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Was that aimed at me?
Who is from Britain here, Please say hi, and where you are from! Im from Northampton in England :roll::roll::roll::roll:
Nice Jack Daniels on the rocks, MTV Dance, some spliff and maybe go clubbing!
I once had a waiter share a line of charlie with my commie, for me i feel that service is better stoned. I have cought many a waitress in the kitchen with my waiters, me and my girlfreind "met" in the kitchen!
I have not ever "Whooshed" a table, but my second once had a steak (cooked bleu) sent back for being "Too Rare". He went out FOH and made the customer stand up. He took all there plates and returned with the bill. The problem was twelve couverts who refused to pay, wasting three chateubriands, and three fillet steaks. Bad day for all!
In the U.K, for a top quality and experienced Chef, there is a possibilty of £12/£13+ an hour (about $24/$26)... I would say mine but I can see that that is not the done thing on this thread, so if you need to know email me! :chef:
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