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I would have to say cash and carry , give them a freebe once in a while in good faith if they can sell it they will and it could draw more business for you too ,if they want to give you 50% up front great , be carefull they could ask for discounts later or claim it is not the same as lastime and try to play games with you . i know from experience on both .
I have used rondo for years great tool ,one thing you really have to look at next to the electric would be .ease of cleaning .rondo is verry easy to take apart and clean ,if you are going from say croussant to rolled fondant a big pluss is the ease of cleaning I have a italian unit at school and it sucks cleaning is dangrous the guards dont lock in an upright position the belt tables are really heavy and dont lock either so cleaning is really hard to do with one person...
working with wedding cakes uhmm i would try a mix with a few more egg yolks and see how it works out this would give stiffness and some color now there is always gelatin I shoot about 4 sheets per quart max , is it a indoor reciption or out side in the heat ,I did a lemon cake with lemon filling in july in a park open air and it was tough ,long storie short they were happy. I find corn starch to break down and get lose , T
there are several strenght's of sheet gelatin the blue box is strong then you get into silver and paltinum ,and i think bronze ,what are you making and how tight dose it need to be?you can always add more .
well with my experience i had to order some items for my Class .and i had about 100 bucks to spend out of my pocket .no teachers are not rich .so i asked if they could put a rush on it .they did no extra charge and they threw in some extra product . I was really suprised to see this . after reading the reviews here i feel i got lucky and will be verry care full in the furture .On your candy boxes have you tried UNGER . we bought from them and is was a good company to deal...
I have some thing that could help ,when i would carmelize tirimisu, freeze it then burn it with your butane torch ,make pannetone in a sheet like fociccia slice it in half and make a napolioen . dried figs in marsella then roll it in a thin crepe use a coffee flavored youhurt creme . biscotti with citrus and annise then drench in grappa ?
why the foil? to much steam The time sounds good, try just yolks and see what happens, fold in whip cream in place of the whites . try to trim the cake and level her off before plating . T
On the cookies yes i will use a swiss /german style powdersugar a bit of Cinnanmon .use a clean bowl and paddel Add powder sugar turn on mixer slow add eggwhites slowly one at a until a thick paste is formed add drop by drop some Kirsch ,or other clear liquore add this until a good shine .dip or spread on to cookies put in cooler to set up bake cookie until the icing is crisp pull out and that should do it .I just took a stab at it what are you comparing the desired...
happy to help if i can glace?so you are using what now ?powderesugar and eggwites .or butterream GANACHE, need more info < what kind of cake are you making coffee cake .....3 layer? T
OK here we go . I still wonder what brand and type of flour you have ? to use .how soft are these supose to be . try to use the towel route .or when the procuct is right out of the oven put it on a clean sheet pan with some spray then bag it and right into the freezer . I can't think of any other way .unless you can get a hold of a ''sample'' of the US500 and it should last for some time .If the local guy cant get a sample call HQ and tell em your chef wants it . that...
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