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Trying out something new for me. It worked. It worked very well.   The Players         Trying something new here - a tomato rhubarb chutney.  Of course there's the rhubarb, and the heirloom tomatoes - the one on the left might be Aunt Somebody's German Green, nut sure about the other one. And some red onion, garlic and ginger root.     The supporting cast includes brown sugar, red wine vinegar, cinnamon, cumin seeds and a black coriander pod.  Can you figure...
Having hosted two challenges I know what you mean!   mjb.
Wish my wife was more fond of lamb. I would love to prepare this more often.   mjb.
For some expert tips on cooking pork "tenderloin", check this out. Pay close attention about 1:40 into it.  
Grill or pan fry, minimal seasoning, don't overcook. They probably won't need a brine.   mjb.
I've not seen any indication of the roasting temps, perhaps that is part of the reason the first person failed to get a satisfactory result?   mjb.
 Never tried sauntering, I usually stroll or lope my veggies.  ( Sorry, I had to.) Nice to see some pics getting posted. mjb.
Quick, easy.  Well, the home made pancetta is not that quick, but once you have it on hand ...     Boiled some angel hair. Browned some pancetta lardons with onion. Diced up a store bought heirloom tomato, no idea what variety. It did have a rather meaty interior, about the size of a lemon but a nice pinkish red. Tasted a bit better than the usual store bought cardboard maters. Threw it in the pot with some fresh basil and a splash of sherry, cooked for 3 - 4...
Growing up back in southern Michigan, northern Indiana, I had one uncle who was a hog farmer. Another uncle was a potato farmer.   I'm branded for life, I concur with @Koukouvagia
A favorite of mine is a sauce of butter and soy sauce stirred in, then topped with furikake, Japanese rice seasoning. It is available in different flavors. Also diced tomato and fresh basil, sprinkled with parm.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: