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I want to add some nice cakes that customers want to eat in the summer.  Light and yummy recipes or ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks
Thanks everyone, I'll give these ideas a go. Cheers
I have a reoccuring problem with my lemon tart.  I pull it out of the oven and it looks perfect.  When it cools I carefully take it out of the fluted flan tin (mostly I used a knife and make sure the edges have come away from the tin first) and inevitably a crack appears right around the edge of the tart seperating the filling from the pastry.  It is driving me crazy as it doesn't always do it and I can't seem to work out what I am doing for this to happen. Any ideas???
I have been asked to cook a Mars Bar Cake for a birthday.. can anyone share a recipe.  They asked for a chocolate layered cake with Mars Bar filling and a ganashe. Any suggestions would be helpful thankyou.
Do you ever substitute oil for butter in your cakes?  If so, how do you work out how much oil you should use in a recipe compared to butter?I am hoping this substitution might make my cakes a bit more moist to last longer in a bain marie without drying out.Thanks.
I would like to make some simple white chocolate truffles for a function I am catering for. Does anyone have any recipes they would like to share please??? Thanks in advance.
Anyone have any tips or good recipes for chocolate fudge? Mine keeps coming out too sticky and I am not having much success at all. Thanks.
I make a lot of different cakes at work (approx, 15 cakes a week), and I am looking for a really simple versatile recipe for icing that I can use as a base on most of my cakes to save more time. Does anyone have any suggestions for me??
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