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Kuan,Even though I'm expecting 12 bottles to arrive any day, I'm going to try to make the recipe you gave.  I am not a professional cook and had no idea how much of any of the ingredients to use. You gave me a place to begin my experimentation.I'll let you know how it comes out.Thanks,Sheila
 I met and tasted the bbq sauce at a Garlic Festival in Saugherties, NY last year. I continued to order the sauce until they notified me they were closing. I did go to the site Schmoozer suggested and they posted the ingredients in order:Peaches, jalapeno peppers, tomato concentrate, apricots, chili peppers, red tabasco peppers, water, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar. While I was able to order another 12 bottles of the sauce ( I seriously love it), I...
 Hi,You have been so helpful to me so far, I have another request. I found the best bbq sauce a few years ago when I tasted it at a festival. I ordered it by the case until they decided to stop making sauce and hit the road on their Harleys.This was the best bbq sauce for ribs, chicken...everything. It is called peach jalapeno bbq sauce. Peaches are the first ingredient, tomato the second and it's really spicy.I have not been successful at finding a recipe that is as good...
 I am going to be in Chicago for a weekend in May. I've always wanted to go and I'm planning things to do to maximize the time I have there. I've been wondering whether the walking and eating tours are fun. I went to one in NYC and loved it.I don't want to spend a fortune on dinners so I'd love some recommendations for good restaurants including ethnic ones( Thai, Vietnamese).Other than deep dish pizza and neon green relish on hot dogs, what foods define Chicago?Sheila
 Hi,Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I'm going to do two lasagna's, one with veg and one with sausage. I'll serve meatballs on the side. I am planning a large antipasto plate with veg and meats and cheeses. Some form of bread added to all that and I think we'll be fine.I appreciate your help.Sheila
 It's funny that I give too much info when I talk but not enough when I write. I wanted to serve enough for dinner but it will not be a sit down so buffet it is. I had lasagne, antipasto and meatballs( I have about 100 frozen)in mind but I thought that was too much of the same thing that I always make. I'm having the shower at 6pm and hope people will realize they will be getting dinner.Sheila
 Hi,I could use some help with menu ideas for a baby shower I'm giving. Because of many factors, I need to have this on a week night and I would like it to serve as dinner for people. I would like to be able to make most of it in advance and to possibly freeze the items.I'm set with desserts, I'm making cupcakes, cheese cake and bar cookies and freezing until the party.I'd love to hear suggestions.Thanks.
This recipe looks really good. Could I add mushrooms or maybe make a mushroom sauce? Thanks.
 Why don't you copy them and paste them onto a blank document. I do that and keep them in a folder on my Macbook.
 I would like the recipes for the nut/vegetable loaves. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. 
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