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We had Papa Murphy's the other day.   I am SO looking forward to that first pie with fresh from the garden maters....   mjb.
I guess that like me, no one saw that episode.
 I do about half a head at a time in a shaker jar, which isn't too bad. mjb.
When I was in the business many decades ago my least favorite was stuffing the snail and butter into the shells. Could never really get into a Zen mode doing it, but I loved the way my fingers smelled!   mjb.
 I twas. The green blobs on the avocado are dollops of hand whisked basil aioli, to reference another current thread.
Looks good!   mjb.
I am planning another batch of this for the challenge:  
Having a CRS moment here - avocados are one of the few natural sources of XXXX which humans need for proper health.
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