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Hmm...This is sooo tough as I've had some truly outstanding dining experiences... (Still on my list to try: The Inn at Little Washington (This is consistently on the World's Best lists, meals start at about $500 for two, and before you haters start price-griping, from what I hear from my friends --both regulars and those who have gone as a yearly splurge -- you realize you've never even tasted food before you ate there.) Roy's or Pacific on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island...
LOL!! Thank you sooooo much!!! And here I've been holding it down tighter to prevent them. Yes, folks, I am an idiot....a good cook, but an idiot. I will definitely try it again now with those tips in mind. :)
yeah, my TJ's in VA used to carry Amy's...I first got it when it was at Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods), but when TJ's started carrying it I always bought from there because it was so much cheaper. And for the Imagine soups...that's the only one I liked (the Potato Leek). I make my own soup, so that was really just for time's sake. My fave thing now is to make a batch of creamy broccoli and chicken and eat it all week. For that, I chop almost a head of garlic, 4 or 5...
Oh, and that reminds me of a favorite I used to do all the time (until I cut the carbs a few years back...or got sick of or the other, LOL)...I like the Imagine Organic soups. My fave was their Creamy Potato Leek...I'd fry up a strip of bacon and crumble that on top of a small bowl of soup with a dollop of Stonyfield Farms Organic Plain Yogurt (almost just like sour cream without as much fat) and a little grated cheddar. Sooo nice on a cold winter's day. If I...
LOL and good for you! :D
And yet, like, my friends, you're still looking for acceptance from him, LOL. Hang in there...looks like you got some good advice. :) And here's mine...If he's just not that into you, look elsewhere. If NH is like Maine, there are others (even if the pot isn't that big to choose from, there IS a pot) who would LOVE to have your business.
This line alone almost made me spit the water I was drinking all over the computer I was laughing so hard. I'm CONSTANTLY saying this to my friends about the guys they date, LOL. Who knew it could apply to food suppliers? :D
*sigh...I have moved out of the No. VA area where I had one TJ's within 20 mins. of my house and one about to open within 10 mins. Now I'm in the mountains of Maine, about 2.5 hours from the nearest one. My friend and I are actually planning a road trip to NH to go to the Ikea there, and the Trader Joe's, too...I'll have to check that one out when I go. (Also getting a case of 2 Buck Chuck, LOL.)
Yep, that's it!! Mmm...going to get one out of my freezer for lunch now... Put a little grated asiago on before baking...soooo yummy! Even the crust has a lot of flavor. :)
Oh no...this is one of those things that's best at its absolute worst, LOL. And, very cheap, and it will last a week -- kind of like the pork tenderloin in the crock pot one.
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