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Also consider going to a Chinese market and taking a look at some of the sausages there.   mjb.
Decided to change my look. Why did it bring to mind Chinese phone books?  
I often think of that onion chopping scene whenever I'm working with onions. It was a good one.   mjb.
Very nice, Ordo. Bone in loin roasts are hard to find on a regular basis around here, love 'em.   mjb.
There is a place here in town, a brewpub, I went to frequently. Good food, good beer. As an example one day a group of us from the U went there for lunch. While driving down I was saying that I hadn't been there in quite some time, blah blah.  Our group gets seated and the server is taking our orders. She gets to me and I order the Southwest pork stew. She says "Mark, you always order that!" So much for my claim on not being there in quite some time.   Some time later I...
I've only seen ground venison at a few markets here in Salt Lake.  You may want to call some hunting shops for info.   mjb.
Bah, humbug!  But those meal tickets are a nice idea, I may have to do that.   mjb.
I've heard of pickled beef tongue before, but not this:   http://youhavetocookitright.blogspot.com/2012/08/pickled-venison-heart.html     mjb.
 No jello. Just your basic pie crust with a filling made of chocolate, sugar, butter and canned cherry pie filling, top with whipped cream with more pie filling folded in, dusted whith chocolate shavings. And yes, there are some fun clips here! mjb.
Yes to what Eastshores said. Also take a look at         And as for condiments and sides           mjb.
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