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we would use = parts caco powder and Shortning blend and that was our fudge base .
Here is one that comes out nicely sorry about the large volume .. with a paddle 100 lb powdered sugar 50 lb alpine shortning blend scrape bowl add roughly 1/2 gal glucose scrape bowl then 4 lb butter room temp soft scrape bowl and give or take 1/2 gal cold h20 depending on what your looking for in your frosting dont mix to fast you dont want to much air . and scrape bowl often . it is a nice frosting not gritty .
Merci Peter Je regarderai leur page en ligne de ressource... Thank you peter I will look at their online resource page . Tommy
Would anyone like to share their experiences and or formulas that use Jilk? A few years ago I did try it because my Sponge mix was on back order. I can’t seem to find a % chart on usage. Personally I don’t like fluid flex and or heavy shortenings. Thanks folks Tommy B
All verry good suggestions .I can ask at the ACF meeting Monday night . Cape chef thank you for the direct link for the Acf Certification. Is there any specific order i need to take these steps Or just as long as I have all of them completed and passed? jessiquina if you love what you do you will have a much more enjoyable life. I hope to get the ball rolling and of course contact my past employers so they can fill out the employment verification . Thanks...
I would like to take the CPC exam . there is one coming up in May . I have been a pastry chef for years now roughly 15 yr. now my questions you have about 4 hours to prepare some of the ''basic stock items '' I call em ? is there a written part to this exam ? what type of questions ? Is there a huge difference between the CPC, CWPC and CEPC ? if you have some in put please let me know . Tommy
One thing i noticed too with real buttercream is. it will begin to turn back to a butter yellow . so i keep it in the fridge and whip up as i go it will become a nice white again .
I would have to go with the modified starch .i dont think the flour will bake out .look for a starch that will have a cleaner mouth feel .or reduce the liquid and or sugar just a small % .now for my quick storie worked at a place they had a lemon filling that was not lemomie enough ,so what did they do ? added lemon pudding to it .I would reduce the sugar and try that .any way try taking away before adding a ''quick fix '', Merry Christmas . T
you would be better off with Sacher. also you can make ganach with the apricot glaze and dark chocolate. it will hold a shine for a nice long time . remember it is a glaze not a filling . that is my 2 cent's T
hello try here I have used there products and there verry nice if you see this brand on the shelf at the market try it . the yoghurt powder is fab.and the marscapone powder is even better . thinking there site will give you a good direction . fabbri1905. look this up .they have all kinds of fun things TOMMY
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