots and habaneros.   mjb.
Tonight might have been the first time I've made squash soup. But then again, I don't remember every dish I've ever made in the last 40+ years or so.  But I came across this acorn squash:     It was growing along the fence at the community garden around the corner from my house. This was the baby on the vine.   I figured one that size would be old and tough, expected it to take a while to bake. I was thinking chunks the size of an apple might take an hour, maybe an...
@homecookproject that looks VERY nice!  Well done.   mjb.
Does pork and beans count as a stew?     I'm making a crockpot full for Calvary's "Fill the Pot" thing they do every Sunday, feeding homeless. First time I've ever worked with pig's feet. Hoping they give a nice bit of richness to the final product.  Of course I'll have to get up earlier than usual to pick out the bones and such, but I'll survive.
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