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If you happen to think of it, please let me know. I just love making cookies with a cookie press and they just keep breaking after about 4 batches. I like the battery or electric ones the best. I really miss my Super Shooter. Guess I should just go on ebay and buy one.
My mother was a good cook and we had Home Ec in school and I learned to enjoy cooking then and it stuck. (Guess I just dated myself!) I guess I just love cooking in general and eating nutritious food that is delicious--which is sometimes hard to do. I like to bake bread and would love to become proficient at it. I'm a chocoholic big time and have a weakness for desserts--especially pastries. I would like to understand how to substitute ingredients to make dishes more...
I am looking for a good cookie press and have had no luck in finding one that works for any length of time. I had a Super Shooter, which I loved, but it's no longer available. Recently, I have tried two Wilton presses--the Cookie Master Plus and Cookie Pro Ultra. They both broke after about 4 batches of cookies. What do the professionals use? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hi! I am so happy to have found your website and have access to the culinary elite!!! I look forward to learning from all of you and receiving lots of good advice.
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