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Age has nothing to do with it - content and platform are king. There are basically two routes you can go: find a publisher or self publish. Self publish means a large investment but you're in control. If you want to be in the bookstores, being self-published poses problems - not insurmountable, but time (and money) consuming. If submitting to a publisher, do your research first and find one that fits your book. Most have web sites which include submission guidelines...
Thank you! Jamie
Hello - Just got a new client, a Japanese Teppan grill and sushi bar. However, this is a type of cuisine in which my knowledge level is low (just had my first sushi today!). Any really good books out there about Japanese cooking and/or sushi? Thank you for the help! Jamie
Sounds delicious! Have you got a catchy name for it?
You make good points. It is for the U.S., so the intention was to make it accessible to the majority of people. However, since it is a recipe from a professional chef, then leaving it as is, with metric measurements the professionals use, makes sense as well. Thank you for your comments! I appreciate your input. Jamie
That's awesome, thank you! He has some great quotes on his site as well :) Jamie
Hello - I need to convert metric to U.S. measurements in a recipe but know nothing about how to do it. I've found a couple of web sites offering auto-conversion or conversion charts. Has anyone used a web site to convert measurements? Anything to be aware of? Any site more accurate than another? Thank you for your help, Jamie
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