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Beef tongue and brisket cost more than sirloin steaks?  Really?   mjb.
Now THAT is a meal!   mjb.
A basic steak and eggs type thing. In this case, Salisbury steak of sorts. How many of you know the origin of that name?   Just a quick brunch deal, nothing too fancy.     Some chuck on the left, bottom round on right. House made pancetta up in the corner.  Cube the beef, chill, slice and par cook some pancetta.  Into the grinder.       Time to assemble the pattie, stuff it with some gorgonzola, get the rest of the meal underway, egs and...
Wonder if bison can be considered suitable for this challenge?  I'm thinking of doing a slightly different take on this surf and turf entry I did for the brunch challenge:         mjb.   PS: A Facebook friend posted a pic of a dish with quail eggs, which she just discovered.  I posted this picture showing her how I last used them. One of her friends wasn't quite following the discussion, and just HAD to know which Portland, OR restaurant was pairing cured salmon...
Not sure exactly what sorts of dishes I'll be posting, but no doubt there will be a need for beef stock along the way. Or is that bone broth?       mjb.
I'd most likely cut the wide strips in half, at least.   http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/zucchini-noodles/    Debating if I want to plant any this year.   mjb.
Flippin' Iron
Good choice, almost picked it myself.   I'm having a pork chop for dinner. Maybe beef tomorrow.   mjb.
Wow. An interesting month. This is one challenge shy of 3 dozen, we'll be entering the 4th year come April. Picking the host for the next one was not easy.   K Girl's cabbage rolls were an early favorite, as well as the lumpia.   @ChefHoff laid out quite a spread of entries, ravioli, gyros, enchiladas. Loved the lettuce leaf as wrapper.   All those dumplings and stuff for foodie518's Chinese New Year could have sealed the deal.   @ordo went all out this time, I...
Man, this is going to be a tough one. Some top flight contenders doing good work. Would have liked to have seen more first time entries, at the moment it looks like the next host will be a repeat offender.  Of course, who am I to talk, this is my third time hosting.   Got some thinking to do before Monday night at this time.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: