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I actually seed save and am starting a company with a friend (someone has to earn extra money to pay off student loans!:roll:). It is called CayenneArts -- so starting that up next week for orders. So, eating lots of unique things leads to canning unique things and more fun recipes and reading more cookbooks.... That's how I ended up here!:D
This is taking varieties of plants that have existed historically for a longer time and are open pollinated. In other words, the children from a variety are like the parents. F1 or Hybrids that you'll often see in stores don't breed true and thus, saving seeds from them will not give you the same thing as the one you just grew.
I am an heirloom gardener and love to use especially tomatoes. Regionally, there isn't much linked to this area. I'm just a tomato fanatic. Lately, I've been experimenting and loving to cook beans. Yup -- rather crazy, but I'm trying to use different beans in different dishes to taste the varied cooking flavor combinations. It's been really fascinating for me to get cooking beans from scratch down since most people only can do the "can" thing. From scratch and flavoring...
As I was reading the first comment, I went to Amazon. What varied responses from those who have purchased the book. Interesting to think of the Indian version of American food -- I can see how some were disappointed thinking it would be Indian Cuisine versus those who seemed to get the picture that it was to be American Food through the Authors eyes. quite a varied end of the spectrum represented. I've been learning to cook with some of the Indian style foods lately...
I am new to the forum and an avid cook/baker. I just love being in the kitchen. I also love trying new foods and recipes, esp if it is something I have purchased and have the opportunity to learn to make it myself!;) I have a large family and since I cook for them anyway, I figure that I will make it flavorful and fun! so, I'm here to read and check out cookbooks and see what I can learn or share.
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