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Japanese chefs have already taken this to a whole new level :lips: Kyaraben - Google Search
Hey, just looking for some feedback that I can use for the future... I made a swiss cheese fondue for a party the other night. The taste was good, but it was kind of gritty, like the cheese didn't melt all of the way. Shouldn't it have been smooth? This was my recipe: 1lbs pregrated swiss cheese .5lbs pregrated cheddar 2 1/4 cups cidar [edit] 3 tablespoons flour some nutmeg and pepper. Kept it at 200F untill the cheese was melted, then turned it to low. The cheese...
Got a new fondue pot so last night was steak chunks cooked in a tomato ginger beef broth, with corn on the cob, cantalope w/lime juice, and tomato ginger rice. Turned out very tastey. Not too bad for an impromtu meal.
:) That's a whole other rant. Short version: their pickiness is somewhat (greatly) abetted by my wife, who is also a picky eater. With my gentle nudges, she is getting better. I think your mother and I have similar viewpoints, though.
Ok. I have four kids ages 3 to 10. I like to experiment and make new things, but I'm hampered by my very picky children. I've made so many meals that they just refuse to eat. (One kid doesn't like potatoes or cheese! How does that work?) The one I still scratch my head over is I made a potato gnocchi with a light marinara sauce and baked turkey sausage meatballs. They like spaghetti, they like sausage, should be good. I was extremely pleased with the results but I...
This sounds yummy (although I'm probably the only one in my house who thinks so). Would adding an acid like lemon juice or vinegar let you keep it longer, or would that adversly effect the taste?
I tried boiling down the juice with about half the sugar I would usually use, and it worked out well. It was a bit sweet for my taste, so I'll probably use less next time, but the kids loved it. I made about 3 times what I used on the waffles last night, so I'll see how well it keeps. I've never used arrowroot before. Any advice on how much to use if I go that route? I've also only used pectin for jelly so that could be an interesting experiment. I love this forum,...
Just looking for some good techniques for making a fruit syrup that is nice and thick. We get a lot of grapes from our garden, and I would like to use the juice for some syrup. I've tried a recipe with a whole lot of sugar, and it was nice and thick, but the sugar taste was too strong for my liking. I've also tried thickening with corn starch or flour, but the syrup doesn't stay consistantly smooth. It'll get lumpy or have the flour collect at the bottom. Any...
Thanks everyone for your help. The potatoes were a big hit!
Thanks for the information/suggestions. I knew I should have started experimenting earlier :p. I was reading through some of those recipes from the Google search. I like the idea of using fresh onions. If I sautéed some onion and then puréed them, do you think that could give a more balanced and mild flavor?
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