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Wow. An interesting month. This is one challenge shy of 3 dozen, we'll be entering the 4th year come April. Picking the host for the next one was not easy.   K Girl's cabbage rolls were an early favorite, as well as the lumpia.   @ChefHoff laid out quite a spread of entries, ravioli, gyros, enchiladas. Loved the lettuce leaf as wrapper.   All those dumplings and stuff for foodie518's Chinese New Year could have sealed the deal.   @ordo went all out this time, I...
Man, this is going to be a tough one. Some top flight contenders doing good work. Would have liked to have seen more first time entries, at the moment it looks like the next host will be a repeat offender.  Of course, who am I to talk, this is my third time hosting.   Got some thinking to do before Monday night at this time.   mjb.
Still no success with crispy fried shallots, but tonight's dinner involved some chicken pho, of sorts, with tofu fried in the shallot oil saved from previous attempts.  Nice.   mjb.
 What? No celery ribs?  I agree with @foodpump that broth is a finished product, stock is a building block.  This is a question that will never be answered, like Ford vs. Chevy, Ginger vs. Maryann, ...
Fear not, the weather is warming up a bit. That basil plant and another herb or two will be going into a much larger pot with some of the great compost taken from the pile by the side of the garage. This weekend if all goes well. A better place to put it is part of the overall plan with the wall shelves, the porch shelves, etc. that I'm working on. And the cats' "solarium" will be upgraded as well.   mjb.
The basil plant in the kitchen window probably plots my demise on a regular basis.  
 That's interesting. mjb.
If it is baby lettuce the leaves may not be big enough to use as wrappers for a big hunk of Korean Bo S'sam [ or however you prefer to spell it ] as an entry in this month's challenge.   mjb.
The procedure described in the link @MillionsKnives posted looks promising.  It might work much better if one does not get distracted for too long at a crucial point.  
Sorry, all I know is that maseca is not what is used for arepas.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: