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Hmm.  Last day of March.  Wonder who will be selected as the next host?  I've got my top three in mind.  Wonder what the next theme will be?   mjb.
One of the best batches of beef short ribs I did were braised in stout, with dried cherries and fennel bulb instead of onion.  I could see Short Stout Sliders on the menu for sure!   mjb.
Here in Utah wine and spirits can only be purchased from a state store, so nothing at all in Trader Joe's.
Earthquake strikes LA area Trader Joe's wine section.  Losses could total as much as $27.50    
Shortly after I mentioned Italian beef sandwiches in another thread I went to the market.  Picked up a small roast, planning to have Italian beef sandwiches tonight.  Not quite what happened, ended up with french dips and french fries with cheese sauce.   Been cold and rainy here this weekend, I think tomorrow night some of that roast that's left will be part of cottage pies.   mjb.
  I've had a different experience.  I've related before the tales of my first Thanksgiving with Karen's family - canned veggies, instant potatoes, gravy from a packet - salt?  pepper?  They're in the kitchen somewhere. It has been a long, slow process, but well worth it.  They enjoy real food at holidays now. mjb.
Hardly off the wall, but here's an idea.  To complement the pizza menu, how about doing a nice Italian beef sandwich?  Maybe braise the beef in one of your lighter brews?   mjb.
My wife used to eat peanut butter with dill pickle chip sandwiches.  Wonder what it might taste like with cashew butter?   mjb.
The Ethel sign reminds me of a bad joke about Fred Mertz at the gas station.   mjb.
As usual, I head into the store with something in mind, but after checking the "Used Meat" section, as I call it, pork chops seemed to be the ticket. Brined for a bit in a simple black peppercorn, juniper berry and bay leaf mix, pan seared then finished in the oven. Made some applesauce, steamed some asparagus - very nice dinner.   No pics of the result, just one of the package I sent to my wife to let her see what was coming up:     They were BIG chops, enough left...
New Posts  All Forums: