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I'd use them.  Short ribs are part of the chuck primal, you should be just fine.   mjb.
 I remember one night back in 197? When I was sharing a place we called Hoosier Haven, even though one of them was from Ohio, with a couple of others guys. It was February, I think, a blizzard outside. Chile verde, burritos and tacos, and we had the windows open. mjb.
It is one thing to be steeped in tradition. And a totally different thing to be embalmed in it.   mjb.
 Sheesh. Like anyone would ever dip their fries into a chocolate milkshake. mjb.
Chicken feet, wing tips, necks and backs all are good additions to stock. Salt is usually not needed in making stock, it can be added later when you are actually doing a specific dish. Roasting the bones and bits in a hot oven before tossing in the stock pot can add a bit of color and flavor.   Having your stock turn out like this is a good thing:     Nice gelatin formation. This is the day after, what it can look like after overnight in the fridge.     mjb.
 And I helped!  No doubt a few of you remember that commercial. Did a pork based cottage pie tonight. Tasty. mjb.
For those of you who plan to use mimosas as part of your brunch presentations, you may find this how to video helpful.   https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=mimosa%20video     mjb.
 Indeed. Tonight's dinner was not like last night's.  No canned soup, no frozen veggies fresh out of the microwave, no instant mashed potatoes. Just a simple sandwich with some of the kielbasa I did for the last challenge, some kraut, spicy mustard and swiss cheese. And some of the last of my pickled green tomatoes.  This is different than the one you get at a certain national fast food hot dog chain. mjb.
  I've made maple bacon, and I've made garlic bacon. Never both flavors together.  Hmm.... mjb.
 This is certainly off topic, but the memory came up again today. I drive people to and from doctor's appointments and such. One fellow I drove on a regular basis was Gyll Huff. He was quite a pleasant person with whom to chat. One day we were discussing childhood comfort foods on the 20 - 25 minute drive to his place. The net result is that we stopped at the grocery down the street from his apartment so he could get a loaf of white bread and a package of bologna, because...
New Posts  All Forums: