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I have had a lot of hot August Weddings Down South here. I just tell the client its not a good idea and try suggesting other options for them. I feel they pay us for our experience and all understand that cheese and the sun, just doesn't work ..   Chefbee made a good point and try to incorporate cheese as a passed item, even if you left in a cooler and took out as needed.
I to was renting vans for a few months when i first got started. I feel you do the best with what you have and try to keep your costs down at all times.    I now own a van,used cost me $3,400 plus $1,300 for a half wrap with logo and info, I consider it my "Mobile Billboard Sign" From driving the van around I get a lot of marketing with it and I have received more than the price of the van is worth by people calling and emailing me just by seeing the van driving from...
PS: Marmalady Im close to Charleston, and u? Just moved down from boston
thanks all
I am seeking to hire a sales/catering manager (combined position). Does anyone know what is a appropiate offer for them. Salary, Commision, or a combination of both. cellphone, computer, gas money, expenses? This will be full time, not a 9-5 job(50+hrs a week). I am now newly located in South Carolina. thank you for your help, like always :)
When I was located in Boston, I use to use and and got several great jobs from both.
In my contracts I break down everything, for example 100 guest. I give a per person price with complete breakdowns of how I came up with cost per person. I feel the customer has the right to know were all their money is going and in what areas.Whether or not if I am adding cost to rentals for my role/responsibility in producing them or what my food cost/labor cost is, is my business. I break it down to what I am charging, not what it will cost me. Food:...
My experience is that it is very common for cooks not to get breaks even on 16 hour days. I can even remember when i was 18 pretending to go to the bathroom just to get out of the kitchen :lol:...Even worse than not getting a break is cooking family/staff meal while the waitstaff/FOH managers eats it and we get to keep plugging away n the kitchen while they enjoy our cuisine. Maybe we get a bite out of the pan when they return a hour later as its lying on the dish...
large zip lock bags
My opinion and experience is 3 days to hold mesculin is to long. I would by less more often.
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