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Oh, home made bacon. That's different.   mjb.
 I'll suggest rendering down some salt pork for the fat. Usually doesn't have the extra sugars and additives of bacon. Or go with lard, and lots of onions.
The K-rose rice is a bit starchy. Trying to think what it was that got me to buy it in the first place. The first batch or two was on the gummy side, too much water. The package directions assume one is at sea level where water boils at 212F.  A bit less water but longer cooking time and a longer resting time seem to produce the best results for me.   mjb.
First off, this is my usual rice, except for risotto:       Cooked some up the other day, used some of the leftovers for tonight's dinner. We had char sui grilled pork with a shrimp and shittake fried rice. The shittakes were used to make a bit of dashi, which I hope to use in another submission in a day or so.     Karen really liked this batch of fried rice. I didn't try to get her to eat the kimchee fried rice I did back in the cabbage challenge. I'm sure she...
That was one of the dishes that @phatch posted in the egg challenge, and one reason he was a top contender. Perhaps he'll share his technique.   mjb.
Actually I didn't make it, saw it on facebook, but it wasn't credited to anyone so I didn't know who to thank for the fun picture.
Don't have any children, but I imagine a cake like this would appeal to some youngsters:  
 Usually I smoke tomatoes in conjunction with ribs or butt or some such.  So they get about 225 - 250 for maybe an hour or so. 400 seems a bit high, you could end up with tomato jerky.  Of course, that might not be a bad thing. mjb.
I was planning my first dish for tomorrow, but while plating up tonight's dinner decided it was worth a mention. The pork chop was rubbed with a paste of garlic, fresh oregano and rosemary. I like going out to the garden and snipping fresh herbs.  The rice I'll discuss in more detail tomorrow, the sauce is about 2 tablespoons of melted, salted butter, about a half tablespoon of soy sauce and a couple pinches of turmeric. Karen really likes it, as do I.   And when was the...
A new Chinese market just opened up here in Salt Lake City, about 3450 South State Street. I stopped in to take a look, they had live lobsters, crabs and geoduck clams in tanks. Not sure what species of crab, I'm not that experienced with them.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: