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I'll third gazpacho as my favorite chilled soup. Mmmm. I may just have to go and make some.
The standard method of measuring a skillet's diameter is to measure across the top.
Thank you both. I'll look into that book. After some more continued research I think that I am beginning to grasp the flour concept fairly well.
So do most cookies come out better using pastry flour rather than AP? The information that I have found has not been very descriptive. Obviously most recipe books are going to call for AP, because that's what most people use. So does one just need to convert AP measurements to pastry flour measurements (due to the lower gluten count)? I've tried finding a somewhat detailed article, but to no success. Can anyone suggest a good book on expanding knowledge in this regard...
Thanks pgr555. I was thinking that that may be a significant problem. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
Thanks. So I accidently posted this in the professional forum, since technically I'm no professional. Sorry about that.
So due to how much I love to bake and make truffles and how much people love them, I started thinking about possibly trying to sell some of my confections (either to a local coffee shop or doing special orders for mother's day around my campus). I'm trying to figure out how practical this may be and what I should expect. It would be nice to make a little extra cash doing something that I love, but I am sure that there are many other things that I need to consider/look...
That makes sense. I figured there had to be a difference, but had no idea what it may be. Thanks.
So what is the big difference (if any) between chocolate chips and bars. Looking at the same product from the same company (only difference is chips vs. bars) the chips are way cheaper (like 30-50 cents/oz). That being said, if the chocolate is going to be melted anyways, is there any difference between the two? I just can't understand the huge price difference.
Thank you all for the information. Here's a bit more info on what I used for the sauce. The tomatoes were canned in juice. I'm not sure about the additivies, but they didn't taste salty to begin with. I don't have any cans lying around currently either. When I made the sauce I sent the whole tomatoes through the mill, and then combined all the ingredients (pulp and jucie from tomatoes, and extra juice from the can) to the pot. It seems that my main problem may be the...
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