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Could drying time be an issue here?   mjb.
My impression is $10 for everything, not $10 per serving.   Had I gotten home from work earlier, I would have made a tasty dinner for about $4 to kick things off.  But leftover soup is what it is tonight.   mjb.
This could get interesting.   mjb.
Congratulations, Jake!    I too expected more entries and a wider variety, like a classic quiche and bacon wrapped grilled peppers.   I had planned to have some bacon ready, the first slab was to go in the cure before we left for Phoenix a few weeks ago. It didn't, had to chuck it because it spoiled while we were gone. Second attempt took too long.  Here is what it look s like at the moment:     6 hours of cold smoke yesterday ( apple ) and about 4 hours into it...
I was expecting a burst of last minute activity.  I was also hoping to have my bacon done in time, didn't happen. The Sichuan style was going to be fried up and served with egg foo yung, the garlic bacon was going to be incorporated into a garlic bacon cheeseburger.   Oh well.   mjb.
 Ha ha! mjb.
On those rare occasions I make patty melts at home I shape the meat to fit the bread.   mjb.
This could well be the basis for a monthly challenge in the near future.   As you pointed out there are a lot of variations. It all depends on what you are trying to do.  For an Ethiopian wat you caramelize a lot of onions, for a French friccassee no browning.  I make what I call sweet onion soup, where the onions are cooked low and slow in butter, avoiding any browning.  It is different than French onion soup. Not better or worse, different.   When doing stir fry, I...
My usual method is seasoned flour - egg wash - flour again.  The egg wash usually contains about a cup of hot sauce.  Okay, maybe not quite that much.   mjb.
After about 20 hours in the salt and sugar mix, rinsed and ready, 431 grams.     It was rubbed with a bit of sherry, then a rub of herbs de provence and cracked black pepper was applied:     Now, where's my cheesecloth?   Expect next update in about a month or so.
New Posts  All Forums: