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As usual, I head into the store with something in mind, but after checking the "Used Meat" section, as I call it, pork chops seemed to be the ticket. Brined for a bit in a simple black peppercorn, juniper berry and bay leaf mix, pan seared then finished in the oven. Made some applesauce, steamed some asparagus - very nice dinner.   No pics of the result, just one of the package I sent to my wife to let her see what was coming up:     They were BIG chops, enough left...
  Really.  If I hadn't already had my chicken in the marinade this picture would have convinced me to fry it.Doing pork chops for dinner tonight, with some warm applesauce on the side. I use a GE X500 camera.  It has buttons I have yet to push and figure out. mjb.
With the exception of the fennel and orange peel, it looks like the ingredient list for the red cooked pork belly I have done.   mjb.
Karen was elsewhere for dinner, so I went with something spicy.  Did a take on Korean buldak, fire chicken.  While at the Asian market I saw these:     They were labeled as Korean chiles, I was hoping for some heat.  But they turned out to be rather mild.  But I still have a few of my home grown cayenne peppers dried and stashed away.  Used those for the heat component, used the green ones for the freshness.     A little white rice with a dash of furikake on the...
I remember watching a video quite some time ago about this, but can't remember specifics.  Drat!   mjb.
Pimentón de la Vera is a staple in my kitchen.  Never had Piment d'Espelette, will need to look for some.     Pickled herring is my go to treat.  And wasabi peas.   mjb.
Forget the chicken - I WANT that truck!   mjb.
I assumed those were sausages, not bread.   mjb.
Where's the two scoops
I got one of these:   http://www.bialetti.com/cookware/aeternum-c-2_12.html   It was an impulse buy.  My wife was on the first floor buying shoes, I was waiting for her in the third floor kitchen department.  Marked down to $20 from $30.  My cast iron does the heavy lifting in the kitchen, I do have a few non-stick pieces.   mjb.
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