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Oh, c'mon, they're just making sure the soup is nice and hot! ;-)
The what?!   Like many others, I was unaware of its existence.   By the way, being somewhere other than the U.S. doesn't make a trading post useless; you can buy, sell, or trade to others in your country or area.
Well, it is at least time to switch from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy New Year!"   :-)  
I suppose the response would then indicate that the manager made the wine herself in her bathtub, or obtained it from a source nearly as dodgy.  
Actually, that whole "Ten Commandments..." series is fascinating. Thanks again!
Yes, it does! Thanks for posting it. I don't think anybody here has (yet) mentioned being called "Buddy" by a server; I laughed at that point in the article.   The article's suggestion that having a server as your ally is interesting. I know that nice things happen to us when we call the server by name (even if she or he has not introduced her/himself). And if you remember their name and call them by it on your next visit before you could possibly have seen their badge,...
You've just converted me to a cash tipper.
I have to concur: if you've seen one, you have not necessarily seen 'em all.   My sons love Dead Lobster. It is their restaurant of choice if cost is no object. It is the only seafood place in the area since our McGrath's closed down.   The service at our Orem, UT location has always been great. I took my sons there to celebrate some occasion or another, and it was their first visit to a seafood place. It was fun watching my oldest son try to figure out how to...
We used to have departmental meetings out in the Bay Area, and one time all went to dinner at Scoma's on Pier 47. The menu really wasn't all that high-priced, but it felt expensive because we were spoiled so outrageously, the food was so wonderful, and the location so cool. I looked out the window at a fishing boat, other piers, and the San Francisco Bay. Since there were about 25 of us, the bill was quite formidable. Close to a thousand, I'd guess. Many of the staff...
Well, now! There's that unique signature menu item you've been looking for!  
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