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There is a site called traditionalamericanrecipes. I found some very unusual cake and cookie recipes there.
Hi and thank you for the welcome!! I learned the basics of cooking and baking from the ladies who taught our 4-H classes. They taught us not only "how" to cook but the "why". We actually learned what the ingredients were and what they did. I have an understanding which has helped me to be a good cook, I'm not bragging and I don't have that talent that my son has. He throws food around and it comes out great, every time. I love to make chicken dishes and I love to...
Hi, up until yesterday I didn't know there were forums on cooking and I found this one while looking for cookbooks. I have been cooking for over 40 years having learned in 4-H the basics from some of the best cooks in northern Wisconsin. I just like to cook and I actually get excited when I find a recipe I can't wait to try.
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