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 Grape juice. mjb.
  I think this is a yellow brandywine. I seem to have misplaced the map of my garden. 581 grams. The sweet 100 might be a gram.   mjb.
 I'm guessing not that many Chinese places have pork kidneys with spicy vegetables like Sweet Ginger down in Midvale. Good stuff. And I was surprised to see black vinegar as a table condiment.  And yes, this is off topic. Agreeing that is is more a list of recipes than a list of skills is on topic, though. Like "How to make soup" just says "add a base, like stock" - how lame is that? mjb.
This place is across the street from South China House restaurant and South East Market, two places I frequent, but I've never been inside. It might be time to find some good, dark tea for another batch of tea cured salmon.   http://www.teagrotto.co/     mjb.
Lately my trend in burgers is simplify, much like my taste in pizza has changed.  Used to be I'd load them up with all sorts of stuff. Now I go for more minimalist, 2, 3, possibly 4 toppings. The burgers I recently made and posted in another thread with bacon and garlic ground into the meat were about as far as I would usually go in messing with the meat mixture. Once Karen commented on why grinding the meat rather than purchasing preground and I replied something like "I...
The obvious ones for me are fresh tomato pizza ( I often cheat and get a Papa Murphy's plain cheese and top that ) BLTs and simple tomato sandwich. Do you have a grill of any sorts? Smoked tomatoes are a nice touch in various dishes.   mjb.
 Cornstarch?  I velvet chicken and pork, it is a good technique to know. I've had mixed results with beef. mjb.
Yes, whisk. A texture, silkiness kind of thing, just like with mayo.   mjb.
Well I had planned tp produce a nice entry for the challenge today. The kitchen plumbing had other plans for me.       But one part of the dish is underway, I've got the ricotta underway.  
Nutmeg plays well with mushrooms, if used in modest amounts.   mjb.
New Posts  All Forums: