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 Not as a food crop but saffron can be grown as a garden plant in most areas od Canada with special care and as a perennial in a few micro climates in the country.  
Nice catch on this one (no pun intended).  Patagonian toothfish are definitely a no-no for anyone to buy or sell.   To keep on topic... ...For me it is two things, Gormet salt and bottled water. The water thing is just because the water supply locally is overall quite good and to see people cook with bottled water around here is senseless especially when the bottled water is just filtered tap water.  And one last thing is people who say yuck to a food that they have...
Just to clarify, Crustacea such as shrimp are predominantly filter feeders so if it is in the water, regardless of strata, they will consume it. Tilapia are a hardy, scavenging fish but the fish you get in the markets are farm raised as you can keep tilapia contained in a high density setting.  There is more food value in an acre devoted to raising tilapia than any other food crop in the world. Yes they will eat anything but unless they are wild caught, I wouldn't worry...
Two ways to approach this situation.   1) cut out the salt.   2) Don't change a thing diet wise, just get more active, drink more water.   If you were to get more active, consult your doctor first because we like you doc and wouldn't want you to keel over on the jogging path.  
Mmmmm slaughterhouse!
Some of my fondest memories groeing up was of times hunting with my dad, grandfather, and most of the family.  It was and still is somewhat traditional for the families that are from around my area.  Nice to see that type of thing still going on.
I brine them in a heavy salt brine and smoke the heck out of them untill they are like jerky.  They are commonly called beer drinker's friends because of the saltiness.   Like  Koukouvagia's popcorn fish, I have also done them up by first marinating in salt, pepper, garlic and vinegar (red wine or white). I then dredge them in a slightly sweet tempura batter, deep fry and served with plenty of sauces.  Tartar with some finely chopped habenero is my personal favorite.
I normally bake corn in the oven or on open fire still jacketed in their husks.  I have found that removing the silks after cooking is waay easier.
I was once told by an army cook that the difference between a cook and a chef is a cook cleans up after his/her self and a chef has someone else to clean up after them.
Certain eggplant varieties do have sharp spines on them but that being said is definitely atypical.  What you are seeing there is probably a throwback or reversion in genetic terms.  I have seen throwbacks with tomato seeds quite often where a few seeds will produce a "wild form" of  tomato where the fruits were no larger than a pea.     I found that this was a more prevelant problem with seeds from a cheaper producer.     That is a cool lookin' plant none the...
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