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Somewhat surprised we've not seen a rendition of this dish yet.   The Players       Fairly basic pile of stuff. Store bought bacon, since mine is still in the cure, store bought sausage since I am actually kind of sick and not feeling all that energetic. You might have seen that jar of smoked and fermenting peppers before, one of the Fresnos is going into the hash browns.   The Procedure   I like a drop or two of hot sauce in my egg wash, in this case a mustard...
A gem from the stuff we hauled out of Karen's father's kitchen last weekend.     I'll give it a workout later tonight, perhaps, report back.   mjb.
  Think I will order a new sealing ring for the Presto.
Grilled cauliflower slices?   mjb.
So the cold smoked peppers go into a 4% brine. Here's what they look like now:     Most certainly fermentation is occurring. Pop off the loose fitting lid and you get a BIG hit of smoke. Take a taste of a pepper, not much smoke. Seems the brine pulls the smoke flavor out of the pepper, I guess.   Think I might hot smoke a batch of jalapenos this weekend, mince them and these peppers and do a mash rather than continue with whole chilies.   mjb.
You missed a spot.   mjb.
Karen's work had a dinner tonight for employees and spouses, it was held at The Bombay House, a popular Indian restaurant here in SLC. I can't remember how many covers they do a night, it is a large number. There were about 60 of us. They way they handle it is family style, they just bring out food, setting the plates on the table, folks eat what they want.  Appetizers includied some chickpea fritters with a very nice sauce, pea and potato samosas, stuff like that.  The...
    Last night I was planning on doing a variation of puttanesca. After I got the dough made, I fell asleep at the computer many times while waiting for the dough to rest.  My workday started at 4 am, no surprise there.   mjb.
 Not right or wrong, a matter of preference. I've made good product both ways. mjb.
When it comes to swiss, you need to weigh the cheese and the holes separately.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: