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Okay, got sidetracked with another issue, didn't make the connection.
 I wonder what "these" might be.
If you do burgers from store bought ground meat, they should be cooked to death. If you grind your own from solid slabs of chuck or round or sirloin or whatever that you've picked out as fresh, then you can actually have a nice, juicy burger.   One of these days I want to grind tri tip into a burger, but I like it too much as is to do so.   mjb.
A bad picture, and it looks a mess, but I love ooey, gooey, spicy, messy smothered burritos:       Had to walk a few blocks afterwards to work some of it off.   What I really want, though, is fried chicken gizzards. Earlier at the market I saw a young fellow recently arrived from Africa who was buying all the packages of gizzards they had, which was only 3. He was speaking English, but with such an accent it was hard to really communicate.  All I can tell you for...
Looks quite nice, @flipflopgirl nice to see some sweets.  I love lemon curd. Of course it is basically egg yolks and butter with some lemon juice, what's not to like?   And yes, that was a garlic mayo I made wednesday. We went to a little outdoor concert that evening and I prepared some chicken salad sandwiches using it. Yum!   mjb.
I thought "xeres" meant sherry vinegar, not straight sherry. I may be mistaken.   What we had in our eggs was not sherry vinegar.   mjb.
Very similar to one of the courses we had at Forage, but with some sherry in the cream, no coriander. They were *delicious*   mjb.
I'm inclined to say post away, leave it to the host to factor in the timing.   mjb.
  Let's see - egg yolk, lemon juice, vinegar, minced garlic, a spot of mustard, a pinch of salt and some oil.   Hmmm....
Yum yum!  I made my first batch of pho for the Southeast Asia challenge. It was REALLY good, I can't wait to practice and get better at it.   One big disappointment, though. You don't make cups of pho broth, you make quarts. I could have sworn I put the extra broth out in the freezer. Then one day investigating an odd aroma in the fridge, guess what I found at the back of the bottom shelf?  All that work and flavor down the drain. Sigh.   mjb.
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